How Hamburgers are Made by OSI Group McDonalds

McDonalds is among the top sellers of hamburgers both in the United States and the rest of the world. The restaurant company has been offering hamburgers to consumers for nearly six decades. Like any other business that sells products, it has a manufacturing process in order to produce and eventually distribute its hamburgers to consumers. The company’s top food supplier and distributor of hamburger products is OSI Group. This company is the premier producer and distributor of beef and meat products all over the world. Both OSI Group McDonalds have formed one of the most successful partnerships in the restaurant industry. When OSI Group McDonalds look to produce hamburgers, they make sure that all of the factory workers follow certain hygiene protocols.

Each factory worker needs to wear protective clothing and gloves. They are also required to be free of any conditions such as the flu and stomach viruses. This policy is in effect so that the workers don’t contaminate the hamburgers being made. Once OSI Group McDonalds begin the production process, all of the meat is checked for bones. It is important that there are no tiny fragments of bones in the meat so that consumers don’t accidently choke on the hamburgers they eat. Therefore, the meat is sorted and assembled to make sure that all bones are completely removed. The meat produced by OSI Group McDonalds is then put into containers to be transferred to the next step of the food production process.

All of the meat packages are sent to the part of the factory that minces the meat. Meat is placed into a large device to be grinded into small pieces. This also helps remove any remaining bones that might be in the meat. OSI Group then has its factories mince the hamburger meat into separate patties. These patties are made in a circular shape. About 5 million patties are produced each day at the factories. Once the patties are made, they are then taken off the assembly belt to be tested. The tests are made to make sure that the hamburger patties are sanitary. Once the tests are completed, the hamburgers are then placed in to bags and boxes. The boxes are then stacked and sent to the distribution center. From the distribution center, they are transferred to McDonalds fast food restaurants to be sold.

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Oren Frank: the Co-Founder of Talkspace

Oren Frank is the current CEO of Talkspace, which is one of the most successful tele-psychotherapy company globally. The company has launched and developed an online psychotherapy platform, making that servicer more affordable and accessible worldwide. Frank is also the co-founder of Talkspace together his wife Roni. Oren and his wife co-founded the company in 2012 in New York, after migrating from Israel to the United States. Before setting up the company, Oren worked with McCann Erickson in a marketing and advertising department, while his wife was a software developer.

The idea of setting up Talkspace was a result of successful psychotherapy the couple went through and saved their marriage. It is from this therapy as well urge to share the experience with others, that Roni decide to do a master’s degree in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis .

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Under the stewardship of Oren Frank, Talkspace has developed from a group therapy platform to a leading online platform that gives access to client psychotherapy services from licensed psychotherapists. By using website and mobile apps such as Android and Ios, Talkspace client can now access to over thousand licensed practitioners form the platform

One only requires a smartphone or desktop, and be 18 years and above to access psychotherapy service form licensed psychotherapist without traveling to their offices to seek the services. Usually, the intake specialist uses the initial information forwarded by the client to pair the client with the psychotherapist or can choose one from the several listed using a matching algorithm. The company avails Therapeutic services such as cognitive behavior therapy and evidence-based treatment therapies among others. The platform uses texting method and depending on the plan, the therapists can respond to the texts once or twice in a day

Through Oren frank initiatives, The Company has over 1000 therapist to attend its client through the platform. At the same time, the company has enabled more than 1 million people to access licensed therapist who could not get such services from any other source before joining Talkspace. The company has raised more than $56 million in funds.



How Lightspeed Venture Capital’s Ashley Brasier Finds Opportunities In Digital Media

Ashley Brasier has been working with Lightspeed Venture Capital for a little over a year, and it’s safe to say that the Ashley Lightspeed relationship has been a positive one so far. This is because Ms. Brasier has put her skills to use and helped many of the firm’s clients and partners find success in digital media and across a variety of different digital channels. The majority of this is because Ms. Brasier has spent much of her academic and professional years studying these platforms inside and out. As a result, she can be seen as quite an expert in the area. The majority of this can be traced back to Ashley Brasier’s education; she’s a Standford MBA graduate with experience in different businesses and media and entertainment. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

On top of this, Ms. Brasier also has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Media Studies, which has given her a depth of insight into many different digital media platforms that few could argue with. Furthermore, she also served as Vice President of the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Club (AME) at Stanford during her time there. With that in mind, you could say that the Ashley Lightspeed relationship was always destined to be a positive one. This is because, in addition to the solid educational foundation she’s built for herself, Ashley Brasier has had quite a history helping companies generate revenue through a variety of different platforms.

