Who is Maurício Mendonça Godoy

Currently the CEO at Estaleiros do Brasil LTDA (Shipyards of Brazil), Maurício Mendonça Godoy is a master at designing, planning and building industrial facilities. His background is in Electrical Engineering, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1981 at the age of 22 from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, Brazil. He also received his bachelor’s degree there in Business Administration in 1983, leading to a long successful career in the petroleum industry, especially offshore drilling technologies. Maurício Mendonça Godoy started at Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Company, a Brazilian petroleum company that designs and builds offshore floating oil platforms.

At this company, he worked his way up the chain and eventually became Chief Operating Officer. He has served in many positions at many companies over his career, from Construction Manager at Codistil Dedini in the mid-80’s, to Project Manager at Setal Oil and Gas in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Over several years he leveraged his success to become CEO for Setal beginning in 2012, the company he’d spent so many years serving. In 2015 he began at Estaleiros, a company that focuses on marine vessels that cover the Libra and Buzios underwater oil fields. These oil reserves are around 6,500 feet beneath the ocean, which requires very sophisticated engineering and construction to access them.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy has decades of experience working with offshore drilling, expertise which allows him to create some of the best of these technologies the world has today. Among his achievements are an aircraft kerosene plant, a production platform that operates in pre-salt fields, shipyard construction, a red nickel mining system, a fixed gas production platform, and the expansion of the Natural Gas Processing Unit in Rio de Janeiro. Maurício Mendonça Godoy has had a very lucrative career with many accolades to speak of. He is truly a pioneer in the engineering and construction of offshore drilling systems.

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Nitin Khanna Gives DJing A Spin At No Vacancy

While there are certain CEOs with interesting hobbies, Nitin Khanna has a surprising one involving the world of electronic music. Performing by the name DJ Kitten, Nitin Khanna has been dropping beats in several cities even though he didn’t even discover electronic music until he was almost in his 40’s. The entrepreneur and founder of MergerTech and Saber Corp. immediately fell in love with the music genre and the scene surrounding it when he attended the festival known as Burning Man a few ago when he was 38. The experience had a big impact on his life and he still manages to find the time to pursue his interesting hobby despite being busy with a lot of business responsibilities.

In 2017, Nitin Khanna and other entrepreneurs decided to invest in creating a new club in Portland so that they could offer something new to their nightlife scene. The crowd that they aimed to serve is one that is slightly older but still wants to enjoy themselves with live music and other entertainment. After acquiring valuable real estate and purchasing quality equipment, Nitin Khanna and his business partners managed to create an environment that looks good whether the lights are on or off. They call their new club No Vacancy and it gives Nitin Khanna a unique opportunity to practice and hone his skills as a DJ. He wants his employees to see that it is possible to have a life outside of work and it is important to embrace the things that you are passionate about.

Nitin Khanna earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and began developing himself as an entrepreneur shortly after he graduated from the institution. The native of India is now a resident of Kensington, Maryland which is located very close to Washington DC. He points out that some other entrepreneurs and executives have been getting involved with the electronic music scene and he is happy to have the company. Following his passion or electronic music is one of the things that Nitin Khanna does to prevent himself from experiencing the burnout that comes with overworking yourself.

Listen to Nitin Khanna here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmdcYI0vHU4

Connect with Luke Lazarus, a Prominent Business Mogul and Consultant

In the modern entrepreneurial world, the probability of starting up a company and maintaining it in the industry to become a giant in the market is extremely low. About ninety per cent of the start-up companies do not survive. As a matter of fact, for entrepreneurs, this percentage is not impressing.

However, there are still a good number of entrepreneurs out there who are seeing positive and incredible results. These people are known as serial entrepreneurs. Among the most successful serial entrepreneurs is Luke Lazarus.

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Luke is a business consultant who based in Melbourne, Australia. Luke has had a passion for running businesses since he was a young boy. He was at the age of 8 when Luke Lazarus launched his first company.

He did well in his academic and sporting skills. Throughout his educational journey, Luke achieved international recognition for his skills, abilities and talents. His good grades in school provided him with many colleges to choose from as many of the colleges had offered him full scholarships.

He had been offered vacancies to study in prestigious Universities in the United States. Luke declined all those offers, and he opted to be in his homeland where he attended Melbourne Business School. It is at this college where Luke graduated with MBA.

Immediately after graduation, Luke put all his effort and determination on building and running four companies. He managed those companies for ten years. At the end of the succeeding ten years, Luke decided to dispose of his four companies.

