Sawyer Howitt: Top 3 Ideas for Improving Your Business Skills

     Entrepreneurship is one of the factors that contribute to the growth of the economy. Today, millennials are demonstrating the unwavering commitment to develop and sharpen their business skills. Various studies show that a bigger percentage of youths aged between 20 and 35 years in the United States are starting new businesses. Below are Howitt’s ideas for dealing with stigma associated with millennials in the corporate sector.


  1. Express your views with confidence

Confidence tends to increase with experience and given that most of the young people lack sufficient evidence, they tend to shy away from expressing their opinions. Young individuals are discriminated when it comes to getting jobs and promotions. Howitt advises millennials to have the confidence of speaking up about their skills, concentrating on the advantages they can offer to their employers.


  1. Always give your best

As a young worker, your managers and employer will take time to recognize your value. At times, you will be dismissed since your seniors will consider you as less experienced. However, you should continue working diligently, and your work will be recognized over time.


  1. The fruits of patience and persistence are sweet

As a young entrepreneur, you may feel intimidated when successful business owners are surrounding you. At times, you may feel like you will never attain such a high level of success. Staying persistent is crucial to your success in business. Always focus on achieving your goals through hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.


Sawyer Howitt in brief

Sawyer Howitt is a budding entrepreneur who has accomplished a lot in the business arena despite his young age. He has excellent business skills required to address the operational and financial issues that a rapidly growing business faces. Meriwether Group named him to the position of project manager in 2017. After securing that high-profile post, Howitt has been working on projects that have a high probability of improving his business development abilities and assist him to build an exciting entrepreneurial career.

Sawyer Howitt has a big heart for helping the needy and supporting philanthropic causes. He mentors young people and spearheads the fight for better treatment of women, particularly in the male-dominated sector. He will be joining the famed University of California to pursue a finance degree.

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How Did Alexandre Gama Become Well-Known?

      Alexandre Gama is one of the premier advertising players in South America, more specifically its most densely populated country: Brazil. Mr. Gama was born in 1958 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, some forty years later founding his own advertising agency. Although this seems clear cut, there were many stepping stones, jumpstarts, and corrections along the Mr. Gama’s path to success. Let’s check them out.

Like most successful people, Alexandre Gama got a college degree in Advertising and Communication from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, one of Brazil’s premier marketing and advertising educators. Standard Ogilvy & Mather took a chance on the then-unheard of Alexandre Gama in 1982, assigning him the dual positions of creative and advertorial writer.

Mr. Gama stayed within the ranks of Ogilvy & Mather, the agency’s modern name, for 8 years, joining forces with DM9 in 1990 as Creative Director. In 1994, Alexandre picked up a prestigious job at Young & Rubicam, now called Y&R, for his earning of more awards than any other Brazilian copywriter from 1990 to 1994.

Y&R allowed Alexandre Gama to serve as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Content Officer, and Global Member of the Board of Directors. After spending only 3 years with one of the greatest, most well-known ad and promo agencies in the entire world, Mr. Gama moved onto his own endeavor: Neogama. The agency is currently thought to be one of the top twenty in Brazil, if not in the top ten.

Alexandre Gama is no stranger to awards and accolades. He’s won over 20 Lions from the Cannes Film Festival, been on the board of directors for the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, and served Publicis Groupe’s Global Creative Board as the very first person of Brazilian descent to fill in a role of such lofty capacity.

Meet Gregory Aziz; The CEO Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Greg Aziz, the president and the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car has come a long way in achieving what he has achieved today. James Aziz was born way back in 1949 in Ontario, and he received his college education at Ridley College. Gregory later joined University of Western Ontario where he graduated in economics. The training helped him get relevant skills, determination, and knowledge which he has been using all through in his journey in the business world.



In 1971, Greg James Aziz joined Affiliated Foods; his family business which specializes in commercial foods. With his intelligence and hard work, James Aziz helped Affiliated Foods in becoming the world number one importer of fresh foods from south America and Europe. Gregory ensured they distributed the fresh foods to all the wholesale businesses across eastern Canada and the United States. Gregory J. Aziz then moved to invest in the banking industry in New York, and this helped him accumulate significant capital which he planned to invest in a viable investment plan.



