Flavio Maluf Supports the Idea of Tax incentives

Flavio Maluf has a keen interest in the topic of interest and high tax burdens that Brazilian companies face on a daily basis. Far too many businesses find it very difficult to stay afloat let alone make a profit under the burden of such heavy tax burdens. Tax incentives, on the other hand, makes it possible for companies to gain a substantial advantage

Flavio Maluf began his career at Eucatex in 1987, and he has worked there for thirty years. Maluf’s uncle, the former president of the company wanted him to join the executive branch in 1996 so Flavio Maluf graduated and obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree for the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He got the coveted presidency position in 2005, and he has been working hard to make the company successful ever since. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

He strongly supports the Fiscal Incentive Laws which effectively support the community and businesses through various funding programs such as health programs, technological advances, social programs, and scientific research. It doesn’t mean that companies will spend less on taxes, but they will be able to distribute their money in order to do the most good in order to support the development of society.

He has substantial experience in turning smaller opportunities into jumpstart companies such as Eucatex. He has already arranged an exchange with Duratex earlier this year, and the deal is estimated to bring in about $60 million that will benefit both companies involved in the transaction.

Flavio Maluf is all about seizing the right opportunity at the right moment, and he’s all for tax incentives. Such incentives like reductions, compensations, rewards, and exemptions are commonly given by public administrations and can stimulate communities. He’s an entrepreneur at heart and market leader and is always on the lookout for a bright investment in the future.

Learn more: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/5913933/flavio-maluf-traz-dicas-que-podem-ajudar-transformar-sua-ideia


Market America’s Question of the Week: How Much Do You Spend?

One question that might cross your mind when thinking of seizing an Unfranchise business opportunity at Market America is where do you and your neighbors and friends (and relatives) spend money?

Even from reputable sources, figures vary. The widely respected website The Motley Fool (well respected despite its name) says, for example, that the average Americans gross income in the United States is $67,564 and that the average federal tax bill is $9,655. On top of that, the average total tax bill is $20,944, including sales, property, state and county taxes – and every other tax you can name.

That would mean the average American has $46,620 left in their pocket to spend after taxes. And very little of that, as most of us can personally attest, goes to a savings account or a retirement fund. Still, some people put money aside for their retirement years, lowering that average spending amount accordingly.

Where does it go? First, according to the Credit Loan website – a business where it pays to understand spending – says the average earning is more like $75,664 before taxes. And each year, out of that, the average American spends $57,311 of that money. In between those two figures – the difference between them – you have to fit in taxes and savings, because those are the only categories left.

The critical numbers for our discussion, however, is what the average person spends and where that spending goes. After all, if you want to start and Unfranchise business and you are told that the key to success is all about shopping, then let’s talk turkey. What kind of shopping are we talking about?


And here’s the answer, keeping in mind that exact accuracy isn’t the point here, according to Credit Loan, the average spending includes $18,886 on housing, $9,049 on transportation, $7,203 for food, $6,831 for pensions and insurance, $4,612 for health care, $2,913 for entertainment and $1,803 for apparel and services. Meanwhile, $2,081 goes to “cash contributions,” whatever the heck that is.


All that amounts to a huge: WOW! Americans – and, you can bet this translates to numbers around the world with a few minor differences – spend a ton of money on food, health care, housing, entertainment – which is the very wheelhouse, as the saying goes, for what Market America offers at its SHOP.COM online marketplace.

You know the expression, “Shop until you drop.” Americans, it turns out, spend, spend, spend, as do Brits, the Taiwanese, Chinese, Irish, French and everyone else in the planetary playground we call Earth.

Spend, spend, spend. You can break down each category further. Spending on healthcare includes diet relief, nutritional supplements, exercise aids. Spending on entertainment includes more than just opera; it includes home-based entertainment, like DVDs, music, games, sports.

Now let’s look at the real brass tacks, as they say. It turns out, after careful analysis, that the average American after taxes has a mortgage valued at $155,361, students loans of $31,946 and a credit card bill of $16,140.

Toss in the average spending figures, stir and serve and what do you get? The average American’s spending includes $17,750 or more per year that could be redirected to SHOP.COM.

