The Career of OSI Executive Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of the meat supply company OSI Group. He first began his career in the financial services industry. When he was working in this field, Sheldon spent much of his time as a financial consultant. While he was working as a financial consultant, he envisioned owning his own business. With an academic background in accounting and finance, Sheldon believed that he had the expertise to start up a business. During his working career in finance, Sheldon Lavin helped arrange the financing for a meat processing facility in Illinois. He helped provide funding for the Kolschowsky family in West Chicago, Illinois This company was first known as Otto & Sons but was eventually renamed OSI Group.

Since he was frequently involved with the company for a number of years, he eventually became the owner. As soon as he took over OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin looked to grow and expand the company. He intended to build the company into a world class food processing business. Within a few years of taking over as the owner of OSI Group, he helped expand the company to other parts of the world. Today, Sheldon Lavin has expanded OSI Group to 17 countries in the world and 70 facilities. This expansion has helped OSI Group establish a considerable presence in many parts of the world.

At first, OSI Group started out as distributing protein and meat products but has expanded its product line to sauces, vegetable items and baked goods. When running OSI Group, Sheldon looks to make it an entrepreneurial company. He has said that it is not run like many other conventional companies. Sheldon has mentioned that the company has rules and strategies to follow but it operates like a big family where everyone has a vital role. In the future, Sheldon Lavin looks to facilitate future growth as well as providing the best service to customers. He is looking to make OSI Group among the global leaders in the food industry. While he will likely retire at some point, Sheldon Lavin says that OSI Group will continue to operate as a top company due to the talent that is currently has on staff.

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The Professionally Prepared OSI Group’s Hamburgers by McDonald’s

A list of the most prominent global food processing and marketing companies isn’t complete without OSI Group McDonalds. The global food conglomerate has built its brand since 1909. However, the company’s growth emerged from a collaboration with McDonald’s. They started working together when OSI Group ran it’s brick and mortar meat business as Otto & Sons. McDonald’s signed a deal with the company that remains to date even after rebranding to OSI Group in 1975. OSI Group remains the leading supplier of McDonald’s hamburgers with huge companies with a facility in the vicinity for smooth supply. According to Eunice Koekkoek, one of the McDonald’s representatives, 90% of the company’s products come from OSI. The hamburgers produced by OSI Group McDonalds are unique because they have no preservatives.

The company’s hygiene level is out of this world. The employees that suffer from stomach bug go for compulsory sick leave until the doctor clears them back. The process avoids bacterial and viral contamination on the meat because it has no preservatives. Those entering the premises leave every loose variety of item outside including plastic pens and jewelry. Protective clothing is necessary and the ones mandated to take notes must use metallic pens and clipboards. OSI Group McDonalds hamburger factories use large pieces of meat to eliminate chances of contamination packed in 500kg containers. The next process involves mincing the thoroughly checked meat. The machine minces up to eight containers at a go ensuring that the meat consists of different cows.

The best minced meat for burgers resembles spaghetti that goes to the shaping section. The cold shaping machines produce vegetarian burgers at the same time as per the orders. OSI Group McDonalds points out that the shaping machine rolls approximately 5 million burgers daily and 30 million weekly. Testing of the burgers takes place at this stage to ensure that the fat content is below 20% compared to 25% in the market that grill at 69 degrees Celsius. Experts taste the burgers to ensure the taste, texture, and structure is in line with the company’s policy. Parking of the burgers in blue plastic bags and then to boxes followed by top food quality check by 40 machines including a metal detector takes place. The boxes indicate the time, and the location of manufacture in case complains.

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Why Agera Energy Earned A Reputation For Their Services?