It was from this disposal that Luke became financially independent as he earned millions of dollars from it. At that moment, to him, money remained an non-issue. It is at that point that Luke decided to be a consultant. His main aim was to assist and inspire the newly started businesses to cope with competition and be giants in the long run.

Luke has managed to create a good reputation with his clients. One of the essential aspects that Luke helps with is how clients can keep their financial books organized in such a way that they can attract potential investors. Another issue is how entrepreneurs can venture into capital investment.

Most entrepreneurs do not understand how capital investment works. Capital investment is what Luke Lazarus states as the reason why new businesses fail within the first five years. These start-up businesses do not understand that, for them to grow and survive they need to venture capital.

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Luke stresses that there is a need for businesses to continue providing quality products and services. He adds that companies should engage their audience. Quality products and services are the backbones of a successful business. When an organization is known to be successful, it is supposed to offer quality products and services to improve on its reputation. Customer satisfaction is the key to any business enterprise.

Luke continues to empower and inspire many entrepreneurs across the world continues. His initiative is to teach Chief Executive Officers on matters to do with market research, investor presentations, operational improvement, financial projections and business planning.

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Nitin Khanna – Role of Entrepreneur in Solving Challenges

Nitin Khanna has had a long and distinguished career. He was born in India, and has used his career as a springboard for a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures. His entrepreneurial experience includes experience in film and wine along with a background in a wide range of different industries.


Nitin Khanna has found success in being able to execute well on an idea. Execution is tied together under a lens of success, with a major emphasis on executing the plan. He first succeeded in the film industry with a documentary on big data, privacy and corporations called “Terms and Conditions May Apply.” This film examined the value of each person’s personal data, and estimated that personal data is worth approximately $500 per year to companies such as Google. Following success in this documentary, Nitin Khanna proceeded to create another documentary called “What Lies Upstream” on government and corporate activities. This documentary exposed water quality practices which led to events such as chemical spills and the Flint water crisis.


Aside from his success as a documentary filmmaker, Nitin Khanna has also been successful as a wine entrepreneur. He developed his own Pinot Noir label called Four Handle which was sold throughout the Oregon wine community. Nitin has also involved himself in the wine community at a significant level, which has been able to successfully participate in the Portland wine commmunity. This involvement in the wine community has been beneficial to Nitin because he has been able to raise money to benefit 1 million children.


As an entrepreneur, he founded his first software company after a few years out of college. This led to him founding a Mergers & Acquisitions firm called MergerTech, aimed at helping technology companies merge in a similar way to his previous experience with his software company. Following this opportunity, he joined a company called Cura Cannabis to become one of the largest Cannabis oil companies in the country.


Nitin Khanna has been involved in entrepreneurship at many different levels. He has focused his involvement in the startup community in helping as many startups as possible. His message is one that all entrepreneurs can emulate: understanding the importance of entrepreneurship.

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Michael Nierenberg Deals with Allegations

Not much is known about the personal life of Michael Nierenberg. At least not much is publicly available. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

What can you tell about a person from his professional life? Quite a bit. Michael Nierenberg formerly served as the director at Fortress, a company that once held the title of Canada’s largest syndicated mortgage company.

Check: https://medium.com/@suiting_up/michael-nierenberg-and-the-banking-and-mortgage-future-7e5de6275c1f

That was before its fall under allegations of fraud and Obstruction of Justice. Michael Nierenberg also served as Managing Director of Securitized Products Bank and Global Mortgages. He now holds the position of Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of the New Residential Investment Corp. Michael Nierenberg has a net worth of at least $21.9 million dollars. As far as public record is concerned, it is unclear if he is still a resident of Canada or if he left after the company he worked for lost its prestige. Read more at Alivenewspaper.com about Michael Nierenebrg.

LocationSmart – Combining Protection Efforts

The idea of placing safety precautions behind the total strive of a business is a practice technique that has slowly become outdated. The measures of old are not quick enough to meet with the demands of today’s business atmosphere, putting many business owners at-risk of threats. To better prevent these threats and put a stop to any future threats, the business must be quick to adapt to new systems and formatting. The reality is, however, most businesses do not have the collateral or money needed to make sure changes. To better preserve your business and its production, the LocationSmart team created many different program backgrounds to keep you protected from threats.

LocationSmart starts by analyzing your business from all angles. This conversation allows you to get out all of the areas into the spotlight where you will require some assistance or support. The remainder of the leg work is done by LocationSmart experts. They will devise a plan this is both unique to your business and services any purposing that you desire. The idea is to create a secondary unit of support that can meet with some of the placements you have already set. This allows the LocationSmart team to assist these areas and improve their effectiveness over time. LocationSmart works with some of the top providers in all aspects of industry, marking them as a prime source to adapt to new changes and stay ahead of the bell curve.

There are many different areas of support that LocationSmart works with when it comes to protection. They introduce many, personal protection ideas that help each customer that is to work with your business. This helps to individualize the support efforts and makes the customer feel like they are accurately represented and looked after. This draws the association between brand excellence that companies strive for. The LocationSmart team also creates many different programs and tracking modules that businesses can use to track any internal ideas. Whether it is tracking logistical processing or keeping a close eye on business purchasing, LocationSmart has a close eye on your financial influences.

There really isn’t an avenue of business that this team will not support. Their strive for excellence is paired with the needs of a business, creating a partnership that will build for years to come. The planning and dedication delivered by the LocationSmart team keeps an operational tool that will adapt with a changing business environment. By strengthening the processing internally, LocationSmart can continue to meet the challenges that the world presents head-on. The reduction of this amount of processing from the plate of the business owner frees up more time and money to be assigned to other aspects of the company. This win-win proposition is affordable for all business owner types, large and small. The aggressive nature of adaptation also keeps this sense of worry far from your mindset.


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Getting Over a Benzo Addiction with the American Addiction Centers

Addiction to benzos has increased over the years. In fact, one in every eight people will be taking benzos as a way to treat their anxiety and nearly 20 percent of all of these people will have an addiction to their medication.

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Because of the problems that can come from an addiction to benzos, it is important that you work with the professionals to get over the problem and take control of your life. American Addiction Centers is there to help when it comes to getting you the treatment help that you need.

This is an important part of caring for yourself and getting the help that you need right away.

What Exactly is a Benzo Addiction?

Benzo addictions typically start out innocently enough. You might be dealing with some type of anxiety disorder and are looking for a way to treat the problem. You go to your doctor and are prescribed a benzodiazepine.

This particular type of medication works by calming you down and producing euphoric effects. For people with anxiety, this can be a welcomed change to their anxious thinking and sensations. However, over time, you may become addicted to that feeling.

You might even want or have to use more of the medication in order to obtain the same effect. This is when an addiction can begin to set in, and it is important that you reach out for help as soon as you notice there is a problem.

How to Overcome a Benzo Addiction

There are several ways to overcome an addiction to benzos, but recognizing a problem is the first part of handling the situation.

For one, you’re going to want to consider working with the professionals of the American Addiction Centers in order to get a handle on the problem and get the help that you need. You are also going to want to recognize the symptoms of an addiction.

These might include:

  • Decreased interest in your favorite hobbies
  • Not taking care of your appearance
  • Hiding pills and acting secretive
  • Inability to concentrate without your medications
  • Drowsiness and lethargy
  • Mood swings

If you notice that you or a loved one has an addiction to benzos, it is important that you reach out for help.

Help can come as an in-patient treatment center or even an out-patient program that still allows you to go about your day as usual.

You will find that working with the experts can help in giving you hope to get over the problem and live a productive life. Addictions can literally overtake your life, but they can also be a problem when it comes to overdosing.

Many people have overdosed on anxiety medications, so it is important that you work with the experts to ensure that you are getting the help that you need.

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For more information on overcoming an addiction to benzos, it is important that you talk to the American Addiction Centers and see exactly what they are able to do for you or a loved one.

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the most established entrepreneurs and executives in the financial sector. Nardone is one of the co founders of Fortress Investment Group. As well as being a co founder, he is also one of its leading executives as well. Before he was involved with Fortress Investment Group, Randal worked as an attorney as well as a member of two other firms in the financial sector. His experience and background has enabled him to make valuable contributions to every organization that he has been involved with throughout his career. Today, Randal Nardone is actively involved in managing Fortress Investment Group. He started up the firm in the late 90’s.

For the past couple of decades, Randal has helped the firm expand to other world markets as well as acquire more assets in a variety of different industries. Throughout his tenure with Fortress Investment Group, Nardone has served as a principal as well as a member of the management committee. Before he co founded Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone was a managing director for UBS. At the leading investment bank, Nardone was actively involved in completing merger transactions as well as managing the firm’s staff. Randal also participated in the acquisition of new clients as well. During the early to mid 1990’s, Randal Nardone was a member of a financial startup firm called BlackRock Financial Management.