With a primary goal, Gregory Aziz bought the National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. James Aziz main aim was to make National Steel Car the number one manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. Gregory James Aziz employed significant innovations and managerial tactics to make his goal a reality. Through innovative engineering, capital investment, and team work, National Steel Car manufacturing capacity improved significantly from 3500 at the time of purchase to 12000 vehicles annually by 1999. On top of that, the company created more employment opportunities for the local people.



National Steel Car is now the best company in new car innovation, and it has reached this far with the help of their president Gregory J. Aziz. The company has received many awards such as TTX SECO Award which it has been receiving annually since 1996. Gregory J Aziz made sure that National Steel Car received Certification in 2008 for being the best engineering, innovative, and manufacturing railroad freight cars company in North America.



Gregory James Aziz has been giving back to the society through community programs, sponsorship to the needy, and charities via National Steel Car. Also, Gregory and his wife are the primary sponsors of a famous agricultural fair in Canada; Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Gregory’s efforts, innovations, and determination have made him and National Steel Car very successful. See More Information Here.

The Benefits of Using ClassDojo

A classroom communication platform, ClassDojo can be used by teachers, students and also parents. This platform enables teachers and administrators to share pictures, events and announcements with students and parents. ClassDojo is also known to assist students in developing important skills such as teamwork and empathy, via real-time teacher to student feedback via mobile devices and the web. This platform was launched in August 2011 and its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Initially, ClassDojo received funding in the ImagineK12 education seed accelerator. ClassDojo is currently being used in 90% of K-8 schools in the US as well as in 180 countries across the world.

ClassDojo is a very important tool since it allows teachers, student and parents to support, connect and also develop the skills of students. In order to use this classroom communication platform, teachers are required to register a free account and then come up with classes with the students. Initially, students use the platform with an access code and after registering for an account, students are able to see classes, customize avatars and also see their individual progress. ClassDojo can also be used by the parents after they have been invited by the teachers and are able to visualize their child’s progress as well as the information that has been shared by the teachers.

Students can be rewarded by teachers in real-time with positive feedback after they portray a good exertion in an activity or task in class. Through ClassDojo, teachers can directly communicate with parents. Since the program is customizable, a teacher can change the skills through which a student can acquire feedback so as to adapt the requirements of the school or class. This platform is available as a web app and can be used in any device that has a web browser. The company producing the app plans to maintain the program for all teachers.

Glen Wakeman Takes Startups from Idea to Success

Creating a successful startup is more than a good idea, but a great business plan and the lack of one can stand between a business that thrives or one that crashes and burns. Glen Wakeman knows what it takes for traditional businesses to flourish, and has worked among them for years, so the number of great startups that failed was perplexing. Looking closely it became obvious that a huge number of start-ups failed soon after formation because they had little to no knowledge of basic business and financial organization. With that Wakeman went on to found a start-up of his own, Launchpad Holdings (


Through smart, easy to use software, Glen Wakeman created a platform that any business can utilize to realize success and growth from the very beginning. Young entrepreneurs have to take on a lot all at once, especially once they introduce their new idea to the world. The platform that has been created for these entrepreneurs to just get started once they create their business is a vital and sorely needed product. Business owners can now focus on other areas of their business where they excel and know that they are doing everything they can to establish their business for future success under the direction of the software that they are using.


Glen Wakeman uses his knowledge and experience working with various industries to assist start-ups from all areas of business (Wikipedia). While each business is unique, every business needs the same things in order to ensure that it can function in the business world and continue to grow without the threat of financial collapse or business disorganization. Perhaps one of the most telling parts of his business model, and success is that he gives his time to mentor, advise, and coach other business owners through to success in addition to creating solutions for their use.


What You Should Know About Matthew Autterson and His Grand Accomplishments

Currently, the whole world is experiencing gradual changes regarding the way of living. The changes are impacted by the rising state of the global economy which leaves individuals with a harsh environment to survive. Owing to this, the smart and focused people have set out to see their hard earned income generate more. Therefore, investment has become a recent trend with the likes of Matthew Autterson being on the forefront when it comes to providing the best options to secure one’s money.