Back up the truck! Yes, Americans spend, on average, almost $18,000 per year on products that they could buy on SHOP.COM with its growing, established bank of products that are custom designed to appeal to the average American.

This, you could say, is where the rubber meets the road. That $17,750 is exactly the size, on average, per customer, per referral, per client, per whatever you want to call them, per what you spend, as well, that could be translated into discounts, cash back opportunities and residual income for you.

How big a wow is that?

Furthermore, the numbers are available for several other critical Market America markets. In Britain, for example, the average mortgage is 121,678 British pounds, student loans come to 24,640 pounds, credit card debt 7,616 pounds. And here are the numbers that really matter: Spending per year comes to 24,960 pounds or about $32,000 in U.S. dollars and, cutting to the chase, 18, 470 pounds sterling or slightly over $24,000 of that spending in U.S. dollars could be redirected to SHOP.COM.

Big wow.

These figures, of course, tell you how big the markets are and how much of their economic pies could be redirected to potential earnings for Unfranchise owners.

If follows, of course, that not every culture around the globe has exactly the same priorities as the good, old-fashioned American consumer has. Not everyone shares the same priorities as a British shopper. Every culture has their own likes and dislikes, after all.


But everyone shares, more or less, the same basic needs. Every culture around the world values healthcare and will pursue the products they can afford to remain healthy. Various cultures prioritize beauty products differently, but it is safe to say that everyone on the planet, to some degree, values their personal appearance. Members of modern societies with money to spend represent, of course, very healthy markets for healthcare and beauty aid products.

Within reason, however, the numbers hold steady across the globe. In Australia, the average Aussie spends $74,100 Australian dollars each year, while spending $25,970 Australian dollars or $19,502 in U.S. dollars that could be redirected towards SHOP.COM, earning the Unfranhise developer an opportunity to earn residual income contributing directly to their own, personal spending power.

Go almost anywhere in the world and you will find the overlap that matches SHOP.COM’s line of products in beauty, healthcare, nutrition, diet, electronics, home essentials, shoes and apparel.

It comes to mind that the world’s greatest inventors since the dawn of time have been chasing one elusive and miraculous invention called the Perpetual Motion Machine. This, mostly a myth really, a legend, a fantasy, is the machine that will put an end to our dependence on oil – a machine that runs eternally by creating the power it uses all by itself. It will run for ever. Wind it up and it will never stop.

The Unfranchise system is similar to that famous, mythological Perpetual Motion Machine that runs by itself. After all, Market America has discovered a way to earn money by having people do what they were going to do, anyway. Without expending any extra effort whatsoever, just the act of doing what was on their to-do list, which they would have done one way or another, suddenly unleashes the earning potential that was hiding there all along.

The Unfranchise system doesn’t require any additional expenditure that customer hadn’t planned on spending, anyway. In fact, with discounts, consumers are spending less or using up less financial energy than they might have, anyway, and now it suddenly earns them a residual income – a little icing on the cake.

It’s like all you have to do is roll out of bed. You were going to do that, anyway. Now it earns you an income. It’s like the wine that gets worse as it ages, the best time to drink it is right now. In terms of an Unfranchise option, the question turns out to be: What are you waiting for?






Randal Nardone Numerous Career Achievements

Randy Nardone has a title all professionals in the world would wish to have. The businessman serves in one of the leading global companies as the principal and chief executive officer. Fortress Investment Group is respected for being a trendsetter in the international platform, to get a top position in the company means that Randal Nardone is doing well in life, and he has been getting a good paycheck at the end of the month. The New York City based firm takes pride for having served consumers since the year 1998. Being in the market for two decades means that the organization has managed to go against all the odds and impress its customers who have very diverse needs. With more than one thousand, seven hundred clients, the institution has been growing very fast, and it currently controls assets that are worth forty-three billion dollars. The institution started to trade in the New York Stock Exchange in the year 2007. Visit angel.co to learn more about Randal Nardone

Being in charge of a large company in the US, Randal Nardone has numerous responsibilities. First of all, the businessman acquired this position in the year 2013. His appointment came at a time when the former CEO decided to take some rest and retire from the organization. The members of the board, who have been responsible for the top decisions in the company sat down together and decided to reserve the post for Randal Nardone who had been with the firm since the day it took off its operations in the year 1998. By the time he was getting the appointment, the board knew that he was the best and most ideal professional to take the company to the next level in the global market.

