Editors Jeff Yastine& Ted Bauman

Jeff Yastine always had an interest in journalism. Little did he know he would be nominated for an Emmy and interview some of the wealthiest people to ever live when he got his start at the University of Florida. But it was this burning passion that lead to his long-lived career in journalism. After college, he embarked on his journalist career in North Carolina. He worked for local news markets as a reporter.

Jeff Yastine has over two decades of experience in journalism and finance. Being a stock market investor and being passionate about journalism, caused him to fuse the two interests together and begin creating content about the stock market and various investments. He has worked as a financial journalist for many years. He has also worked as an anchor for PBS. Working on the Nightly News caused him to receive the prominent Emmy nomination. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

His love for his profession has been used to help so many people in regards to their investments. With his knowledge of finances, he was able to warn people of the real estate crash that happened in the mid 2000s. He reported on the financial influences of foreign automakers building manufacturing facilities in the southeastern portion of the United States. He has reported on major world news matters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, the historic Panama Canal handover in the late 1990s and Hurricane Katrina. He visited Cuba twice in the 1990s and the 2000s to report on foreign policy.

Jeff Yastinejoined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. Bringing decades of stock market investment experience and have reported on money matters made him an excellent candidate for working as an editor. He writes about financial matters for the publication. He writes to help investors to understand more about investments. His written content aids investors on the economy, latest business matters, financial markets, monetary trends and income making opportunities for investors.

Jeff Yastine has worked tirelessly to build Banyan Hill Publishing into what the company it is today. The company is quickly growing. Jeff has aided this process with content he provides to hundreds of thousands of daily readers. His content is extremely focused on helping investors prosper and grow their income. He does this by writing on commodities, options plays, U.S. companies to buy stock in, trends in the market and small cap and mid cap stocks. To learn more about Jeff Yastine, visit: https://jeffyastineguru.com/


Combat Pain Naturally With Heal N Soothe

Millions of people suffer from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis, and chronic inflammations. Suffering from chronic aches and pains can take a toll on your life, your health, and emotional well being. Heal N Soothe is an alternative remedy to help combat pain naturally verses over the counter medications or prescriptions. With different extracts from fruits and herbs Heal N Soothe is a unique blend of ingredients that help with pain and inflammation.


Heal N Soothe was formulated and developed by professionals from Living Well Nutraceuticals. Health and Soothe is also and funded through The Healthy Back Institute. to give people the freedom of combating pain naturally. With ingredients such as Vitamin E, turmeric and ginger these natural inflammation fighters aid in holistic back pain relief without the side effects of prescription or over the counter medications. These ingredients help in reducing inflammatory markers such as leukotrienes and prostaglandins. While helping the body recover from soft tissue damage, these natural ingredients contribute to the nutritional supply of the body.


With the willingness of Living Well Nutraceuticals to list full ingredients of Heal N Soothe gives the consumer the ability to make an educated and informed decision. All the ingredients on their own in Heal N Soothe have been scientifically proven to work in reducing pain and inflammation. Each of these ingredients have been used for thousands of years and proven clinically to be safe and effective, and these ingredients work together to reduce inflammation and pain quickly. Research has indicated that systematic proteolytic enzymes can have a beneficial impact on the body. See This Page for related information.


As they go through the body, they help fight inflammation and break down scar tissue. The natural enzymes help cleanse blood and increase the body’s immune system. With a reduction of inflammation by enzymes this aids the body in recovery in several ways, such as decreasing the healing time from surgery and injuries. Enzymes aid in addressing the problems rather than masking the symptoms and only providing temporary relief. Heal N Soothe contains no animal by products or shellfish and is 100% natural, therefore eliminating side effects that over the counter or prescriptions medications might have.


Heal N Soothe is a holistic natural way to combat pain and inflammation with enzymes while addressing the underlying causes. Heal N Soothe promotes healthy recovery of tissues and whole-body systems as well as decreases inflammation and reducing pain.



View Source: http://www.progressivehealth.com/heal-n-soothe.htm


Peter Briger and Philanthropic Focal Points

Peter L. Briger, Jr. works for Fortress Investment Group, a distinguished investment management firm that’s been around since the end of the nineties. He’s on the company’s esteemed Board of Directors at the moment, too. He’s its Co-Chairman. This Fortress Investment Group Principal works alongside other leaders including Randal A. Nardone and Wesley R. Edens. They’re not all situated in the same city. Although Peter Briger works in San Francisco, California, both Nardone and Edens are located on the East Coast in New York, New York.

Peter Briger is a finance and business powerhouse who has been working in the asset management field for 20 plus years now. He’s accommodated all sorts of management positions within the firm since the start of the 2000s. He’s now in charge of supervising all of the company’s real estate and credit fund matters.