Launched in 2014, Agera Energy is an electric as well as natural gas energy provider that serves small businesses, large commercial and industrial customers, as well as residential customers across the states which have deregulated their energy markets. Despite launching itself on the market not that long ago, Agera Energy has grown considerably in the last 5 years, and has been a strong force in the competitive energy market. The company focuses on lessening energy costs when it comes to business owners, and their energy plans have proved to be efficient as far as saving money and cutting down on excess energy goes. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy made headlines last year after it was announced that the city of Cambridge in Massachusetts negotiated with the company to provide renewable energy to the city’s businesses and residents. The company was selected in order to reduce energy costs for the residents and to introduce renewable energy sources. At the end of the competitive bidding, Cambridge chose Agera Energy due to its ability to offer a lower price for the power supply – an 18-month contract was signed at the end. Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy earned a reputation for its efficient options that they have to offer to their customers. In addition, they help residences and businesses lower energy costs, and using their utility recovery program they can review bills from the past 3 years and contact the utility company in order to help customers with corrections and refunds. The company offers personalized services to fit the needs of the customers.


Oren Frank: Co-Founder And CEO Of Talkspace

Having been the co- founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank heads the company with great passion and success. This is evident because as we speak, Talkspace is the leading psychotherapy company in the globe due to its ability to make their services to be Affordable and readily worldwide. Before Oren came up with the idea of Talkspace, mental illness was considered as an international crisis. Immediately he got into the system, he brought reforms because million cases of mental illnesses were solved successfully. This was possible due to their constant research in the industry as a way of helping reduce the impact.

Oren has been passionate in terms of using technological approach to create lasting solution to the problems facing the society. After having much experience with his wife, Oren Frank considered mental health care to be a moral right and that is how the idea of Talkspace came up. And the evidence lies bare because it provides support for psychotherapy whenever the need arises.

Before Talkspace Oren served successfully as a senior marketing and advertising officer. He was considered as a creative and a keen leader with well laid strategies. His media became the best in terms of marketing and advertising because of the good leadership skills. He attests that Talkspace innovation has done him a great transformation from the condition he was during employment.

His success is as a result of how well he organized his daily activities starting from quality time of rest for 7 hours. He believes that quality time for rest leads to more productivity. His excellent leadership skills have been obtained through reading books. Also, his creativity has been sharpened through the same culture of reading together with curiosity he had on the subject matter. Innovation is a world changer. We should encourage its application in order to encourage sophistication in our firms. Learn more:

Talkspace – Helps You Achieve Faster and Better Results

Suffering from anxiety and depression can make your life worse with time, and it would impact your work and personal life negatively if it is not treated. Many people suffering from various mental health issues across the globe ignore the symptom as they know that traditional therapy costs a fortune and is inconvenient as it includes traveling to and from the therapist’s office. However, Talkspace solves this issue by ensuring that you do not have to go anywhere to consult with a therapist and neither has to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to discuss your personal issues with a licensed therapist.  Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Talkspace gives you easy access to professional therapists who are given specialized training to provide you e-counseling, which has emerged as a highly effective medium for counseling in recent times. Due to the fast-paced life that people are living these days, traveling to the therapist’s office is often an inconvenience that many people do not want to go through. However, consulting with the therapist while sitting in their office or at home is an option many people don’t mind giving a chance. It has worked well for over a million people who already feel much better with the therapy they received over Talkspace. It can make a positive impact and change in your life and if you are tired of dealing with mental health issues by yourself, give Talkspace a try, and you certainly won’t regret it.

One of the benefits of Talkspace is that people can choose to change their therapists with any awkward discussions. All they have to do is request the Talkspace executive to change the therapist, and they will quickly match you with another one. One does not have to stick with the same therapist if you are not getting the help you need. You need to set therapy goals with your online therapist and then work towards achieving it together.

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Betsy DeVos is the 11th US Education Secretary

With all new school security measures in place, Betsy DeVos has been proven that she is a definitive education reform force, and her influence at the state level is growing. Currently the political leader is touring the country with First Lady in hopes to bring more support for educational choice. As 2019 nears summer, she only has a little over a year left to get new policies in place in other states.


