Great Investment Banking

When you think of investment banking, what really comes to mind? Is it raising money, boosting your business portfolio, or maybe pulling yourself “out of the red.” There is always a risk in any thing we do as a people and investment banking is not excluded, but for taking your brand to the next level, investment banking can help get you there more efficiently. Rather than just one service, investment banking is actually a host of numerous business solutions. These solutions are specifically tailored for your business. A good investor will take your considerations seriously and implement certain business strategies rather than keeping you in the dark (so to speak). The amount of progressive solutions could be exactly what you need and there are plenty to choose from, after discussing with your investor obviously. These solutions include:

  • Managing Assets
  • Advertising
  • Making Purchases
  • Advice For Mergers
  • Marketing
  • Underwriting
  • And more

Due Diligence is another way of finding a great investment banker. Have you ever heard of businessman Martin Lustergarten? Are you interested in Invested Banking? Well, these two go hand to hand and offers a myriad of advanced services. Martin Lustergarten is a very Florida Investor who resides in the luxurious community of Ponte Verde. This Oceanside community in Florida is for the elite and the only way to afford such a wealthy lifestyle, is to have been a success in whatever field of work. Lustergarten Investment Banking Firm is hands down one of the top firms in the U.S. The firm has grown dramatically over the years and closed some very huge financial offerings. Many of the firm’s clients are foreign which gives you a better idea of their range.

If you want to take your business to the next level, investment banking is a great choice. If you’re in need of some great service and business solutions, Lustergarten Investment should be sought out.

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Sam Tabar’s Ventures in the Energy Business

Sam Tabar is known for his skills as a capital strategist. He graduated from Columbia Law School which is a requirement for young college graduates who intends to practice. Upon graduation, his career kick-started at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. At this law firm, he took the role of an Associate. He was mostly sought after when clients were in need of counsel in regards to hedge fund formation and structure. He also dealt in agreements that involved investments, issues that arose due to employment contracts, regulatory, and compliance issues.

In the year 2004, Sam Tabar got a job with SPARX Group and Investment Advisors. Following his experience, he was quick to scale up the ladder. With no time, he rose to become the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development in the firm. A few years later, he joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was given the position of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2013, he went back to practice law as a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He was in charge as a legal advisor to hedge funds.

In December 2015, Full Cycle Energy Fund issued a press statement that they had hired Sam Tabar as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. This position gave him the responsibility of the firms fund management structure and strategy.

He said it was such an honor to take the role of COO with the company. Partnering with the leaders in the company would ensure they achieved the company goals which were; moving to a less pollutant fuel, less expensive, and environmental friendly. His experience in budget strategies and management practices constituted the reason for his hiring. Additionally, to his management experience, he had years of expertise as a lawyer. His skills as a lawyer would help the energy organization have a solid foundation in all areas that required legal counsel.

Full Cycle Energy Fund aims at producing energy by environment friendly methods. It was formed in 2013. The company converts costly environment problems to sources of energy through pollution free methods. The energy is used to power communities

Co-working Spaces are the Future of Business Expansion Says Eucatex’s President

There is a growing trend among corporate companies to merge spaces in a quest to consolidate resources and improve processes. Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, defines it as ‘co-working’ and believes it’s the future of business mergers.

Flavio Maluf has been a crusader of corporate co-shared spaces ever since he realized the benefits of this move. Though not many Brazilian companies are married to the idea yet, he notices emerging trends that clearly show these companies are already warming up to it. He outlines these trends as follows.

To begin with, companies that are undergoing a merger deciding to combine efforts through shared working spaces. Consolidating resources and premises appear to cut cost immensely, and even smoothen the transition of two companies into one brand. Many more companies are getting attracted to this, even those that aren’t really merging as well as freelance individuals looking for a place to work in.

The second trend is the growing of co-worked spaces to meet the steady growing demand. Expansion of shared spaces helps house the influx of companies coming in to look for a physical place to work in or just to downsize their workstations. This consolidation also appears to benefits the managers of co-worked spaces, thus a win-win for all.

The final trend is the rise of themed co-work spaces to bring together companies sharing the same interest. For example, a portion of Silicon Valley companies may come together to establish a common tech hub where the same resources and services benefitting their interests are met.

