Deputy José Manuel González Wants The Presidential Recall Petition Process To Continue

José Manuel González, the former president of the Caracas Chamber of Commerce and the current Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico is sick and tired of trying to get a national agreement in place that could stop President Nicholas Maduro from completely destroying the economy of Venezuela. Maduro, the hand-picked successor […]

Student Stories connecting the Learning Community of Teachers, Students, and Parents

Student Stories is a communication platform that facilitates sharing of images and videos among students and with their guardians. The program offers parents an opportunity to follow up on their children’s learning progress. Students Stories enables students to attach short videos such as those featuring science experiments or math problems. They can attach relevant content […]

Louisiana Public Service Commission Holds GTL Accountable for Mistreating Families of Prisoners

Securus Technologies, a leader is providing criminal safety solutions to correctional facilities all over the United States has found an innovative solution to hold companies accountable for misleading the public for breaches in the telecommunication sector. As a first step, Securus Technologies will publish official public documents from the investigation held by the Louisiana Public […]

NutriMost Holds Off Its Rival With Effective Weight Lost Plan

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