Lime Crime on the big screen

Riverdale’s star, Cheryl, is always sporting a fierce look with her classic red lips. Her look has be something so expensive we couldn’t dream of pulling it off but, that’s not the case. Cheryl is in fact wearing Lime Crimes Red velvet lip color. Who knew? This lip color is from Lime Crimes matte velvetine collection which comes in other lovely pigments along side the gorgeous red. Lime Crimes matte velvetine collection is everything proof; no smudging and kiss proof. I call that a win-win!

LimeCrime features pocket candy palettes that showcase five colors in each set that would go great with Cheryl’s Red matte velvetine. The pink lemonade palette would be my pick to go with her bright red lips. This pocket candy palette features some soft pinks, neutrals, and a dark red like color that would work well with bright red lips to complete Cheryl’s look. Red lips and a fierce outfit go together very well. If Cheryl wore something like a leopard dress or something sexy with her Lime Crime red matte lips it would really pull together her look.

Lime Crime has lots of beautiful products that’d make any look even better. Lime Crime just released their new diamond dew colors that are magnificent. Lime Crime has a color called burgundy iridescent that would make their red matte velvetine lip color even more exciting. Lime Crimes diamond dew colors are actually eye shadow colors that you could put over top of any lip color to give it more of a pop. Doesn’t every woman love some glitter in their life? of course.

All the diamond dew colors are gorgeous and could add a little extra to any look you wish to achieve even for our Riverdale star Cheryl. Lime Crime offers many lovely pigments and makeup options for anyone whether you’re a star on television or just a mom looking for something to spice up your daily look. Add some Lime Crime to your beauty collection.

Consider Siteline Cabinetry for All of Your Organizational Needs

The success of Siteline Cabinetry is unbelievable. This company launched in 2015 and has the same founder as other great cabinetry companies started by Pat Corsi. This driven businessman has been working with cabinetry for over 40 years. He wanted to allow ordinary homeowners to have the option of buying custom cabinets designed greatly by each homeowner. This method is still selling many cabinet products. The newer Siteline Cabinetry has a policy that only sells to reputable dealers that the company authorizes. These authorized dealers are trained on the company’s products and design elements. They are trained to expertly assist all consumers desiring to create customized cabinets.

This company is receiving many accolades for delivering customized cabinets to people otherwise not having this option in the past. Customized cabinets are typically too expensive for mainstream Americans. This company uses a set amount of prefabricated products that enables a fast manufacturing process. This lowers the costs of production, and Siteline Cabinetry passes these savings on to the customers. There still is plenty of room for highly personalized cabinetry design options. From cabinet styles to door types, customers can select from a myriad of varying designs, colors and finishes. There are even terrific picks on added details like cabinetry knobs and more.

Since this cabinetry is so affordable, homeowners are realizing that they can add more than just what is typically chosen for kitchens. These cabinets are fantastic for craft and sewing rooms, organizing home office supplies, creating storage space in bedrooms, family rooms and providing open shelves or functional cabinetry space specially suited for laundry areas. These cabinets are being used to create pantry spaces, store games or toys, tuck away basement or garage clutter and provide instant spots to store anything in the home. Great for bathrooms and often unused hallway areas.

Siteline Cabinetry promises excellent quality materials and timely delivery of the ordered cabinets. Authorized dealers will make convenient for homeowners arrangements for professional installation when cabinets are ready. This process typically entails much less downtime than most any other cabinetry manufacturer. Check out Siteline Cabinetry for affordable storage.

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Penn West Emerges As The New And Improved Obsidian Energy Ltd

In business, stagnation is never a good thing; so, it is with much pleasure that Penn West announced its big move to change its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd. This announced came after the shareholders discussed and agreed that changing the name would be in the best interests of the company. In addition to changing its name, the company also adopted a new stock symbol for the New York stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.


Changing the name was the final move in a series of events aimed at transforming this company. To enable a smooth transitioning, the Penn West Petroleum embraced three guiding principles: persistent pursuit of growth and innovation, to create and protect enterprise value by exercising disciplined decision making and transparent, accountable efforts with partners, shareholders and the communities where operations are conducted.


According to David French, the president and CEO, Obsidian Energy Ltd is financially well placed with a healthy balance sheet, the right assets and a strategic plan for optimal performance irrespective of the market situations.


Other initiated changes


The shareholders also approved several other resolutions in order to affect the rebranding fully; in fact, all resolutions indicated in the “informal circular,” were passed. These includes: appointment of auditor, election of directors, approval of amendment to restricted share unit plan, and approval of reduction of share capital for accounting purposes among other things. The details to the above are available at (company’s official website)



About obsidian Energy


It is an intermediate sized Canadian firm that deals in natural gas and oil production. Its operations are mainly based in Alberta and Calgary. After being a Canadian Royalty Trust for about six years, in January 2008, the market capitalization of this company reached its peak at roughly US $9.5 billion.


Obsidian’s gas and oil fields are situated along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta; a region famous for its petroleum reserves. Pembina Cardium, Alberta Viking and Peace River oil sands are the key production areas in this region.


Over the years, Obsidian Energy has managed to be a market leader by creating and sustaining equilibrium of high quality assets in western Canada. Also, the company’s guiding principles: absolute passion for the work, discipline and determined transparency and accountability to all concerned parties, give it a significant advantage.


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Penn West Changes Its Name To Obsidian Energy

The energy market is considered to be one of the most profitable in the market for decades now. However, the market is famed to be the most challenging in the world. Consumers who choose to invest in this department are always bound to make huge losses or profits at the end of the year. When making an investment, the companies in the department have to be very keen so that they do not end up regretting in the future. The prices of the industry keep on changing, and this means that only the experts will thrive in this market.


Penn West is considered to be one of the most popular names in the energy market. The company was founded some decades ago, and it has established itself as one of the few companies that have experts who can make great decisions concerning the energy market. The individuals who are currently serving as the leaders in Obsidian Energy have a lot of knowledge in the energy industry, and this means that they can comfortably make critical decisions without getting the investors worried.


Since it was brought into the market many years ago, Penn West has enjoyed a good share of challenges in the competitive market. However, the leadership of the institution has been focused on delivering the best services to the investors who are found in different parts of the world. Just recently, the company management announced that Penn West will have a brand-new name. According to the president of the company, Penn West will now be called Obsidian Energy.


The investors of Obsidian Energy proposed the change of the company name several months ago. The company management has worked hard to make the wish of the consumers to come true. The new name will be used in the market in less than five working days. The name will be expected to reach the stock exchange market very soon so that the consumers do not have problems accessing the services and products from the institution. The name, however, will not affect any activities that are carried out by the investors of Obsidian.


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Greg Secker of Learn To Trade Teaches Traders

For those who want to learn to trade, here is what you need to know. The business is not as challenging as most people would think. However, there are rules and key measures that must be implemented in various ways. That is the most important aspect that must be observed in all respects. Trading comes in different platforms. Trading must be approached carefully for there to be success eventually. To be successful as a trader, measures must be observed, challenges must be faced. There must be a role model in place. Such is the advice offered by one Greg Secker, a philanthropist, advisor for trade, an entrepreneur and a business professional.

His contribution

Greg Secker is convinced that the trading platform is vastly expanding. For that reason, he is focusing on becoming better. By becoming better, he will be sending positive ripples of growth to most traders. At least that is how he has been challenging himself. Greg has been a trader for Forex exchange for years now; he believes that the onset of a stagnant wave growth is a sign for most people to join the business. For Greg Secker, it is all about becoming better by the day. With the fluctuating market shares in the business, Greg Secker has managed to help most traders. Others have benefitted indirectly.

His journey in trading

The journey of this committed entrepreneur is traced to college. He appreciated the effort made by computers. That is why when he was leaving college, he has made a lot of growth as a student. He owned an extensive data base of employees. Even after majoring in food science, he was not convinced to delve into the industry of food and hospitality. Greg Secker delved into trading by learning how to trade. In fact, he came up with a virtual machine to assist traders to monitor their proceeds online.


In Learn to Trade, traders have acquired a lot of skills. This has been a defining moment for Greg Secker. The organization imparts outstanding knowledge to traders. Often has Greg been associated with motivational speeches. He uses this organization to disseminate knowledge on trading.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Complex Augmented Clientele Traffic

According to a published report by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centres (Abrasce), the shopping center economy grew by a whopping 6.5% in 2015 with a turnover of approximately 150 billion. Brazil faced an economic crisis in 2015, but this did not affect the shopping mall sectors. Among the shopping centers that did very well despite the economic turmoil include Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall.


Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman, a blogger, an expert script writer as well as a video producer. Despite the many talents that Roberto Possesses, he is mostly known by the public as the owner of the Manaira Shopping Center which is the largest shopping mall in Paraiba and the entire Brazil. Mr. Santiago was born on Joao Pessoa and did his undergraduate studies at the University Centre of Joao Pessoa where he pursued Business Administration. Immediately after college, Mr. Santiago was employed in a small café in Santa Rosa; it is here that he got experience in business management, a skill that he uses to date. Besides Manaira Shopping Complex, Roberto also owns other investments like the Mangeira Mall.


Mr. Santiago purchased the piece of land where Manaira Shopping Complex lies, in 1987, and it took two years to finish construction. The shopping complex occupies approximately 92,000 square meters and has over 280 stores. Out of the 280 shops inside the mall, there is a broad variety to choose from ranging from electronic stalls, supermarkets, hardware, fashion stores, jewelry stalls, gifts shops, furniture kiosks, sports supplies and household merchandise. Moreover, Manaira shopping center also has several movie theatres, food courts, gymnasium, bars, and restaurants having several Brazilian delicacies, bowling alleys, an enormous concert hall, banks and a college.


Inside Manaira shopping complex is Brazil’s most prominent social halls known as Domus Hall. Domus Hall is strategically located on the mall’s rooftop and is big enough to host several events like weddings, graduation parties, conferences, musical concerts, and exhibitions. The hall accommodates a large number of people with 4,000 seats and up to ten thousand persons standing. Additionally, the room has some of the latest technology that makes it comfortable # such as air conditioners, music systems, and soundproofed walls.


On average, Manaira Shopping Mall gets traffic of close to 2 million clients each month. These are significant numbers for entrepreneurs who have rented stores at the mall. Moreover, a recent study measuring Trust of Shopping Mall Entrepreneurs revealed that approximately 40% of business owners within the shopping mall business expect more growth in future. Rafaela Barros, the Manager of Manaira shopping complex, explains that the high number of clients visiting the mall reflects the stability of the sector and that shopping will increase more in the coming years resulting in more developments in the market.


Talk Fusion and BoB Reina Want More Then Just Talk

CFOCEO magazine did an interview with Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion


The magazine first asked him what was his vision when he founded Talk Fusion. Reain responded by saying that his vision for Talk Fusion has not changed since he founded the company. His vision is that he wants people to stop being average and to start being extraordinary. This vision is the core of what Talk Fusion and is expressed in all its products and actions.

He does say that loves the direct selling industry. It has changed his life and others. It has determines the business structure of Talk Fusion. He feels that direct selling is the best way that he can impact other people lives.


The magazine then asks him what was the path that led him to Talk Fusion. Reina retired from being a policeman so he can go after direct selling full-time. The idea for Talk Fusion came to him while he was looking to buy a house in North Carolina. He tried to send a video to his mother via email. He wondered if there was a good way to send videos by email. According to Reina, this is Talk Fusion was born.


The last question of this magazine’s interview is wjat is t he future for Talk Fusion and Bob Reina. Reina is just going to continue to what he has been doing. His future is to lead the charge of Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina founded and opened the doors to Talk Fusiin in 2007. The main goil of this company is help people build their futures, make their dreams come true and do something for the communities all over the world. Bob Reina is deeply committed to fulfilling the goals of Talk Fusion.

Reina is serious about fulfilling the goals of Talk Fusion. He has done this by record amounts of money to The Humane Society of Tampa Bat. He has financially supported the saving of animals’ lives. He is the sponsor of an orphanages in Indonesia. Reina’s goals are supported even when he is not at the office.


Shiraz Boghani Is a Driven Independent Care Professional

     Shiraz Boghani is a well-known part of the entrepreneurship world. He’s a chartered accountant who is equipped with all of the right qualifications and credentials. He at the moment works as Splendid Hotels’ managing partner. He serves as a Sussex Health Care partner as well. Sussex Health Care, in brief, is a reputable independent care home system that’s located in Sussex, United Kingdom. The company concentrates primarily on elderly human beings and their care requirements.

Shiraz Boghani is a hard-working businessman who began his life in the African nation of Kenya. He’s been in the United Kingdom since the end of the sixties, having moved there in 1969. That’s precisely when he began his early accountant training. He landed employment at a firm that had many chartered accountants working for it. He rapidly set up a practice by himself in 1978. He worked for the company for about a decade or so.

Boghani is an example of a businessman who has a lot of creativity and imagination. He’s constantly thinking about the future and about improvements and advancements. He has the ability to identify openings early on. That’s the reason he was able to help establish a couple of significant businesses. That’s the reason he was able to establish a Sussex Health Care partnership as well. Boghani was a big part of coming up with the funding requirements for these efforts. He was a substantial part of looking after essential asset transactions that involved these businesses and their growth efforts, too.

He’s part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and serves as a fellow for the organization. He’s known to have solid ties to some of the biggest and most prominent funding groups in all of Europe. This is a professional who works nonstop to do great work in his field. The people in his field acknowledge that dedication on a regular basis as well. He was given the title of “Hotelier of the Year” at the respected Asian Business Awards in 2016. The awards organization honored his devotion to the vast hospitality universe. He’s been a big player in the hospitality world for more than three decades. He now runs and owns 19 distinctive United Kingdom trading hotels.

Shiraz Boghani has been a force in limited service branding hotels for a long time. He helped London get to know these kinds of hotels all the way back in the nineties.

The Life and Times of the Canadian Business Person, Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO, chairperson and the president of the National Steel Car. NSC is the leading company on railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering in the entire subcontinent. The company is located in the Canadian town of Hamilton in Ontario. Under the steady leadership of James Aziz, National Steel Car has managed to manufacture and design cars that not only exceed the customer’s needs but also goes beyond their expectations. He learned at University of Western Ontario, where he majored in Economics.


Previous Jobs


With his help, his family’s wholesale food business grew and became a worldwide importer of food from Europe, South and Central America across the east of Canada and the United States. Greg Aziz is not only a bright man but also a proven entrepreneur with lots of milestone achievements under his belt. James oversaw the negotiation deals that culminated in the successful acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. At the time, NSC was considered to be on the verge of collapse by the owners. That fact did little to deter the resilience of Mr. Aziz as he was optimistic about buying the failing company at cents to the dollar.


While buying the company, Greg James Aziz had a vision of transforming and making it the leading company manufacturing freight cars in the Northern America. Gregory Aziz together with the wife Irene has sponsored Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He runs the company with a sense of purpose which are honoring the company’s traditions, moving forward with determination, performing focusing on quality and Excellency, which have all taken the company where it is today.


Charity Work


Greg Aziz uses the National Steel Car to give back to the community by offering well-paying jobs to thousands of people that help the people of Ontario in earning a decent living. Employment has increased from 600 to about 3000 with the aid of capital and human investments, but most probably because of the strong leadership of Gregory J Aziz and his team.


The company also assists in community building activities, for instance, they have sponsored Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, the United Way just to mention but a few local charities that they are involved with. All this has been made possible with the leadership of an intellectual and kind heart of Greg. His ideas and decisions have played a major role in the growth of both the company and the community. Check Out This Article.

National Steel Car; The Manufacturing Giant

Business is not for the weak and fainthearted. The corporate world is so dynamic such that it requires individuals who are goal oriented yet flexible. Many at times, businesses are affected by external market forces that are beyond the power of the management. This fact makes one appreciate companies that have weathered tough economic times such as the National Steel Company which has operated and remained profitable for the past ten decades. National Steel Car has managed to stay valuable because it’s led by one of the most forward-thinking and dynamic individuals called Gregory James Aziz. Greg steers the corporation in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer.


National Steel Car’s resilience during tough economic times has always been informed by various strategies that Gregory J Aziz has implemented. Most of these strategies were acquired during Greg’s period of study at the Western University. Greg Aziz studied Economics in college.


One of the primary functions of National Steel Car is the manufacture of railroad haulage cars. The company has been making these vehicles from the early 1900s making it one of the best manufacturers in this sector. During the great recession, the firm came under immense pressure to close it business, but it was able to overcome the current challenges in the economy at that time.


Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has managed to come up with excellent products in the transport industry. The company’s solutions are a result of years of innovation and research. National Steel Car holds various awards that are proof of the company’s commitment to quality products and the betterment of the society. In the category of freight car manufacturers, National Steel Car enjoys dominance and is the only enterprise with an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.


From the time Greg Aziz acquired National Steel Car in the mid-90s, the firm has recorded a lot of growth regarding revenue and human resource. The company has matured from a mid-size enterprise with the limited industrial capacity to conglomerate with international presence in different countries across the globe. The business has also seen an upsurge in the number of orders made for its products.


Greg was born in Ontario, and from his teenage days, he developed a keen interest in the corporate world. His early days in entrepreneurship involved working for his family business that was a food franchise, and it’s this period that Greg developed his business acumen. Learn More Here.