Nitin Khanna is a renowned entrepreneur based in Portland. He founded Mergertech, a company that gives advice on Acquisitions and Mergers to other entrepreneurs and even companies. Nitin Khanna’s career is comprised of years of hard work and dedication. Nitin was born in a small province in India called Himachal Pradesh. He lived in a family where most members were entrepreneurs and Nitin; therefore, was exposed to business at an early age. His father was an army colonel who was away from home during most of Nitin’s childhood. A motorcycle parts factory and a cement plant were among the many businesses in Nitin’s family. He spent most of his time around these companies, and Nitin learned a lot through observation. He would later apply the knowledge he acquired from family businesses to his companies.

When Nitin turned eight years old, he was enrolled to The Lawrence School, a prestigious boarding school in India. ‘Never Give In’ was the school’s motto and Nitin Khanna took inspiration from this motto. He applied it throughout his career. On completion of his high school studies, Nitin Khanna moved to the US to attend Purdue University. He studied Industrial engineering and graduated with a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree. Nitin thought of furthering his studies for a doctorate but later on, decided that he had enough of studies. Khanna wanted to use the knowledge he acquired in the real world practically.

The first step for Nitin Khanna after university was at International Paper. He was part of a management trainee program in the company and held four separate positions during the time. The training helped Nitin Khanna later on when he became a manager at a cardboard plant. Nitin Khanna worked at the plant for two years before living to explore new things. His brother, Karan Khanna, had also moved to the US at the time to study. Nitin Khanna, however, felt that starting a business was more profitable than going for further studies. Together, they founded Saber Software, a company that majored in manufacturing election software. Oregon hired Saber to modernize its election equipment, and other states followed later on. Saber Software continually expanded to be a prominent company.

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Nick Sarnicola: A Basic Overview of his Career Life

Nick Sarnicola: A Basic Overview of his Career Life

Basic Introduction

The Founder of Fashion company ViSalus is Nick Sarnicola. ViSalus is from Los Angelos, California and is an American MLM company that stands for multilevel marketing. This company began in 1997, by Sarnicola alongside Blake Mallen and two distributors from a Troy, Michigan based MLM company called Free Network, LLC. ViSalus specializes in marketing products such as weight management products and energy drinks.

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Nick Sarnicola has many occupations such as a sales leader, team builder, as well as a philanthropist. He has done many successful accomplishments in the roles of corporate and field. For example he was able to create really successful “people, products and companies” in different industries like health and fitness. By the time he turned thirty-five he became a “self-made decamillionaire.” Here, he would assist people on many backgrounds on how to have their potential maximized. Sarnicola is known to be a “entrepreneurial Firestarter” who has experience in launching new things such as brands, platforms, and global sale leaders.” Also, a special ability Sarnicola has is to create large events that take place in a stadium.

Philanthropic Activities

Nick Sarnicola is someone who is a supporter of several social activities. One way he went about this was by forming a company called NextGen. This company gives education and help to newly rising entreprunuers.

House for Sale

Something Nick Sarnicola recently engaged in was selling he and his ex-wife Ashely’s house to Christopher W. Beale who established an infrastructure investment firm in Connecticut. This one was 4,952 square feet and located at 223 North Coconut Lane and sold for almost “$1,300 per square foot.” This house has with it five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms. But wait, there’s more. The property looks similar to that of a luxury yacht. That description was from the website There are also windows measuring out to twenty feet and spans the entirety of the houses width. In 2015 this was priced at 9.6 million dollars. This house is located at Palm Island in Miami Beach for $6.3 million.

The Amazing Philanthropic Success of Betsy Devos

When you think about education in America, there are a few names that come to mind. Betsy Devos is a name that is well revered in the world of education as well as philanthropy. Her contributions to the education of the youth of America have been wide and vast. For most of her life, Devos knew that she was destined to be a leader, a mover, and a shaker. It seems as though Devos will be a name that is remembered for many years in the future as a leader who was able to create reform in education and help many reach the success they have always deserved.


Devos believes that students and their parents should be able to choose where they attend school even if they require tuitions. With her philanthropic efforts, she has helped to bring tuition vouchers to families that would have otherwise not been able to send their students to private charter schools. Devos and the general public both understand that the traditional education system just isn’t working the way it used to. There are changes that need to be made in order to keep the future of this country secure.


Potter’s House Christian School was the first private school that Devos helped to fund. She found in her local area that there were many low-income families that were being positively affected by the affordable private schooling that was taking place. This led her to want to create change around the United States by helping other low-income families get into the schools of their choice with the use of vouchers.


The American Education Reform Council has been a non-profit that Devos has passionately helped to run since the 1990s. The charter school bill, which was Michigan’s first in 1993, really helped set the bar for schools all across the nation.


If the past is any indication of the future, there are sure to be many more great changes in education due to the influence Devos has in this country. Devos will surely be a name that will go down in history for pushing education in the right direction.