Briger is an alumnus of Princeton, New Jersey’s Princeton University. This is a renowned Ivy League institution that welcomes promising young students from locations all throughout the globe. His educational background isn’t limited to this famed school, either. Briger studied at the Wharton School of Business, a part of the University of Pennsylvania. He’s equipped with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the acclaimed school.

xPeter Briger in the past was a Goldman Sachs employee. He was a partner for the firm. His duties revolved around supervising all kinds of business functions there. This individual keeps busy with all kinds of professional pursuits day in and out out. He still manages to squeeze in the time to give his community attention, however. He still manages to find the time to take care of all types of philanthropic matters as well. Peter Briger is part of the Council on Foreign Relations. This is the name of a group that aims to push stronger foreign policy comprehension in modern society. Some subjects that are particularly close to Briger are poverty elimination, education and, finally, children in general.

xBriger is part of Caliber Schools‘ board right now. Caliber Schools is a respected charter school network that has a big goal. That objective is to get students ready for achievement in all varieties of institutions of higher learning. Caliber Schools is headquartered in Richmond in California.

xBriger’s full name is Peter Lionel Briger, Jr. People who know him frequently refer to him by his nickname as well. That nickname is simply “Pete.” Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Incredible Investment Achievements Paul Mampilly Has Attained

Incredible Investment Achievements Paul Mampilly Has Attained

Before one becomes a business guru and an established financial advisor, there is an entrepreneurial journey to master. Most of those who become excellent advisors on business matters and financial affairs are those who have been in that particular industry for many years. Paul Mampilly is a renowned business guru with 25 years experience in financial matters. In 1991, Paul went to Montclair State University and graduated with a business administration degree. Four years later, he discovered that competition in the business sector was growing. He, therefore, needed to upgrade is career knowledge and skills to survive this stiff competition. He went to Fordham Graduate Business School, majored in finance, and graduated with his master’s degree. Visit the website paulmampillyguru.com to learn more.

No single business guru has ever had a smooth journey in their business path. Paul wasn’t exceptional either. He really worked out his way to become the competent entrepreneur he is today. His career started in 1991 on Wall Street when he worked as the portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. This form of exposure gave him vast experience that opened some other prestigious executive positions for him. As an experienced manager in business matters, Paul worked at ING and Deutsche law firms. Kinetic Asset Management realized the potential Paul had, and it hired him to manage its $6 billion organization. Through his immense experience and entrepreneurial skills, Paul grew the assets of this organization from $6 billion to $25 billion.

Paul has several personal investments under his name. Although he is known to spend much of his time with the private entities, Paul is also committed to helping individual investors to make sound investment decisions. He says that if you go wrong with your investment plans and decisions, you may be headed to a terrible downfall. Paul’s investment account journey is quite incredible. He doesn’t make any investment before he has analyzed and researched the market trends. When Paul Mampilly made an analysis in 2008 and realized online video streaming was on the way, he decided to invest in Netflix.

His company was doing its best to develop a drug that could effectively cure muscular dystrophy. This was in 2012 when he changed his mind to invest in Sarepta Therapeutics. Paul Mampilly like investing in a company when it’s new and then sell it for a profit later. Some of the other companies Paul has invested in include Facebook, OLED Universal Display, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, and Stratasys. Paul one day decided he would start his own business and stop working for the rich. He started Profits Unlimited to help people make the right choices when investing. View: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/paul-mampilly-struck-gold/


Banyan Hills Publishing and Ian King’s Role

Banyan Hill Publishing is a prominent publisher of global investment strategies. Its loyal readers can expect to receive valuable information about new investment opportunities with each issue. The organization has experienced rapid growth recently thanks to its nearly half a million readers. Banyan Hill provides independent investment advice that is viable in a variety of finance sectors.

Banyan Hill has been operation for 20 years. When it was founded it was originally named The Sovereign Society as it was built on the the ideals of self-reliance and sovereignty. It was the leading global asset protection and investment organization in no time. It functioned this way for 18 years until it was rebranded in 2016. The organization’s name was then changed to Banyan Hill Publishing and it began offering advice centered more around investing. Banyan Hill’s goal is to help the average U.S. citizen become financially free. It wants to give people the tools to successfully manage their own money and build wealth. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Banyan Hill helps prepare investors for the next disaster to hit the market. Market crashes are inevitable so the key is knowing how to survive them when they happen. Investors who are not prepared and do not possess the necessary knowledge will feel the need to pay financial advisors who will give them advice they could of easily google searched. Investors who are prepared will know how to bounce back on their own without paying anyone else.