When he took on the leadership of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone started to change the company operations in the right direction. The firm started to increase its profits, and more customers came in to get the services. The growth only means that Randal Nardone is an experienced professional who understands that his post is the most important in the company. The businessman is also a top billionaire, according to Forbes.

Read more: https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Randal-Alan-Nardone-0031P8-E/biography/


Felipe Montoro Jens Finance Expert

Felipe Montoro Jens is a leader in the financial industry. He works on dozens of projects each year for construction companies. Felipe lives in Brazil, but he attended college in the United States. Learn more on ideamensch about Montoro Jens

Felipe works on various projects for the government of Brazil. He assists contracting companies with securing financing to complete the projects. Financing a major construction project is harder than most people realize. Few banks are willing to lend money to construction companies, especially with recent economic turmoil in the country. Felipe has to show the banks how the construction projects will be profitable.


Felipe graduated from UC Santa Barbra in 1998. He initially attended the University of Oregon, but he decided to transfer after spending a semester in Oregon. After graduating, he started working with companies in the construction industry. He quickly realized how many financial opportunities there are for construction companies.

Felipe holds multiple degrees. Not only does he have a degree in Spanish, but he also has a degree in business. His extensive knowledge is one of the biggest reasons for his career success.


Felipe primarily works on partnerships between private companies and the government. With his extensive network, he is the perfect person to manage these projects. Although most days are hectic, he enjoys the pressure of delivering a project on time. He also sees the positive impact that infrastructure has on Brazil. These infrastructure projects improve economic growth and provide hundreds of jobs for people in the country.

Charity Work

Felipe Montoro Jens serves as a board member for several charities in Brazil. He wants to make his country a better place to live and work. Felipe believes that economic and educational empowerment are two ways that the government can help citizens in Brazil. Many people struggle to attain financing for new business ideas. Felipe thinks the government should do more to help small business owners.

More info can be found by visiting: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/

Todd Levine is Amazing

Todd A Levine is a kind hearted, motivated and experienced commercial litigator attorney who works in a Miami Florida law firm called Kiuger Kaplan. in 1988 Todd Levine graduated from the Unviersity of Florida and got a bachelor’s degree in finance, years later he started to study law at he went to the Florida Levin College of Law. Todd Levine’s main objective is handling a variety of difficult business disputes. He represents property managers, developers, brokers, lending firms, sellers, investors, buyers and contractors in disputes from commercial real estate projects. He also takes on cases in the sports and entertainment industry and cases dealing with finance arrangements and investment partnerships.


Todd Levine is a special type of attorney, he uses his creative and analytical skills to form his own strategies. He is well known for being able to keep his cool under pressure. No matter the outcome of the dispute Todd is able to use skill set to see a unique approach most lawyers won’t notice. This means maybe putting out certain pieces of evidence that was hidden or doing a legal agreement that will give certainty to a difficult case.


A lot of Todd’s clients are surprised to know that he’s also a artist and musician. His artistic side also played a major role in him earning an award as best lawyer in America award for real estate Litigation from the US news and world report in 2018. He was also praised by the super lawyers business Edition, Florida Trend magazine, the daily Business review, and a few others for his impressive achievements. He is also considered one of Florida’s best lawyers in Commercial Litigation. Would you ever hire Todd Levine as your lawyer? Do you think Todd Levine should stay with one practice or work in a variety of them? Tell us in the comment section!

Rick Cofer vows to make a difference in the Austin community through recycling

Rick Cofer, an attorney, is fighting for people in the Texas area to recycle and pick up leftover trash. According to an article by Kut.org, the task force is trying to get more recycling at other parks in the area. Although they have implemented programs to reduce waste, the city is trying to do much more. The task force is figuring out a way to pay for the options and Cofer believes that more can be done. One of his solutions is to add more recycling to parks as only some have it. So far there are two options to paying for it by the money coming from the city’s budget, donations, along with a monthly fee, while the other includes a longer plan with more of the same as the first but with an increase the monthly fee by 16 cents. So far more people like the second option and the profits would be going towards recycling bins, signs, a program coordinator, public education, and more. Rick Cofer is trying to get data on the proposed methods used in the past to reduce waste and recycle and believes it has done a lot of good but needs the evidence. The people believe in putting individuals who know what they are doing to oversee the operation and placing the bins at parks and other facilities.


Rick Cofer is an experienced lawyer and prosecutor and has his own law firm under his name: The Law Office of Rick Cofer. He handles cases of violence, drug possession, juvenile charges, and more. Along with being an attorney, he is very interested and likes to make a difference in the area of Austin, Texas. Rick Cofer holds leadership positions for many different parks and has been involved with the democratic party for quite some time. Some of his hobbies include spending time outside and playing with his animals. Via his own website, Cofer vows that he will fight for his clients and try to do the best that he can with his experience and expertise with defending other individuals. The lawyer can be reached by phone or by message via email.






Top Tips about Clayton Hutson

It goes without saying that Clayton Hutson is a rare gem. He is a busy man working from dawn to the next dawn. Hutson has worked for several companies in the entertainment industry. Some of the roles he has held include the project manager and sound engineer. After getting enough experience from working in different entertainment, he decided to go on his own and created a live entertainment production company.

The idea to start his company came after the entertainment company he was working for was affected by the recession. Hutson’s typical day begins on his day at 6.30 am. He is the first person to go to the venue to explore the building. He goes through the day’s schedule and plans the to-do list for the day. Hutson maximizes his productivity by doing everything with a lot of consideration on how it will impact the show. His company deals with designing, managing and producing concerts. He deals mostly with rock music. Clayton obtained marketable skills from previous jobs.

To attract clients to his business, Hutson pays attention to details and works hard. By doing this, he gets reputation from his clients who value his professionalism. Furthermore, the habits that make him successful are to check his work repeatedly to ensure that there are no mistakes. Hutson makes sure that nothing compromises the quality he offers to his clients. He believes that one error can damage his reputation. Additionally, he always prepares for the events way ahead of time.

As for the music industry trends that interest him, Hutson believes that new technology has brought a lot of changes to his business. Through technology, he can satisfy his clients. The newest models have enabled him to move his equipment easily.

The failure that Hutson has faced in the past is working as a subcontractor. The company he was working for decided to take a legal action because one of the clients had decided to work directly with Hutson. The legal battle cost him many hours. However, he was able to learn a lot of things in the process.

Hutson always writes down the quotes that inspire him. He goes through those quotes when he is need of guidance. His favorite saying is from Vince Lombardi and Thomas Jefferson. He also likes a quote by W.C Fields about knowing the right time to give up when a plan is not working.


Deirdre Baggot’s Payment Reforms Have Revolutionized the Healthcare Sector

Deirdre Baggot has made a name for herself in the healthcare industry. She started as a nurse back in 1998 and now, she is a valuable member of various leadership teams. Her wide recognition is as a result of payment reforms she brought to the healthcare industry. Have you ever heard of bundled payments? Well, she is a bundled payment pioneer and the strategies and programs she came up with have been implemented in more than 200 hospitals and 60 bundles. These endeavors have led to the improvement of patient experience and clinical outcomes at a reduced cost. The bundled payment expert advises a number of leadership teams and boards. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

Over the past few years, she has been invited to and attended high profile conferences including Innovation Summit, Bundled Payment Congress, Medtronic, American College of Healthcare Executives and others. Deirdre Baggot has written more than 20 papers on healthcare reform, payment transformation and bundled payments. Her expertise in the healthcare payments led to her appointment as an expert reviewer for CMC. This built her reputation further. She has worked at high profile institutions such as The University of Michigan Health System.

Her career journey started when she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She also earned a Business Administration degree from the Loyola University. The two degrees made up a strong educational background for her later roles of bringing payment reforms to the healthcare sector. She also holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.

Back in 1998, she was a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. While working at the hospital, Ms. Baggot found herself doing so much to diagnose a patient. She could do more tests, more labs among other diagnostics. While at it, an idea crossed her mind, a kind of checklist to detail patient information and diagnostics. She could stick to the checklist to help her diagnose patients easily. Since then, there have been advancements in the sector including “care protocols” that would reduce “doing more” and improve the quality of care significantly.

She spends most of her time during the day attending meetings and conferences. Since she is passionate about healthcare, she wishes to have more time to focus on working on her ideas and other healthcare activities. She is always trying to churn out important meetings from unnecessary ones. When she is not at the meetings or attending to other healthcare matters, she is reading and doing research on her ideas before bringing experts on board to evaluate and expand her thoughts on the same. That is how she brings her ideas to life.

Check out: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/deirdre-baggot


Doctor-turned-Entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s Career Development

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a doctor and a reputable businessman who is the Board of Directors Chair and the founder of CAOA, a car manufacturing and distributing company in Brazil. He was born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil and holds a degree in medicine. Despite being a great career as a certified physician, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade decided to change his career and join the Car distribution industry 40 years ago. He then founded CAOA which is an abbreviation of his four names.

In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade ordered a Ford Landau from Campina Grande based dealership firm; the car was never delivered because the company was declared bankrupt. He then suggested that they grant him the dealership as compensation for failure to deliver the ordered vehicle and after the deal, he formed CAOA.

By 1985, CAOA was the leading Ford dealer in Brazil. Being a business opportunist, Dr. Carlos utilized the opportunity by the Brazil government in 1992 that allowed importation of vehicles and in less than twelve months, CAOA was the certified importer of French’s Renault. Renault was then the leading in sales under CAOA, but the number later dropped after Renault took the rights from CAOA because they had established their distribution company in Brazil.

As per mixpalestras.com.br, in 1998, CAOA obtained the sole rights of Subaru importation and made the sales improve three times nationally. Hyundai was also in the market, but the sales were not great until in 1999 when Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade took over and made it number one in imported cars with Tucson as the main model.

In 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started his factory in Annapolis. He located the business in Annapolis because he knew that the location is favorable for distribution to any part of the country as well as being easy to grow a supply chain in the region. Carlos won the Entrepreneur of the year award the same year.

In 2012 he won the Distributor of the Year Award for being the best among 179 other distributors. CAOA was ranked as the best company is sales and after sales in 2014 and 2017 following its well-organized marketing strategy.

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Louis Chenevert Has Achieved Beyond What He Dreamt To Have In Life

Born and bred in Montreal, Canada, Louis Chenevert was not brought up in an elite family. His parents had fair means in raising the children. From infant years in 1958, the year he was born, Louis developed a passion for business, investment, and entrepreneurship. In a way, although a young boy, Louis knew that nothing comes on a silver platter. Of, course; he was trained to believe that it is through hard work and dedication that a person can succeed in life.


Louis Chenevert went to HEC Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal. While here, Louis focused on how to garner skills in production management, an important aspect in the chain of production that ensures goods and products are produced in large qualities and at a higher speed without compromising on the quality. All these should be done at the lowest cost of production in order for the company to realize its full benefits. Mr. Chenevert believes that for any company to thrive, everything solely depends on the volume, speed, and quality of its products that are developed using the least amount of money.

Louis Chenevert’s degree in Production Management enabled him to land on jobs at high-profile companies including General Motors, United Technologies (UTC), and Goldman Sachs among other companies. Because of his exceptional abilities Guy Hachey hires him and placed him in GM’s Montreal assembly line. Chenevert says that Hachey grew fond of him that each time a chance arose, he was promoted to a higher position.

From such humble backgrounds to landing big opportunities, it was evident that Louis Chenevert was headed far. He later crossed over from the motor vehicle production to be an elite officer at an aerospace company. Chenevert recalls the pace at which they were producing vehicles back at General Motors. “We were producing a new car every 60 seconds. There was no room for error. If we made a mistake, that’d mean 60 defective cars in one hour,” says Chenevert.

After spending 14 years in the motor vehicle production, Louis Chenevert transitioned to a different industry. He teamed up with his other friend at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), an aircraft engine manufacturer based in Canada.