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Bernardo Chua Has Become A Business Legend In The World Of Multi-Level Business Marketing:

The career of Bernardo Chua is one that should be emulated by aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to do great things in the world of business. He originally hails from the Philippines but has made a massive impact on the global business sector due to his work in the field of multi-level marketing. In recent years, Bernardo has been putting these skills and strategies to use in building up his unique coffee operation known as Organo Gold. This unique company was founded by Bernardo during the 2008 calendar year and he has steadily grown in since that time by making use of a system where independent distributors buy the products directly from the company. This gives these individuals a unique business opportunity and the popularity of these products has helped Bernardo’s Organo Gold brand to quickly establish itself as a beloved part of coffee culture worldwide. For more information on Bernardo Chua, visit

Bernardo Chua cuts his teeth in the business world with his involvement in the company Gano Excel. He worked diligently to help grow the brand in his home nation of the Philippines before doing the same in places such as Canada, Hong Kong and the United States of America. His time as the company’s President of its United States operations was a great piece of experience that Bernardo was able to add to his arsenal of knowledge.

Due to the impressive skillset that he built up in his past work experience, starting a company like Organo Gold was quite natural for Bernardo Chua. He was able to combine his skill in multi-level marketing with his knowledge of the herb of Chinese origin that is known as Ganoderma. This is the ingredient that sets Organo Gold’s products apart from other coffee products. These days, Bernardo and his team are working hard to continue to develop the Organo Gold brand.

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Benefits Of Using Betterworks Team Edition

In Redwood, California there is a six year old technology that has developed advanced talent performance management software. Their software is special in the sense of how the software promotes continuous performance management amongst its users. They are a solutions company. They create digital solutions to issues that relate to talent performance and how these issues are managed between workers and managers.

They have introduced their team edition to the world. This team edition is great for small and medium-sized organizations. This edition has all the features of their previous editions. The goal of the team edition is to increase performance, time management, performance and communication amongst groups of teams that has less than one hundred people.

The team edition is self-served, economical and easy to use. Aspirational goals for smaller teams can be discussed, organized, delegated and measured with this new technology. This is a smart move for Betterworks to create another edition to meet the needs of another audience. Doing this will only multiply their sales and revenue. Additionally, it will broad their brand reach and awareness amongst customers.

Previously, Fortune 500 companies have found a lot of demand and success for using the Betterworks platform. Goal setting, alignment, regular conversations and self support are features Fortune 500 companies have been able to experience by using Betterworks. The team edition affords these same features to companies with a tighter budget. Creating mote editions and being a company that can be used by more brands is the goal for Betterworks.

Why Luke Lazarus says Working with the Best Talent is Important

 Experience Economy

Luke Lazarus was recently interviewed and asked what one trend is he very excited about. Luke Lazarus talked about the experience economy as a trend that is very exciting to him. He believes it has changed the way consumers engage the economy and the market.

One of the reasons this new economy is exciting is because want to have an experience and they expect companies to identify with their values and they expect that the story a company tells can relate to their lives and values.

Consumers want a connection but at the same time, it’s expected the brand or connection touches their agendas.

What Drives Consumers

This demand for experience is igniting the business plans and marketing of large corporations and companies. Customers are not just satisfied to hear that a product is good or valuable, they want to see and experience what the product will do for them.

Many companies are spending millions of dollar on a single add for a product since it takes more the type of deep story today than it did 50 years ago before this new type of economy was born.

In the past consumers were happy to see a poster with the product and advertisement, but today there need to be active agents alive in the ad and customers must be able to identify with the agents in what they say and do.

Building the Right Storyline

This is where Luke Lazarus helps startups by having them mold and perfect their story in such a way that they can make deep moral connection with the consumer, bring the consumer into their story and drive the consumer’ values along with the story so that the story and the consumer experience the same moral drive and emotional connection. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

This is what has traditionally been called branding a story, an idea that is meant to serve the consumer at many different levels.

That cannot be the end of marketing, which Luke Lazarus shows his clients. Marketing has to be in the entire package and for the life of the company.

Growing a Company

When an interviewer asked Luke Lazarus to identify what allowed him to grow the businesses he responded with the same thing he teaches his startup teams, which is to have a significant story that consumers can identify themselves and their values. Lazarus says all of his projects in the past, as well as today, are all based on a story of some kind, which others can identify.

Luke Lazarus believes deeply in what he calls the identity of the story, since from the identity with the story all of the high-level business tactics like building a model for growth, projecting sales, and strategies that work in the demographic being targeted. It all starts with a story.

Best Talent Search

Of equal importance after story development, Luke Lazarus believes in finding and keeping the best talent there is and surrounding himself with these talents. Your talent is the extension of yourself and all working in harmony for the same goal.