Banyan Hills Publishing gives innovative advice that can cause many to be skeptical because it seems unusual until you experience the positive results. It often presents opportunities that many other investors look over. This is why it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Banyan Hills Publishing continuously proves it is a publication aspiring investors can believe in.

About Ian King

Ian King is a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Prior to joining Banyan Hills, Ian King was a successful hedge fund manager. Ian King made a name for himself while working at Investopedia Academy. There, he developed a revolutionary crypto investing multimedia product.

Check: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/02/microblog-ian-kings-new-crypto-selection-that-will-be-bigger-than-bitcoin-announced-last-thursday/


Ted Bauman On His Friend Paul Mampilly

Ted Bauman recently wrote an article in which he discussed the new idea of getting chipped. He decided to write an article about this topic because a friend of his wrote an article saying that you should get chipped. Ted Bauman writes The Bauman Letter for Banyan Hill Publishing. His friend is Paul Mampilly, who also writes a newsletter for Banyan Hill PUblishing. Although Ted Bauman says that he agrees with Paul Mampilly on many issues, he does not agree with him on this one. He thinks that Paul Mampilly is wrong. Learn more about Ted Bauman  for more info.

Why? Well, Paul Mampilly does make a good argument for getting a microchip implanted in your body. It will help everyone who has it, and it will make life a lot easier for them. They will be able to use it to pay for stuff and get around, without having to worry about leaving their wallet behind. They may be able to use for getting on an airplane without having to worry about leaving their passport behind (though using it to get on an airplane is not yet a viable option, there is no saying whether or not it may be approved by the government in the future if more and more people start using microchips.

Paul Mampilly says that there has always been skepticism about new technological advances. He points to Facebook, email, and even printing, which were also opposed at the outset. He says that the same applies to microchips.

However, says Ted Bauman, there is no way you can say with any degree of certainty that these things have not done harm as well as good. Facebook has certainly changed the way we communicate. But is it all for the good? People spend less time talking with other people in person. People who use social media a lot tend to be more likely to be lonely and depressed. Facebook has given a voice to many people who have racist or divisive views, as we have seen during the course of the last election. Nobody is arguing that email was not a great advancement, but it has reduced the quality of conversations and communication between people.

The problem with microchips, in Ted Bauman’s opinion, is that they have the capacity to be abused. Through surveillance techniques, people can be watched and tracked through their chip. Hackers can also exploit it. Follow: https://twitter.com/TedBaumanGuru

Jeff Yastine: A Reliable Pillar at Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine is among the pillars at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is currently an editor in the company. Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as an editorial director. Jeff brought a twenty years’ experience in financial and stock market investment journalism. He makes use of his wealth of expertise to help interested investors in investing techniques among other tips. Jeff writes vastly on financial markets. This enables investors to know what is happening in the world on various trends in the economy, business, and monetary. Apart from offering advice, Jeff Yastine points out the most profit making business and investment opportunities that any investor would be interested in. Between 1994 and 2010, Jeff worked with PBS Nightly Business Report through which Emmy nominated him. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

In his career life, Jeff has conducted various interviews on the most prominent investment gurus and entrepreneurs in the entire world. This has granted him an opportunity to learn more about investment and unlock some of the hidden tips and tricks in those industries. In his reporting work, he has worked earnestly to identify the investment opportunities. Through his work, many companies have changed their story to becoming big sectors in investment. Jeff Yastine was Emmy-nominated in 2007. He has also been awarded many other awards while serving as a journalist. Jeff works on the Banyan Hill Publishing publication called “Total Wealth Insider.” It contains deep things on identifying the small opportunities that are known in helping an investor to become richer, prosperous, and freer in life. This is the most performing publications that leads in the financial newsletters. Through this publication, Jeff Yastine uses his wide expertise in matters finance and investing to help the subscribers guard and multiply their wealth through the investments. The investments ought to be safe, and done through stable companies so that any investor will get great value in the end. Jeff always addresses deep stuff on the market today. He ensures that his readers stay updated on any and every single trend that comes up in the line of his interest and that of customers. Jeff values financial freedom, and that is what pushes him to serve people to achieve. He has done the necessary research, and his publications are not based on unreliable information but tested and true matters. This is what builds the confidence of the subscribers and keeps checking for his publications. Jeff is a reliable editor at Banyan Hill Publishing among which many people have become inspired in business and investing at large. Read more: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/jeff-yastine-recommends-three-amazon-competitors-investors/


Sahm Adrangi’s Negative Reports

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management. Initially, he has served several administrative positions as an analyst in various companies. For instance, he worked at Longacre fund as an investment analyst whereby he conducted research as well as investment analysis for equity and credit fund. Additionally, he was a member of reconstructing group at Chanin capital partners where he played a prominent role in advising creditors as well as giving reports on bankrupt companies. He has also worked at Deutsche Bank where aided in structuring high yield bonds among other tasks. Sahm Adrangi is a graduate from Yale University with a Bachelor in Arts in Economics.