It’s been a tough road for the Christian conservative mother from Michigan who has always given support to education. She has donated millions of dollars to educational causes, and she co-founded a charter school with her husband Dick DeVos. The pilot training school is located in Grand Rapids at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


The DeVos family has been in the news a lot lately. Betsy DeVos married Dick DeVos in college after attending Calvin Collage, a private Christian university in Michigan. Ever since then, she has worked towards her goal of being an education reform leader. While she is a polarizing political figure, that hasn’t stopped DeVos from supporting educational choice policies and taking on interviews where she has been publicly criticized for her support.


Educational choice isn’t a bad concept. For those students who are in school zones with failing schools, it can be the only way to get a good education. In addition, students still have to apply to magnet programs or private schools in order to be accepted. However, the real issue is with funding. Many public school administrators and teachers believe that tax dollars are going to private education instead of towards public schools.


DeVos has said that isn’t how it works. However, there aren’t too many educational choice programs to look at for examples. In fact, there are only two states who have good educational choice models. This includes Louisiana and Florida. While Louisiana is still working out some of the issues with its charter school system, the Sunshine State has embraced the policies fully, and there are more educational choice options in this state than anywhere else.


Students are able to pick from magnet school programs at other public schools, home schooling programs, charter schools, or private schools. There are also virtual schools available now, which allow students to take classes from home or the public library.


While it’s unclear if DeVos will get more state education leaders on board, she has been working with many of them to change up school policies and provide better learning environments. She says that it’s always been her goal to place students first, and that’s what she is doing through educational choice.


Despite the opposition, DeVos’ support continues to grow. She has some famous people on her side, including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Jeunesse Global on Improving the Lives of Others

Jeunesse Global operates under a few basic principles that have aided them specifically on their journey to business relevancy. While they are indeed basic, this is only because the most important ideals to live by are as well. In comparing their lives outside of work and within, employees of Jeunesse seem to find it paramount that everyone treats clients the same way they would if they met them face-to-face; with kindness.

Unfortunately, it is kindness that has been lost on the majority of the health business industry, but this is what Jeunesse has promised to change. Ever since they first made their breakthrough into the business, they have been changing the way things have been run all around. Overall, they want to ensure that people have the capabilities to live their best lives, and they simply want to provide people with that. Other corporations that claim to be “health businesses” will not even provide this basically human courtesy to others simply because they are so separated from the common world.

One of the principles Jeunesse Global was founded on was humility. In every business interaction, they ask themselves, before making a move, “What impact will this have upon the rest of the world and our clientele?”

The distinction between the rest of the world and the rest of the world that purchases Jeunesse products is an important one. While they could simply move along providing only for the people that make their business and careers possible (after all, this would be the most beneficial to them), they care far more about ensuring that humanity as a whole is in a positive state of health. This is why they have elected to try to fix America’s massive issue with the health of its citizens.

In a way, Jeunesse Global can be compared to America very closely. They are both entities that were made for the people and are continuously operating under their best interests. While Jeunesse Global knows that they are not the single largest health corporation in the world, this is not their goal; they simply want to improve the lives of those around them.,19.htm

OSI Industries Keeps Growing Around The Globe

OSI Industries is one of the biggest names in the food industry even if you may not have ever heard of it. If you live in the midwest around the Chicago area, there is a good chance that you know the logo as it has become part of the history of the region after it was founded at the turn of the century around 100 years ago. The German immigrant that founded the meat market that grew to be OSI handed the business to his 2 sons when he made the decision to retire. The name was changed to Otto & Sons and a business deal made shortly after would impact the future of the company that became OSI Industries.

As suburbs began popping up throughout the United States, the sons of the founder partnered with the CEO of McDonald’s to supply their few restaurants with hamburger patties. While they may have only consisted of a few stores at the time, their popularity quickly grew and hundreds more opened across the United States. OSI Industries was quick to come up with solutions in order to continue providing the food that McDonald’s needed for their growing customer base. Because of this dedication, they are still one of the main suppliers that McDonald’s uses for its stores around the globe. One of the first issues that they had to address was their capability to ship the meat to stores while ensuring that it stayed fresh.