Today, the respected investor works at CNS Biosciences Inc. The company was launched in 2013 and Matthew serves as its President as well as the CEO, duties that he enjoys doing. CNS was founded by Dr. Scott Falci, a respected medical professional and was focused on the development of neuropathic pain drugs. CNS is among the few companies in the world that play a significant role in assisting patients with neuromotor disabilities, a vision that Matthew Autterson has continued to propel since appointment.

Matthew Autterson has been in the business sector for a considerable number of years, a period that he accepts to be behind his successful leadership skills. For more than 16 years Matthew served as a managing partner of GL3B Partners Limited, LLP, a company that invests in real estates, marketable securities, and privately held companies. Before, Matthew worked at Resources Trust Company, Colorado for almost two decades. His outward effort towards the company success saw him being appointed as its President in 1986.

Matthew Autterson is more than qualified to lead companies to profitable margin. The successful CEO does not only boast of his many-years’ experience but is also academically qualified to hold most top positions. Matthew attended the Michigan State University where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in finance and general business. Also, Matthew joined the University of Denver where he graduated from their tax program.

According to those who have had the chance of working together with Matthew, the talented CEO is more than qualified to lead a company towards success. Autterson has an ability to unite different team members to form a strong brand that is able to fight all the challenges that come their way.

Today, Matthew serves at the Board of Directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Besides, the talented CEO is associated with a number of nonprofit organizations in Colorado such as the Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Hospice, and the Denver Zoo, among many others. Matthew Autterson is a committed family man and resides in Denver, Colorado, a city that he has greatly been involved in its transformation.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Caring for Austin Since 1973

Today’s anesthesiologists are more important than ever. These dedicated doctors provide high quality care by relieving patient pain before, during, and after surgery. Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is one of the largest practices in the United States, and provides the ultimate in care and quality.

CAA, located in Austin, Texas, was founded in 1973 and now has over 80 doctors and 130 CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anethetists). CAA serves the city of Austin in many hospitals and surgery centers, including Level 1 Trauma Centers. As a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, patients can rest assured that CAA’s doctors, nurses, and technicians are highly educated and up to date on the latest medical data.

CAA’s physicians specialize in many different areas: obstetric, cardiothoracic, and pediatric anesthesiology, consistenly preforming at the highest levels of national quality.

CAA is dedicated to its community and supports many organizations throughout Austin and around the world, providing care to people in need. CAA donates its anesthesiology services to Austin Smiles, an nonprofit group and Operation Smile, a charity, both of which provide plastic surgery to children who have cleft lip and palate.

CAA’s dedication to children’s needs are showcased by their work for Dell Children’s Surgical Golobal Outreach, Eels on Wheels, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, and Partnerships for Children.

CAA’s team of highly qualified physicians, registered nurses, and technicians work together to provide comfortable and safe anesthesia to all of its patients. Its goal will always be to provide the utmost quality of care and relationships.

Fabletics Sees Success Because of Marketing

Fabletics has grown as a major company since they first started. They continue to be a positive influence on the clothing culture and the company knows what they need to do to ensure that their customers are taken care of. They have often used the leverage of the crowd to ensure that their customers get what they need and that they are marketing in the right way. For the company, this means that they need to continue to show their brand off and have people who are excited about the brand if they want to be able to get to a certain point in their own careers.


When Fabletics was first started, they knew that they could try and get things for people in different ways. Now, the Huffington Post was talking about the things that they could do and the way that they could help people out with the issues that they were having. The publication put information in about what was going on in different areas and how Fabletics is really making a huge difference for the people that they serve. They praise the marketing skills that the company has and they know that the company will continue to help in every area of marketing and fashion.


As Fabletics has grown, it has become a better company and more people have had the chance to experience positive things in their own businesses. The Fabletics company just keeps growing and getting better because of the marketing that the company does. They use the leverage of the crowd to show people what they can do and what will become better for them. They make their brand something that is much better and then they show people what they can do to help their clients out. By helping their customers, their customers then show their friends and more people see what the company is doing so that they can try more and get more from the different situations.


When Kate Hudson was working as just an actress, she knew that she could help in other ways. For example, she was able to team up with Fabletics and found out that she could help other people out by being a part of that brand. She also found that the brand was going to be able to grow so that she could show people what they could get from it and so that she could make it easy for them to see that things would be better on their own.


As for Fabletics, Kate Hudson continues to help the brand. One thing that she tries to make sure that all of the customers know is the importance of the style quiz. With this quiz, they can learn more about themselves and the brand can put together outfits for all of the people who visit the site. This is what helps them to determine what people need and how they can make a difference for all of their clients that are visiting the site.

Desiree Perez is Roc Nation’s Secret to Celebrity Success

The global music and entertainment industry is a highly competitive with massive revenue for the up and doing. Slackers have no place and for some time, women were made to think the lion’s share is an exclusive right of men, but Desiree Perez and some other gifted females have proven it, a worthless myth. Desiree Perez has had a hand in most of the biggest deals in the global entertainment and music industry. She is currently an executive officer in ROC Nation.

Roc Nation started operations in 2008, and in no time evolved into a global powerhouse when it comes to entertainment. It works with music producers, recording artists and songwriters on issues such as brand building, artist management, brand management, promotions, music publishing, tour production, concert and other services. Over the years, ROC Nation has entered into several collaboration deals with industry experts including fashion, management and technology experts to enhance clients’ reputations and careers. The list of the company’s stars is inexhaustible; some of them are Rihanna, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Meek Mill, Big Sean, J. Cole, and Shakira.

Back in 2008, Desiree Perez was at the center of the negotiation that brought about a deal between Live Nation and Roc Nation. The deal was in the region of $150 million. Perez also got most of the accolades for successfully negotiating a $25 million collaboration deal with Samsung for the promotion of Rihanna’s Anti tour. Rihanna’s standing as an entertainment superstar and a first-class performer rise in no small measure after the deal.

There is no way the success story of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter would be written without the mention of Des Perez. She was a major factor in the evolvement of Jay-Z from a rapper to a business mogul. Perez has always been there entering into high-level negotiations and making critical business decisions on Jay-Z’s behalf. She has been his secret weapon over the last 22 years. Little wonder, Jay-Z would not allow her to leave. Click Here for more.

It is alright to call Jay-Z the face of Roc Nation. However, the state would remain incomplete without the mention of Des Perez as its heart. for more .

Greg Aziz: From A Family Business To Leading A Hundred Year Old Corporation

When it comes to producing rolling stock, National Steel Car is a well-known name. The company is a subsidiary of National Industries, which is a large corporation based in Canada. A large number of the trains used in the Canada as well as the United States use machinery that is produced by National Steel Car. The company was founded in 1912 and today has grown massively to be one of the largest in its sector. The company is one of the top in Canada and has undergone numerous changes, and has adapted to the new technology to always be far ahead of their competition. Currently, the person leading the charge at National Steel Car is Gregory Aziz. Click Here for additional information.


Greg Aziz was born and raised in Canada. One of his first professional endeavors was when he was working for his own family. His family owned business that imported food items from different parts of the world and brought them to Canada and sold, them in the markets there. The business was extremely successful and soon expanded beyond the country to also provide their services in America. But Greg had big dreams and wanted to make it for his own in a different sector, which is when he decided to leave his family company and go on and work in New York. There, he started working in the field of finance as a banker for a large company. He worked there for a long while and rose up the ranks to an important position. While he was working in the field of finance, he encountered National Steel Car for the first time. They were his clients, and he was responsible for putting together a good deal for the progress of the company. He worked closely with the then CEO of the company and all the higher executives of the firm. After the deal went through and was successful, Greg decided to join National Steel Car and work for them full time. He worked as an advisor to the company, and brought huge amounts of success to it. When it was time to elect a new CEO for the job, Greg Aziz was seen as the best fit.


Today, the company has blossomed under the leadership of Greg Aziz and has been able to be ahead of the competition even with the changing times. Using his knowledge and insight about businesses, Greg Aziz has surely been a brilliant addition to a hundred-year long legacy.