Advantages of Co-Worked Spaces

Besides the obvious reduction in rental expenses, shared spaces are fertile grounds for bouncing ideas and establishing networks. Merging companies reduce the cost of operation and management of their workforce. Freelancing individuals get their own desk and chair, fast internet connection, and perhaps a refreshment bar a few steps away.

The shared workspace idea has been floating around for a while and Flavio Maluf calls out to more companies to open their eyes to the benefits. Maluf himself is an advocate of modernization and is always looking out for ways to improve the management of his company by tapping into emerging economic trends.

Brad Reifler’s Advice For Everyone About Finance

Brad Reifler has some advice for young people, he wants them to know more about finances and the importance of budgets. His advice isn’t something to take lightly. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with a bachelor’s degree. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, Reifler Capital Management in 1992, and Forefront Advisors.

Reifler currently serves as a partner at CIFCO International Group and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC. Prior to that he also worked for Refco, Inc at the Sales Desk. He has served on many boards throughout his career including European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and Genesis Securities. Along with all of his career accomplishments, Reifler also holds numerous regulatory licenses including Series 3, 7, 24, and 63.

That extensive work history and background in finance is why his advice should be taken seriously. He has ways to change lives in just a few simple steps. First, learn the importance of budgeting. Spend time sitting down and figuring out how much money you have, how much you must spend for bills, how much you can save, and what is left to play with. If people regard themselves as a business, they would find it easier to understand and manage their funds.

Direct deposit has made it so many people don’t even view their pay stub. It’s something everyone should look over, especially so people know they “get paid” less than they earn. The Federal government takes income tax and social security contributions, some states require local taxes, and employees have electives like 401K and health insurance that is all removed from their paycheck before it even becomes available to them.

It is imperative that people understand what Compound Interest does. Just saving a small sum of money every week or month can lead to considerable wealth when people retire with compound interest. As money is added earns interest that is added to the balance which results in more interest over time. The compounding effect means there an be a substantial amount added to a savings account over time.

Credit is important. Important things like mortgages require good interest, especially ones with lower interest rates. Paying rent on time and starter loans are a great way to earn good credit.

Finally, shop around. Brad Reifler stresses how important it is to find good deals and use money wisely. Weather you are shopping for a car or going to college, make sure you are spending what you can afford and what will last the longest and have the biggest and most positive impact on your future.

How Talk Fusion’s Proprietor, Bob Reina, is Devoted to Bettering Lives


Talk Fusion is a technology company that has been offering help to people’s problems from when it was established. The enterprise is headed by Bob Reina who is its founder and the current chief executive officer. He is focused on achieving the goal of the company, which is to support people in accomplishing their dreams, creating bright futures, and donating to various charities across the world. Bob is an outstanding motivator, and he believes that success is brought about by hard work, and therefore, he has been leading his firm to assist people in many regions of the world.


Bob Reina has shown that he is a committed philanthropist whereby he offered $1 million to support the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also been part of various life-saving charities, and one of his major donations was towards an Indonesia-based orphanage. Reina has been inspired to keep helping people through his contributions. He recently launched a new program at his company that allows all its associates to offer a free Talk Fusion account to any aid organization. The donated account will be subscribed to the firm’s leading plan, which is the Custom Monthly Plan. The program comprises of full personalization, branding, and allows the user to utilize the video advertising service, which is made up of Video Email, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat.


Mr. Reina has a precise mission. He wants the largest number of people to be reached by charity and nonprofit organizations across the world, and therefore, he has been funding them. Bob has been giving back to the society to ensure that many people can share their experiences, goals, and dreams by using the highly innovative Talk Fusion video marketing products.


The charity activities of Bob Reina have been ensuring that everyone gets any basic assistance that they cannot easily access. He feels like a significant transformation is made every time an associate of his company offers a donation. Some of the charity undertakings of the CEO include assisting people who are affected by tsunamis in Japan and the Nepal earthquakes.

Geoffrey Cone Aids Professionals With Management of Trust Accounts


Geoffrey Cone, the co-founder and executive partner of the Cone Marshall law firm in New Zealand, has recently announced his partnership with Jim Brown of Reno LLC to assist attorneys with the management of new trust accounts. Cone’s announcement comes on the heels of his law firm’s successful expansion and establishment as New Zealand’s primary tax and trust account firm. As an executive who possess over 20 years of experience in the area of foreign and domestic trust establishment, Geoffrey Cone was the ideal candidate to offer assistance to new trust establishment attorneys. During an interview with New Zealand’s business weekly magazine, Cone Stated that his decision to offer to assist new professionals with the establishment of trust accounts was made as a result of his desire to see the New Zealand trust management process become simpler, develop the careers of new attorneys, and stabilize the trust management process for the benefit of New Zealand clients.


Simplifying New Zealand’s Trust Management Process

Geoffrey Cone has, for years, been an advocate for the simplification of New Zealand’s complicated trust management process. The executive described the process to reporters and stated that the process was simple for attorneys who had spent years developing trusts but was not designed for ease of use among the average citizen. Cone believes that offering his firm’s assistance with the management of new trust accounts in other firms will help him to streamline the service and ultimately impact legislation surrounding the process. Cone expressed hopes that this process would ultimately be simplified for the use of average clients.


Development of Careers of New Attorneys

Cone also expressed an interest in the development of the careers of new attorneys. The executive recalls experiencing difficulty during his days as a young attorney and wishes to ease the burden associated with the establishment of a new practice. By offering his trust account management services to new professionals, Cone hopes to receive a common burden.


Stabilizing Trust Management Process

Geoffrey Cone aslo stated that he wished to develop services that would stabilize the trust management process and make it client-friendly. As it stands, New Zealand citizens who wish to establish trust accounts must work with the Cone Marshall law firm in order to expedite their account initialization. By assisting new attorneys in the trust account industry, Cone hopes that customers will eventually be able to compare services from many local trust establishment firm options.


Don Ressler, CEO JustFab, LLC Entreprenurial Endeavor

Don Ressler is the entrepreneur behind numerous start-ups.They include Intelligent Beauty. After founding his first company, it was purchased by Intermix Media. was a very successful enterprise. He teamed up with Intermix to form the Alena Media. The performance and commerce advertising division generated millions of dollars. This was the only profit center for the company. When News Corp acquired Intermix in 2005, Goldenberg and Ressler watched the proficient business being ignored by the corporation. They left the company and explored the new opportunities after frustration. They couldn’t withstand watching their found company flow wastefully.

While they knew that they were equipped with the necessary skills to excel, in online advertisement, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to create a brand-building company that executes separately. The co-founders held a session in the living room after gathering a team of former Alena team members. Brand ideas, two weeks later, became the famous Intelligent Beauty company.

The straight-to-customer brand-building enterprise initial creation was the DERMSTORE. This was an online cosmetics and skincare marketplace. They launched the SENSA weight loss system two years later. Dr. Alan Hirsch was brought into the company to bring product development. Both DERMSTORE and SENSA are highly profitable even though Intelligent Beauty does not realize their profitability. The company also accepted a loan of $43 million from Crossover Technology Ventures in 2008 after bootstrapping most of their funding sources.

In 2010, the company launched another subsidiary firm, a subsidiary commerce retailer, JustFab. JustFab received more than $33 million loans from Matrix Partners in 2011. Kimora Simmons joined the company to serve as the Senior Creative Director and President of the company in 2011. The company had over four million members by the end of the year. The co-founders raised the second cycle of funding after announcing its cross at the six million member mark. Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty issued them a loan of $76 million.

While they ride on the same momentum of success accrued within the first two years, JustFab sought opportunities to take over new marketplaces. They recognized that their major customers were parents. They decided to buy FabKids fashion subscription service in 2013. They also acquired European fashion commerce during that year. The company bought FabShoes that added 500,000 members to their list from Spain and France. JustFab also bought the rival shoe company in 2013. To this end, they opened flagship stores and took their services offline. They have a funding of $85 million in progress.

White Shark Media: A Digital Marketing No-Brainer

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency focused on helping clients grow their business through the use of effective online marketing strategies. The firm is based out of Miami, Florida and targets small and medium-sized businesses offering search engine optimization evaluation and management services.