At BlackRock, Randal was the principal where he was responsible for managing the firm as well as handling all of its legal tasks. His stint at BlackRock Financial Management was his first position in the financial sector. When Randal Nardone first started his career, he was involved in the legal field. He practiced as an attorney for a law firm based in New York. At Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood, Randal was an associate attorney who worked directly with clients. His experience and contributions to the law firm led to his promotion to an executive level position. For the final few years of his stint at the law firm, Randal was part of the executive committee. He would later resign as an attorney and work in the financial sector for the next twenty plus years. Learn More.

How Peter Harris Excelled in Insurance, Contracting, and Construction Industries

Peter Harris is one of the most renowned and experienced experts in the financial industry. The former Chief Executive Officer of CBL, an insurance group that operated in various parts of the world, has extensive experience in several industries around the world. His knowledge traversed different spheres of the nation’s large wealth and multiple industries that deal with various products and services. The purpose of working in several industries is all aimed at increasing wealth for his company.

For many years, Peter Harris has been known as an expert in the insurance industry. However, that is not only his specialization. He has worked in several industries. One of the major industries where Harris has worked in is the contracting sectors. This is one of the most vibrant sectors around the world with several players. His main role in this sector has been to help small and startup companies to make an impact and secure major government and private contracts that yield huge revenues.

Peter Harris has also demonstrated huge skills and knowledge in working in the construction industry. In the last ten years, the construction business has gained huge attention because of the huge demand for both commercial and residential properties. A large number of companies, especially those in the contracting field have been able to secure major projects in the field of contracting. Harris is directly involved in the construction sector where does not only secure major construction projects but helps other companies to secure major construction works.

Working in the insurance industry is knowledge and experience by itself. However, Harris has moved on and demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience by working in other industries in the country. The fact that contracting and construction sectors have nothing to do with insurance is a clear illustration of the knowledge he possesses.

About Peter Harris

Peter Harris is an experienced professional and commercial expert who has worked in the insurance and other related industries. He has an interesting education background, where he attended the Manukau Institute of Technology. It is in this education facility where he studied Chartered Accountancy. He later joined Austrian Graduate School for post-graduate education.


Read more here https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Peter-Harris-0FRH77-E/biography/

The Unconventional approach to Training Employees

A good leader of a company has to see where they need to invest their time, strength and money, without receiving an immediate profit. They should also be more altruistic with their clients; though it’s an unconventional approach, it can bear fruit later when overall trust is attained.

In this article, we will talk about the woman that has led the U.S. Money Reserve for many years. The Reserve is one of the biggest issuers of gold, silver and platinum coins, as well as a private distributor of the U.S. Government.

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Angela Koch’s start wasn’t easy. She studied at University, but later she learned the curriculum which she didn’t need for her current work. In the end, Koch was forced to abandon her studies in favor of finding a job that would pay her bills.

Though she lived with her husband at that time, she is currently divorced. In the past, he wasn’t able to provide the family with money, mainly because he was occupied with golf lessons and the dream of becoming a golf pro.

When she began to work she discovered talent in herself. She was engaged in 3-4 jobs simultaneously, all of which she excelled in. In any given situation, she wanted to understand how things work and tried to control every detail in the whole process.

Unusual methods

Koch’s unconventional method of interaction with employees turned out to be very effective. She always tried to give the opportunity for the company’s staff to grow and develop. Even if it requires temporary expenses, in the future, as she believes, it’ll bring much more benefit.

Koch’s approach to clients is also very notable; she considers her organization as a sales organization, but not commercial. She is oriented to teach her clients and give them character. Her goal is to ensure that clients are able to make conscious decisions provided with her consultation.

As a result, the US Reserve has served more than half-million customers from the time of its foundation. The company gives advice about precious metals to people. Thousands of satisfied clients confirm that money is not the main thing for Angela Koch and her team.

Gaining experience

In order to achieve that level of understanding of costumers’ needs and mutual understanding among co-workers, Koch had to gain experience in many different other companies.

She held senior positions in the pharmaceutical and electrical fields. Although she is a Christian, she managed a Jewish Foundation.

Despite her young age and lack of a degree, she was successful in any occupation and in any field. The next stage of Koch’s journey involved KLA-Tencor and a ranch of Kobe beef, where she completed her mission impeccably.

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At this moment, Angela Koch is the only female CEO in the entire industry of precious metals. She has been immensely successful and the secret to it lies behind a particular philosophy. Koch believes that a person should not look back and always make brave decisions.

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