This revenue can be produced in a variety of different ways, although Ms. Brasier has highlighted a select few that are effective for her clients. The first of these has been subscriptions, which have been successful for the likes of Netflix. Then there are the likes of e-commerce, which allows clients to sell their products online, and which has been proliferating over recent years.

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The Many Successes of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France and moved to South Africa at the age of 14 with his family. A patent holder of blockchain technology, Belamant studied computer science and technology at Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. His career has included key roles within a range of companies and industries. Belamant’s passion and expertise in coding digital financial transaction software is at the core of his tremendous success and reputation throughout the financial industry.

Serge Belamant launched Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989. It was his first experience as a business owner, and the company specialized in the development of universal electronic payment systems (UEPS). In 1995, Belamant was hired by VISA to develop a chip offline pre-authorized card, which is known today as chip-enabled credit and debit cards. This is a technology that’s used extensively around the world. Learn more about Belamant at

Net1 later developed a digital payment system that helped to enable the transfer of grants and welfare funds across South Africa, especially in areas that were in dire need. This same system that Belamant pioneered is used in countries around the world today, including Iraq and Russia.

With an extensive record of achievement, Serge Belamant leveraged his business acumen and technical capabilities to launch a UK-based firm called Zilch Technologies. He’s also on the Board of Advisors for Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings. Belamant was inspired to start Zilch Technologies during a conversation with his son Philip, an IT engineer with a degree in computer science. Philip owns a company that produces mobile games.

In a conversation about business, Serge Belamant and his son spoke of the tremendous opportunities enabled by social media. They discussed the influence of technology and how it can provide younger generations with the knowledge and guidance that can help to improve their financial status. This conversation was instrumental in Belamant’s decision to launch Zilch, which provides a product that’s accessible from mobile phones and meets a real need in the financial arena.

Although Belamant’s recent endeavors have taken time to become profitable, he doesn’t look at it with regret. He appreciates the learning process. He believes that everything happens in due time, and success often follows hard lessons.



Kevin Buckman: Contributing to the Success of Market America

Kevin Buckman currently works with Market America as the Vice President of Training and Field Development. Sharing his experiences and skills to the department he was assigned to work on, he successfully trained a lot of individuals who later became a company asset. Market America was founded in 1992, and it focuses on a multi-level marketing scheme. The company sells a lot of products ranging from cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics, jewelry, supplements, and so much more. The company also uses the domain as they are trying to increase their presence in the world of online retail. Market America offers UnFranchise Business to its customers, and it is a plan created for financial success. UnFranchise Business provides a systematic approach in handling business, and those who have gotten their hands on the UnFranchise Business Plan reported that they experienced growth within a short period.

Kevin Buckman has also shared the success of the UnFranchise Business Plan, saying that a lot of people started to develop an interest in the plan offered by Market America. The UnFranchise Business Plan is also reshaping the world of retail, and the company is benefiting from it as they try to expand overseas. The company has been serving millions of customers around the world, and they have more than 500 people working for the company to keep it running smoothly. Last year, Market America was able to generate$3 billion retail sales, and they are also expanding in a global scale as the company started building offices in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.



Article Title: How Sussex Healthcare Is Preparing for its Future

Article Text:

Institutions in the healthcare industry reinvent themselves by finding better solutions to challenges facing the healthcare sector. Sussex Healthcare is one of the institutions that is adopting new solutions to increase the quality of services they’ll be offering their clients.

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SHC (Sussex Healthcare) recently performed an introspection to determine the areas the healthcare institution needed improvement. The introspection was also helpful as SHC was able to decide on the specific areas they were excelling.