This budding company was founded in 2011 by three young entrepreneurs: Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk. The trio has led the company to a wealth of success in just a few short years. Under their leadership, White Shark Media has made waves in the digital community quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing start-ups in North America. They were recognized by Google just a year after their inception as a company and were announced as one of only 29 companies to be named a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. This relationship has fostered even further growth for the young company as the Google powerhouse has served as a mentor and influence in their work.


The founders attribute much of White Shark Media’s success to the customer-focused culture. In the beginning stages, the company worked extremely hard to establish both a domestic and international presence and staffed their agency with bilingual employees. This philosophy has proven a winning strategy and the company continues to place the customer at the forefront of their work. White Shark’s core values clearly demonstrate the leadership’s belief that quality service is the key to any successful business.


Today, White Shark Media employs almost 200 people nation-wide and has managed almost 36 million dollars worth of Ad Spend words in the past 12 months. The company continues to operate on a transparent, flat-fee basis and they expect to continue growing and building partnership among the digital media community. If you are looking for a way to boost your online presence, give White Shark Media a call today!

Securus Technologies Makes The Truth Known Regarding GTL’s Press Release

GTL is trying to sue Securus Technologies for what they think is a breach of copyright laws regarding one of their patents. They even put out a press release claiming that the US Patent Trials and Appeals Board is going to let them take Securus to court and grant an injunction. But Securus took time to correct the record saying that no such move has been granted by the PTAB. Furthermore, they’ve set out to debunk GTL’s claims that they had used any part of GTL’s inmate video visitation software in the manner GTL claims they have. And Securus has made it clear they have never tried to force heavy handed settlements on anyone that had been using their software without permission.


Securus Technologies has been in business since 1986, and during that time they have developed over 150 patents to improve inmate communications. The company is based in Dallas, TX and has certified workers in the field at over 3,000 correctional facilities in the nation. In fact, some of their field workers were recently just certified by the Building Industry Consulting Service International organization for the highly accredited Installer 1 certification. The company has managed fiber optic lines, wireless technologies, and communications infrastructure at client correctional facilities.


Inmates have been the beneficiaries of several Securus Technologies services such as instant mail, ConnectUs deposits and transfers, and electronic media downloads. But one of the greatest developments they’ve made for inmates is video visitation software. Sometimes it’s tough for inmates’ families to make trips to the facility, or get the communication they need to keep a loved one’s spirits up. Video visitation has allowed inmates to visit with loved ones at special times such as holidays and birthdays, and it often encourages them to do their time on good behavior and makes for less recidivism.


Thor Halvorssen – Building A New King Of Human Rights Movement

The Oslo Freedom Forum is a new kind of human rights organisation that does not publicize itself as a mainstream group holding meetings under the spotlight of major newspapers and reporters. The meetup does not take place onstage where activists will give speeches in trying to gain attention from the press. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Instead, it is different because meetings take place in large public places where activists, dissidents and journalists congregate at the Dinner table talking to each other informally. Their conversation can be heard by others because these activists are not afraid of exposing their plans.

Recently, Rosie Grey, traveled to Oslo trying to meet the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, Thor Halvorssen, the 37-year-old Venezuelan-Norwegian. For many, Thor boasts an interesting personality and even more interesting background. Actually, Thor Halvorssen is passionate regarding human rights as he believes that everyone should fight injustice around the world.

His passion led him to spend many months behind bars because he openly opposed authoritarian governments by protesting in front of the official buildings where even the local public is afraid to go.

Recently, he also sent messages inside North Korea hiding himself near the South Korean border. Accordingly, many of his colleagues travel to dangerous places asking local governments to reconsider illegal sentences imposed on human right activists.

Regarding his peculiar background, his mother is a direct dissident of Simón Bolivar whose family has been in Venezuela since the 1530s. In Venezuela, his uncles have often been dubbed as Playboys.

His father was also arrested and beaten by the Venezuelan officials on charges of spying for the United States. Despite all these charges, Thor Halvorssen believes that he has nothing to do with his family’s past. He is simply a “classical liberal” with no interest in politics.

The recent conference in Oslo attracted 450 high-profile personalities from around the world whose only mission was to get help and devise plans for their future moves.

When asked about his organisation, Thor was reluctant to call his eleven associates his employees. Likewise, he insisted that his plans are simple, which is to get help for anyone who wants it.

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