Recently, several articles covered the negative reports of several companies he provides including QuinStreet among other companies. The valuation he did at these companies was wrong which and later he confessed so. From one article published, Sahm Adrangi provided a negative report regarding QuinStreet, a marketing company, whose share prices increased fourfold recently. Now Investors believe that in future the company will do great although Kerrisdale reports doubt on sustainability as well as the quality of QuinStreet’s activities claiming it has advanced from bogus web traffic. In this case, Sahm Adrangi is determined to benefit from falls in stock prices because he has a short position in the company.

In another scenario, Sahm Adrangi via his company provided a negative report about St. Joe Company. The company is based in Florida which envisions transforming Panama beach to be a magnificent place. In their report, Kerrisdale sees St. Joe’s Visions too high and says they are probably incorrect. Another reason which makes Kerrisdale reports that St. Joe is off-base is their vast land. Kerrisdale Capital Investment research provides minimal activities of St. Joe Company concerning its advancements as well as permit filings. Kerrisdale Capital argument focused mainly on St. Joe Company relationship with Fairholme Fund which accounts for 24% of the company’s shares. The primary motive of providing adverse reports was to benefit from stock prices decrease since he has few shares.


AvaTrade Review: The Global Platform For Forex Trading

AvaTrade has repeatedly stood out as a company that offers its customers a wide range of forex trading solutions that can assist them The company first opened its doors for business in 2006 and since then has repeatedly stood out for the work that it does. The company has a range of offices that are situated throughout the world to be able to provide customers with easy access to all that they have to deliver. Some of the places where AvaTrade is operational it is in the city of New York, Dublin, Sydney, Tokyo, and Milan. There are several other locations as well where AvaTrade is operational, and these tend to be the branches of their central offices.



One of the reasons why AvaTrade has become such a well-known name is because of the accreditations and licenses that they are in possession of. One of the licenses that the company is in possession of is one from the Central Bank of Ireland and one by the MiFID. Often, companies that are involved in this form of trading don’t always have the right licenses. This means that they don’t have to be regulated, and they can easily manipulate their customers. Because of the license that AvaTrade possesses, customers can be sure that while they are trading with AvaTrade, they can be safe and secure. There is no scope for the customers to get cheated in any way, thereby instilling faith in the minds of the customers towards the company.



Being an international company, it is essential for a forex trader to abide by the trading regulations within the country of operation, which is why AvaTrade tries its best to ensure that their work is being regulated by agencies within the countries that they are operational in. In Australia, for example, AvaTrade is regulated by the ASIC, In Japan by the FSC and the BVI in the EU.



Customers who have made use of the services provided by AvaTrade have been nothing less than happy with what they have received. Because of the flexible plans that AvaTrade offers, forex trading has never been easier.


Get the full AvaTrade review: http://mejorbroker.org/en/avatrade-review/

Flavio Maluf Announces New Deal Between Eucatex And Duratex

Eucatex and Duratex, two big names within the corporate sector recently decided to enter into a partnership with each other, bringing together their forces to create a company that stands as one of the leading of its kind. According to the deal in place, the two companies would be able to pool together their resources to be able to improve the efficiency of the products that are being made within their units. The total cost of production of the products within these units spans over $60 million and is said to only go up as the companies involved experience development in their processes.

The new collaboration that is being undertaken will not only allow the company to expand their services but also make use of some of the underused manufacturing units that were previously in their possession. The plant that Eucatex possesses located in Botucatu is one of the examples of this. Before the acquisition, the plant was not being used for many of the company’s processes, but after this acquisition is now going to be used for a production that can go up to 200 thousand m³ per year. Another plant which will also come into use is the Duratex factory in Itapetinga, which will undergo an inauguration ceremony in April this year. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

The announcement regarding the changes to the company and the acquisition that was taking place was made by Flavio Maluf, who currently stands as the President of Eucatex. Maluf decided to issue a statement regarding the course of action that the company is looking to take, which outlined all that the employees needed to know about the deal that was taking place.

The statement started out my Flavio Maluf explaining his reasoning about the company undertaking this route towards better development. He stated that the main reason for this acquisition was so that the resources that both companies use can be shared, and their productions could thereon become co-dependent on each other. This would help the company increase their overall production capacity by 70%, with their paper printing up by 40% and that of paints by 30%. Even though the company is already looking to work as one united front, the companies must still wait for the approval, which is said to happen soon. Learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar