Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of The Human Rights Foundation, Continues To Fight The Good Fight

Thor Halvorssen is not your average do-gooder. The man runs the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, which targets unilateral dictatorships around the world in any way possible. The man has family members being kept as political prisoners in Venezuela, but he’s not the type to sit around and sulk. Instead he takes a multipronged approach […]

Thor, The Tyrants’ Nuisance

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, recognized as Thor Halvorssen, is a human rights advocate, from Venezuela. He is also a film producer in individual rights, public policy, public interest advocacy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor is also the initiator of Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly gathering and human-rights festival that is comparable to the Davos economic forum. […]

Securus Technologies – Provide Free Call Per Inmate for Louisiana Tragedy

Securus Technologies is a leading provider for the civil and criminal justice communications systems. They provide communication services for inmates that are incarcerated ensuring that they’re able to stay in contact with their loved ones. They provide ample services and many different plans to choose from. Securus Technologies is proud to announce that they’ve teamed […]

A Philantrhopic Entrepeneur

Keith Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2001, and currently serves as Managing Director of the elite executive search firm that focuses on supplying highly skilled and diverse talent, especially in the hedge funds and alternative investments sectors. Today, Dynamic Search Partners is viewed as one of the most respectable investment executives in the market. […]

Deputy José Manuel González Wants The Presidential Recall Petition Process To Continue

José Manuel González, the former president of the Caracas Chamber of Commerce and the current Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico is sick and tired of trying to get a national agreement in place that could stop President Nicholas Maduro from completely destroying the economy of Venezuela. Maduro, the hand-picked successor […]