The purpose of the recently concluded self-examination is to provide insight into how the firm can improve the quality of medical and healthcare services. The introspection was a success as SHC is now in a better position to undertake the necessary improvements that will see an overall improvement in the institution’s quality of services.

Following the introspection, top-level, mid-level, junior level management and the members of staff came to a consensus that there was a lot to be done to enhance to quality of healthcare services the facility offers. Communication is one area that SHC wants to improve.

Details from the self-assessment reveal that strategies are being put in place to enhance the communication between the company’s executives and its staff. Besides, SHC is also working to improve the communication between the firm’s medical practitioners and caregivers with the patients and clients.

The introspection also revealed that SHC would not be in a position to enhance the quality of its healthcare services if proper attention isn’t given to the patient’s quality of life. Sussex Healthcare has prioritized providing quality healthcare services and quality life to patients residing in its facilities. To achieve this, SHC has been improving the collaboration between the facility’s executives and its staff as this will help in the rolling out and implementation of programs thus subsequently improve the residing patients’ lives.

Sussex Healthcare will also ditch its group approach when it comes to offering support for its residing patients. The institution has carried out a successful pilot program for its individualized support program at its Longfield and Laurels facilities. SHC has also partnered with Oomph to ensure the continued success of its individualized support program. Visit

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Michael Nierenberg’s Tips on How to Navigating Servicer Advances and MSR

As the President, Board Chairman and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg has been successful in overseeing the investment sector in Mortgage Servicing Rights. To be successful in investment, he finds undervalued assets, acquire enough capital resources and ensures a long-term relationship with clients in business. Mortgage Servicing Rights investment assets have a long, complicated procedure that requires an extensive understanding. Michael Nierenberg explains the MSR as the right to own certain mortgages which are sold at a fee that is equivalent to a value that the owner requires.

Michael Nierenberg, further explaining how MSR works, brings out the advantages and disadvantages of owning the assets. The MSRs enhances the flow of quality cash in business without adding other financial liabilities. Since many investors have no understanding of this kind of investment, they end up creating opportunities for those who understand how it works. MSR creates the most significant opportunity for the sale of substantial transaction assets with an outstanding bank sale of about $3 trillion in the last ten years. The supply of MSRs in 2019 proves to be more appealing than past years with a $350 billion worth MSRs on set mortgages. On the other hand, MSRs displays some limitations in the industry including the lack of good business relationship with potential sellers and lack of knowledge and understanding of how MSRs pricing works.

Apart from MSRs, Michael Nierenberg is also an investor and analyst in Service Advance investment. Service Advance is the duty that a mortgage operator is compensated; it comes from the actual mortgage servicing fee since the advance is interest-free. The payment of a servicer comes from two sources; when a borrower fails to repay the mortgage on time and when the servicers take responsibility of the collateral property. Therefore, the Servicer Advances are generally paid from the mortgage loan itself thus taking place as one of the high-quality assets in the market. Due to the arising complicated issues such as tax evasion, new securities laws, and bankruptcy in the Servicer Advances investment, Michael Nierenberg advice people to find a real estate investment trust body like the New Residential Investment Corp for further guidance.

Betsy DeVos: Where Philanthropy Led Her

One thing that Mrs. DeVos supports in her role as the commander of the Education Department is the establishment of some religious schools. The Republican-majority Senate, for this reason, has chosen to validate the scheduled appointment of Mrs. DeVos, a Republican billionaire, in her role of the commander of the Education Department for the United States of America. An additional issue marked by controversy: her present position within the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, a conservative organization that was put together by her mom and dad.


She has additionally made it feasible for worried mothers and fathers to help with making the right educational selections on behalf of their children and teenagers. Mrs. DeVos has stated that she supports the right of schools to be able to use firearms to defend their students against attacks from wild animals. However, her statement wherein she claimed that schools should be able to use weapons on school grounds to protect their students from being attacked by untamed beasts was frequently used by her liberal opponents as proof of her inability to make the correct decisions when it comes to ensuring the safety of pupils.


For these reasons, this affirmation was time and time again referenced by an assortment of her rivals to demonstrate that her capability to function as the head of the Education Department of the United States of America was insufficient. Her efforts to aid the GOP at the same time seems to have reaped some good results for a vast number of different elected politicians who finally voted for her verification before the Senate. Mrs. DeVos feels as though education and learning is something that needs to be adequately supported by state governments as well as metropolitan areas.


She has stated that state governments and metropolitan areas need to work together to support local educational programs and also for the appointing of course instructors. Mrs. DeVos is now in charge of making a large number of different decisions with regards to how educational programs will function across the United States of America. For these reasons, she is now going to have the capacity to put her strategies into operation in a wide variety of different academic institutions.


She also happens to be wedded to her husband, Mr. DeVos, whose father founded the Amway organization. Mrs. DeVos supports educational vouchers as a way to improve the academic options which are presently available for American pupils. Schooling vouchers furnish scholars a substitute for open public institutions.


This benefit is a fact, and people who support educational vouchers accentuate this fact. Conservative people frequently criticize public schools because they claim that public schools suffer from the ill effects of the teacher’s unions which make it impossible to terminate poor educators.


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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Says Family Comes First

The idea of beauty is always changing and Dan Bethelmy-Rada has learned that it is almost always different around the world. As the L’Oreal Professional Products Division’s Global Brand President, he has been able to use his experience as an international student and his desire to make it big in business to build the company’s brand over the last 15 years. He had lived in several different countries after being born in Venezuela and had the opportunity to see and document a lot of different ideas of beauty around the world.


When it comes to marketing for the brand, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is always looking for new ideas and is using the power of social media to spread awareness and engage potential customers. When it comes to marketing, we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes the number of different ways that it can be used for. People are always trying to find out what the next big thing and when it comes to marketing, it’s their job to know the next big thing. When it comes to fashion trends, the next big thing appears to be experimental colors and techniques. On the different runways across the world, models sported every color of the rainbow and everyone can have some fun with the trend.


In order to stay as productive as possible, Dan Bethelmy-Rada makes sure that he balances his life properly. He makes sure to spend a good amount of time with his children and husband and always makes them his first priority when it comes to his day. Ban Bethely-Rada makes sure to plan out each day in order to spend the time with them that he wants and that they deserve.


While he is happy with the career that he has, Dan Bethelmy-Rada stated that he wishes he would have continued learning instead of immediately trying to make it in a career. It’s important to work towards your goal, but it is just as important to enjoy the time that you have now and to appreciate the moment as it is. There are different ways that people define success.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Is Taking C&C Alpha Group to the UAE

Bhanu Choudhrie is a British Indian entrepreneur that was born in India, New Delhi. He later relocated to the United Kingdom in the year 2000. He grew up with his parents and siblings as his family was tight-knit. He traveled to the United States to further his education by pursuing a degree in International and marketing at the University of Boston. He later earned an internship spot at the then prestigious company JP Morgan. The experience he gained at this company gave him leverage to get a job at C&C Alpha group in London which added to his experience.

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Today, Bhanu Choudhrie is the director at C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha Group is a privately owned investment company that Bhanu Choudhrie helped to found. He has held the position of executive director since 2001. The company is a London based and is run as a family business by his family which is one of the wealthiest families in India. In recent time, it has gained increasing interest in expanding into the hospitality sectors in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia both of which are Gulf countries. The company also boasts of interests in areas such as care homes and utilities.

The company’s wellness hotel brand named Ananda has great potential at making good returns on revenue should the company expand into the Gulf countries. Bhanu Choudhrie has concluded that the wellness and health venture would pick up well as studies show that young Gulf citizens have become increasingly aware and interested in their health and are always seeking ways to learn more and experience better health and wellness services. Apart from wellness and health, the company also has a hospital subsidiary with over 2000 keys globally spanning 24 hotels which include Nira Hotels, Nidra hotels, Hyatt Hotels, and Starwood Hotels.

In a recent interview, he expressed optimism that the tourism industry in the UAE will triple in the coming years. He added that his company is looking into investing but with caution as any good business would. He also expressed interest in investing in water desalination projects in Saudi Arabia, a project that could make him billions of dollars.

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