In order to make sure that they could ship the food safely while making sure it was the same quality that their customers demanded, OSI Industries began using new freezing methods before putting the hamburger patties into freezer trucks where they were then able to be shipped to locations in cities and towns across the United States. When McDonald’s began opening up stores in Europe, OSI Industries also took the opportunity to expand their business on an international level and opened its first facility overseas. The company has always found it important to keep up with the latest technology and trends in the food industry which has allowed them to grow.

Ted Bauman Has The Successful Career To Match His Financial Advice

Ted Bauman’s many careers have always surrounded helping people to get the resources they need. He has worked all over the world, consulting international governments on how to handle their finances. He has also worked in the non-profit sector for over 25 years. Now he writes about financial matters. The successful financial expert moved to South Africa in his young adulthood, and stayed there for many years. Ted Bauman worked in the non-profit sector for decades and helped build many organizations focused on helping the underprivileged. One of his biggest accomplishments in the non-profit sector was co-creating Slum Dwellers Internationals. This incredible organization has helped over 14 million people get the housing they need in 35 countries.

Ted Bauman earned several degree in college. He first attended The State University of New York where he earned a BS in Business Administration, and then he went to Georgia State University and earned a Master’s degree in finance. This education would equip the financial expert with the knowledge he needed for his professional career. In his current career, Mr. Bauman is finding yet another way to help people get the resources they need to live a financially independent lifestyle. In 2013, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. After joining the publication, Ted Bauman founded three newsletters informing people on privacy, low risk investment strategies, asset protection, and international migration issues.

He is really helping people live financially independent lives so they don’t lose their life’s work to governments and greedy corporations. These three newsletters are The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted Bauman is educating people on start investments for their future, and the stock market. There are multiple ways people can secure their future with some well advised advice. First, diversifying your investments is crucial. This is important if one stock investment perishes, then you have others to rely on. Taking a long term approach to saving and investing will certainly ensure your healthy financial future. A successful investors make small measured risks that pay off in the long run. Investing in bonds is a slow and steady way to grow your finanically portfolio the experts say.

The Exemplary Career Journey of Bennett Graebner, a TV Executive Producer

Are you a fan of TV shows? If yes, then you must have watched the television series known as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. These favorite shows were produced by Bennett Graebner, as a famous media personality and professional. He resides in California, LA with his wife and two kids; however, Graebner was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. As a producer, he works on the flagship as mentioned above shows and other TV programs.

With an artistic touch familiar to TV audiences, his shows have won various awards during popular events such as the BMI Film & TV Awards, Teen Choice Awards, ASCAP Film & TV Awards and much more. Besides the awards, Graebner’s shows enjoy high ratings in the cherished 18-34 demographic. Furthermore, the shows are gaining much viewership according to various metrics, and continuously exceed longevity bounds in the highly competitive TV industry.

One trait credited by many for his success in the television industry as an executive producer is his mastery of the flow and storyline. As an expert producer, Bennett Graebner has pointed out that successful TV projects tend to adhere to similar strategies concerning their storyline presentation. Similarly, reality television follows the same criteria, with the need for solid characters, tension, plots, and structure which are essentials that spur viewership.

On top of his story mastery alongside other elements related to production, his ability to work closely with other players in the industry has benefited his career in multiple aspects regarding film production. It involves his time with the camera and the electrical faculty working on various projects. With such rich experience put in his work, Bennett Graebner has the ability to the particular TV production challenges on different viewpoints.

Additionally, he has been a longtime arts patron, and he understood from an early age that he was destined to set his career in the creative industry. To fulfill this desire, he took his education from Vassar College to pursue an undergraduate degree in English after which he graduated as Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, he proceeded to the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts where he earned his MFA. While here, he worked with other students to come up with original film production projects, met film experts, and sharpened his ability to survive in the entertainment industry.

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