Talos Energy Launches Historic Joint Venture in Mexico

After 80 years of monopoly control by the government-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), a Telos-led enterprise has sunk the first privately-owned offshore oil well in Mexico. It is a major step forward for free enterprise in the Mexican oil and energy markets, and comes as just the latest step in Mexican oil reform

The oil well is jointly operated by three major companies. Premier Oil, Talos Energy LLC, and Sierra Oil & Gas are working together on the project. Premier Oil is a London-based company, Talos is headquartered in Houston, TX, and Sierra is a Mexican oil company. All three won bidding war to claim the drilling rights after Mexico opened up the opportunity in 2015, to try boosting investment money for Pemex.

Drilling for the well began on May 21st and marks the first offshore exploration well not run by Pemex since Mexico nationalized their oil companies back in 1938. The well is designated as Zama-1 and it is located off the coast of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin.

There is an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil buried underwater, and the Zama-1 will be keenly observed by Pemex, the three companies, and other oil companies worldwide. The basin was chosen because it has a high structural chance of success. Drilling will cost Premier 16 million dollars, and take around three months to complete. If it succeeds, there could be additional demands for Mexico to open up its oil monopoly to foreign investment and allow more companies in.

Talos will operate the well, and holds a 35 percent stake. Sierra holds a higher proportion, at 40 percent, and Premier holds 25 percent. Talos Energy LLC has experience operating offshore oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, and holds 3-D seismic maps covering 33,000 square miles of the area for offshore drilling and exploration.

Its experienced executive team has worked with oil drilling and exploration for over a decade. Before starting Talos Energy LLC in 2012 the leadership team also operated two other Gulf Coast oil companies called Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration. They are known for their innovative exploration techniques.

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OCC Team Fights For National Championship in Rowing

Orange Coast College (OCC) has a big event coming up, and that is that the rowing team has qualified to compete for another national title. This makes it even more spectacular because Orange College is a community college that will be competing against even the best 4-year universities out there.

But make no mistake that this team will hold their own during this competition! Yet, many people are not aware of the long rowing legacy that OCC has as it will be leaving for nationals soon to go to the nationals at Lanier Lake, Georgia.

The team members are up at 5:30 am every morning to practice and take to the lake before they go through a busy day of classes and work-related responsibilities.

Orange College students on this team devote up to 20 hours a week just to practice and training and will compete against at least 40 other universities (most of them 4-year schools) to win a national championship! Many other schools will have students several years older but the team will fight just as hard as any other will to win the title. That 2,000-meter event will be a physical and mental test, but these men are dedicated to making it happen!

Orange Coast College (OCC) is a community college based in Orange County, California. The OCC was founded in 1947 and consists of around 24,000 students. OCC is currently the third largest college within Orange County.

OCC is one of 3 community colleges within Orange County as of today. It is located in Costa Mesa, California about 40 miles (64 km) south of Los Angeles. It sits on a 1,300-acre campus which has been the campus the school has occupied since the day it was built back in 1947. Many more buildings have been added and it has grown since the time it was built but the location has not changed.

Orange Coast College is a great option for many students as the cost is much lower than a normal, 4-year college. Each “unit” or “credit” costs $46 for a student, which was raised from the original $20 by the state of California. Out-of-state students will pay about $150 per credit. A typical 2-year-program will run about 60 credits and charge the average in-state student about $2,760 for a tuition while an out-of-state student would pay $9000 for the base program.

A high school diploma, the California High School Certificate of Proficiency (or equivalent), or the completion of Grade 10 and an “Early Start Petition” form must be completed for all students under the age of 18.

Learn more about Orange Coast College: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/campusRatings.jsp?sid=2623

Susan McGalla Loves Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania

It’s no secret that Susan McGalla loves Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. It is the city that she has given her loyalty to as a business woman, a philanthropist and as a citizen. She was educated in Pittsburgh, but now sits on the University of Pittsburgh as part of its Board of Trustees. Over the last twenty years, Susan McGalla has been a leading business person with some of the city’s most successful and affluent companies.


Susan McGalla and her husband Steve are active in the local Pittsburgh community. They see it as a city that is real, historic and authentic in purpose. They believe in the power of supporting the arts, sports and culture within their home city. The McGalla’s are supporters of University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and have personally chaired philanthropic events for the Hillman Cancer Center Gala for the past couple of years.


Together, Susan and Steve McGalla are changing the face of philanthropy today. They have become the quintessential power couple, being named one of WHIRL Magazine’s 7th Annual Couples Who Make a Difference in 2011. They have dedicated themselves to giving Western Pennsylvania special attention with a commitment to the local community and networking businesses for a better future. The McGalla’s pride themselves on giving their donations, energies, resources and personal time toward creating positive changes in the world today.


Susan McGalla and her husband are a source of inspiration to the people of Pittsburgh, but their loyalty to the city comes from a heart for their home. Susan McGalla has never forgotten her roots, so it is easy for her to focus her energy on making her local area a better place to live. She is a proud and successful business woman, but also a very real person with an understanding of what makes life worthwhile. She strives to bring out the best in everyone she touches and never stops believing in the power to change the world around us.


For these many things, Pittsburgh can be proud to claim Susan McGalla as one of its own. She is the best aspects of a woman in the 21st century and an honorable American business person.


The Traveling Vineyard – Why You Should Become A Wine Guide

     If you want to become a wine guide, this is the way to make money and see your life change and rapidly grow. The truth about being a wine guide is that it can open up many doors for you, but you do need to have perseverance and genuinely want to get yourself out there. The Traveling Vineyard company loves to help new people get their head start in this business the right way. If you’re still on the fence, here’s something you should know.

Being a wine guide is not a typical job that requires a specific set of hours or time to do the job. You only need to work when you want to. If you want to make more money, you simply just have to have more wine tasting events. You are taught all about every aspect of this business when you start. You will love getting the chance to meet the new people who will come across your path on your journey to becoming a wine guide. Every person is assigned with an expert wine guide who has come before you, and they will help you out on getting better and improving your life to getting on the right path for this business.

The Traveling Vineyard has great training modules to help you learn how to build a team, how to sell, utilize effective strategies, and also how to turn this small business idea into an actual business that could make you money even when you aren’t doing any of the work. The Traveling Vineyard also has great events that they hold several times a year. There are the regional events and even the huge overall events where everybody who works for the company comes together and they all party in one big unique destination. It’s almost like getting to just hang out with your fellow wine guides from across the globe. This business opportunity is about community and building a future with other sellers and building lifelong friendships.

For more, see https://plus.google.com/+TravelingvineyardOfficial.

Julia Jackson’s Cabernet Blend

The Cabernet intensive Bourdeaux blend Vérité La Joie is the pet project of Cambria Estate’s Julia Jackson. She believes that Cabernets are being overlooked in the Sonoma area in favor of the more commonplace Chardonnays and Pinot Noir varietals. It is her ambition to prove the naysayers wrong, and share her passion for the Cabernet blends that she finds so terrific. Ms. Jackson, the spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines and founder of the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment charity keeps herself incredibly busy these days. The Scripps College graduate also attended a summer certificate program at Stanford Business School, and she clearly knows her stuff.

Jackson grew up literally submerged in the wine business, and remembers picking grapes alongside her father, Jess Jackson, from a very early age. In fact, her parents named the Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir was so named shortly after her birth. Her family and their company Jackson Family Wines are well known both within the industry and outside of it. Their small plot production at Cambria Estates is in-line with their belief of sustainable farming and the importance of taking care of the both the earth in which they grow their grapes and the planet at large.

Read more: https://www.breakthrubev.com/illinois/news/julia-jackson-cambria-seeds-of-empowerment

Julia’s position as spokesperson for the family business as well as her dedication to the charitable organization Cambria Seeds of Empowerment keep her busy but it is this passion and hard work that have contributed so much to her success. The Jackson family is definitely in the business for the long haul and each generation fully expects the following generation of Jackson’s to keep the traditions alive. Winemaking is a very interesting and compelling industry in which to be involved and it appears that the constantly evolving and innovative Jackson Family Wines will be around for some time.

Clay Siegall: A Legend whose Passion for Finding Solutions to Cancer Has Hugely Impacted on the Lives of Many

Clay Siegall is a legend in his right for his unwavering commitment to finding solutions to the cancer menace. The founder of Seattle Genetics has spent close to 20 years of his life researching and developing therapies for the treatment and mitigation of cancer. INSPIRERY recently had a chance to interview the legend about his past career and future plans.


How the Idea of Starting Seattle Genetics Was Born


Clay told INSPIRERY that understanding how technology and medicine would be married to obtain solutions to diseases had been his childhood dream. When he was a student, a relative of his was diagnosed with cancer. The relative had to undergo a series of chemotherapies whose side effect was a severe anemia that became an even bigger threat than cancer. Clay saw the process as brutal and vowed to find alternative cancer treatment procedures. From that experience, the dream of starting Seattle Genetics was born. It was, however, to take several years to materialize.


Money and Profitability


Making money is always a motivation for anyone starting a venture and Clay is no exemption. He, however, explained that money was not his main motivation in establishing Seattle Genetics: finding solutions for cancer was. He acknowledged that the company earns him handsome revenue through, among other avenues, selling proprietary drugs and production partnerships. That notwithstanding, it took Seattle Genetics a whole decade before realizing its first significant profits. At one point during its first years, the company was faced with a stiff capital challenge that nearly brought it to its knees. Clay was, however, able to steer it past the crisis.



About Clay Siegall


Clay Siegall is a Zoologist by training, with a degree in the field from The University of Maryland. His foundation as a researcher was developed at George Washington University from where he did his doctoral research and graduated with a Ph.D. in Genetics.


Clay initiated Seattle Genetics in 1998, and he has since then been serving as CEO and lead researcher. In his position, he has led the company in developing several FDA-approved drugs and therapies. Brentuximab vedotin is among the therapies developed by Seattle Genetics




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Do You Want to Improve Your Online Presence? Contact White Shark Media



White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2010. It is based in Miami, Florida. The company offers marketing services for all kinds of businesses. They focus mainly on SMEs. White Shark was started by three entrepreneurs from Denmark who wanted to grow their agency to be one of the top marketing agencies in the West. The firm provides quality customer service and uses cost-effective methods to give its clients the best experience.


White Shark’s expertise in the business means that it provides the best services to its customers. The company ensures that it tracks every detail of their client’s campaign apart from the collective experience of its founders in marketing. The agency utilizes a combination of Google Analytics, keyword tracking, and reporting software to identify which efforts yield the best results for that particular customer. This also ensures that there is transparency between the two parties because the client can see the results and gets feedback on the effectiveness of the agency.


White Shark Media’s clients have been satisfied with the work of the firm. Many of them have written testimonials on the site. Its customers include companies and business in different sectors, from medical practices and real estate agencies to law firms and e-commerce stores. Some of the major clients of the firm include iMarine Inc. and Platinum Pro Painters Canada. White Shark maintains a blog on its site where they publish posts with information and advice. These posts contain information on how one can create better AdWords campaigns and how beginners can get started on AdWords. It also puts out short videos that contain useful info on digital marketing.


The company has some certifications including Premier Google Partners and Elite SMB Partners of Bing Ads. The company is among only a few companies that are Google AdWords SMB partners in North America today. This certification is given only to businesses that meet the highest criteria that the company has set and adhere to all the rules that Google has set to ensure quality. White Shark’s great relationship with Google started only a year after the company was founded. They were assigned a support team to help them with any issues that they might experience. The company is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and was no. 527 this year. This means that they are among the fastest growing agencies in the US.

Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is currently an assistant basketball coach at the University of Nevada. He grew up in New York loving the sport of basketball. He played for Scarsdale High School’s basketball team but was unfortunately cut from the varsity team. He went on to Pennsylvania State University a single year and then transferred to Cornell University. He graduated there with a bachelor’s degree studying Industrial and Labor Relations. Yanni interned briefly with the professional basketball team of New Jersey Net. Then he went to the University of Oklahoma and became the assistant coach for the men’s basketball team. At Oklahoma, he received a master’s degree studying Higher Education and Athletics Administration. In June 2009, Hufnagel became the assistant coach at the prestigious program of Harvard. In May 2013, Hufnagel joined the Vanderbilt coaching staff and became the assistant coach for one season. In 2014, Hufnagel joined the men’s basketball program at California Berkeley. He helped the Golden Bears team to an NCAA Tournament entry. Hufnagel’s latest destination was at the University of Nevada Wolf Pack under head coach Eric Musselman. They certainly noticed the impressive years of experience and knowledge that Yanni has accumulated. They are very excited about the future of this basketball program. Yanni brings a ton of energy to the team and he is an excellent recruiter of young talents. He spent the past decade recognizing basketball skills and helping future NBA stars like Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. The University of Nevada is in good hands with Yanni Hufnagel.


Find out more about Yanni Hufnagel:


Professional Career of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Executive recruiters have played critical role of helping professionals in different industries to find well paying jobs depending on their experience. Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruitment expert at German based investment bank; Deustche Bank. Currently, Julie serves as the vice president and executive hiring director at the bank. She began her professional career in the financial industry in 2002 working as the hiring executive at Hudson. She worked at this company for five years, and was responsible for recruiting lawyers, managers, paralegals and other positions. Julie was committed to her work, and she would engage with her clients and employees on various work related matters that need to be addressed by both parties.


Still while working at Hudson, Julie acted as a mediator between employers and employees, especially during the recruitment of new candidates or when there are work related problems. Towards the end of 2007, Julie Zuckerberg left the firm and found a job at the New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank as an executive Recruiter. As a result of her skills and experience, she was able to provide recruitment services for the position of MD at Citi Global. Additionally, she guided top business executives on recruitment strategies, new salary trends, and above all ways of retaining talents in their companies.


Julie’s Current Role


Julie Zuckerberg was employed by Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruiter responsible for Talent Acquisition, in April 2014. Later she was promoted to serve as the Vice president of the financial institution. Due to her dedication, commitment and efforts, the bank noted her achievement and more responsibilities were added. Her additional responsibility entailed engaging with investors in Global Technology, Operations and Commercial Clients. In fact, Julie did not turn into an executive recruiter overnight, but she learned how associate with employees who joined the workforce. After engaging with employees, she understood their talents and desires, and that allowed her to consider them first when there is an open position.


Julie studied at City University of New York and graduated with a degree in philosophy. Her philosophy and psychological skills has enabled her to be an excellent executive recruiter for banks and other financial institutions. Sometimes, she uses the social media sites to locate potential employees from individuals performing recruitment in the banking industry. Her leadership and management skills has enabled her find the best talents in the financial sector. In fact, it is obvious Julie has been very successful in almost all positions she has held so far, and that has led to her career development.



Julie’s Hobbies and Leisure Time Activities


When Julie Zuckerberg is not in her office, she likes to engage in physical exercises. She is a resident of Manhattan, NY, and at times the weather may be extremely cold, hence jogging is a crucial exercise that can keep a person warm. Other hobbies include cooking, photography, visiting art and culture galleries and discovering new inventions. Julie participates in volunteering programs related to conservation of environment, social and economic empowerment and other things related to human rights.

Alexandre Gama: Getting Top Quality Advertising Service

Alexandre Gama is a renowned advertising professional. Business advertising and promotion can be overwhelming for many business owners and entrepreneurs, and is why a reliable advertising professional like Alexandre Gama plays a crucial role. Alexandre Gama offers a vast range of marketing, advertising and promotional services and can handle every aspect of researching, planning and implementing a profitable advertising project, leaving businesses an organizations to focus on other priorities. If you want to get the highest quality advertising and marketing help while concentrating on growing your company, Alexandre Gama is your clear choice.

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