Looking in the right places, seeking out professional recommendations, networking with others who you have built trusted connections can be places where your talent can come from. Lazarus says that to the degree that you have the best talent to that degree will you work at your highest level possible.

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Saving Money with the Agera Energy Company

While there are lots of companies out there to help you save money on electricity needs, Agera Energy has been a trusted option for many nationwide. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Not only are you able to save money on the electric that you both need and want, but the company is offering lots of different programs to make it easier than ever before for you to get the type of energy that you need for the home. Agera Energy is a wonderfully vital option for each of your needs and is something that will help you to get the most out of this particular process. Follow Agera Energy on

With Agera Energy offering as many programs as they do, it’s never been easier for you to know what works best for you. This is a company that is working with others to come up with different ways to save money on all of the electric that you need and want. By making use of this type of agency, you can feel good in knowing that the company is there to help in ways you never thought possible. Be sure to consider Agera Energy and see why the company is different and why a lot of people have chosen it already.


Dick Devos – Businessman and Philanthropist

When Dick DeVos went back to Grand Rapids after working at Amway, he found that his beloved hometown had fallen on hard economic times. At the time, Michigan was dealing with a variety of problems due to a recession. As more factories left the state, many cities were thrown into economical turmoil, leading to businesses abandoning downtown areas.


The same thing was happening in Grand Rapids, and DeVos created a strategy to change the course of fat for the city. He worked with business leaders in the beginning, and they formed Grand Action. This new committee would help the western Michigan town plan out new areas and a strategy to bring in new visitors to the area. DeVos was already focusing on one particular group in particular.


He wanted to work with business travelers most of all, and he set up a way to bring them in through conventions and conferences. He proposed the plans to build DeVos Place Convention Center in downtown Grand Rapids, as well as several other facilities. DeVos Performance Hall and Andel Arena were another two construction projects that led to even more entertainment and possibilities in the downtown area.


However, DeVos didn’t stop there. With his eye for business strategies, he started working with the local airport’s CEO, hoping to create some new traffic patterns that would lead business travelers to the west Michigan budding metropolis. His plan worked, and at the beginning of the 2000s, he worked with the airline AirTran Airways to start up new flights and destinations.


The airport would open up new flights to Orlando and Las Vegas, which were major airport destinations for business travelers. In addition, new flights would be open to St. Louis and Denver. DeVos’ plan was to attract business travelers to the area who want low-cost convention options in a modern facility. DeVos also wanted to expand the airport’s offerings, and he had to plan to help the CEO renovate.


In 2016, after years of growth, the Grand Rapids airport was now known as Gerald R. Ford International Airport and had tripled its sales. In fact, it hit 3.26 million passengers in 2018, which was a record for the airport. Thanks to the technological renovations and business traveler center, the airport was also winning awards.


For these reasons, DeVos was asked to join the FAA’s new council called the Management Advisory Council. This board of civilians comprised of transportation policy officials and airline executives was to give the FAA more advice on what to do about different problems facing the aviation industry, such as budgets for renovations and growth. DeVos was one of the only ones who wasn’t directly connected to transportation or airlines, but his work in airport growth has been recognized around the world for turning around the Grand Rapids airport.


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A Life Well Lived: Alastair Borthwick

 Alastair Borthwick was a man who lived a full life. He lived to be ninety years old and make his mark as a writer and broadcaster. He was born in 1913 and went to school until he was sixteen. He had to quit school in order to support his family. Now his life was able to turn for the better. 

Alastair Borthwick went on to write articles and also discovered the second passion of his life which is exploring nature. As his writing prowess increased he was able to cover World War II in a way that no one else had done before. This would become one of the high water marks of his career.

The book was called Battalion and it was a hit for him. The book told the stories of his time in the military. He was able to give readers a first hand account of what World War II was like. It was a graphic depiction of the hellish nature of war. This is what made the book a landmark.

After that he was able to take on his passion of nature after the BBC signed him to a contract. He was able to travel the world and give viewers an inside look at the treasures of nature. He was able to continually write columns for papers for years afterward. He was able to keep busy and do what he loved for the rest of his career.

At the later parts of his life Alastair Borthwick became less well known. His programs declined and so did his health. He would stay in a nursing home for his remaining years and eventually pass away at the age of ninety.

Alastair Borthwick was a man who lived his life to the fullest. He may have had some hard time but he was able to find two things that he loved doing and make a career out of both. That is a very hard thing for people to accomplish. Being able to share that with viewers is a true gift indeed. His full life was very well lived.

Why Felipe Montoro Jens Is an Esteemed Figure in the Corporate World

It’s not possible to have immense influence and impact in the corporate world without reliable experience. Whether in business or career, the experience remains a vital element. It’s not possible to perform well or navigate through without experience. If a company employs people with inadequate experience in a particular area, it’s bound to fail. Experience helps people to escape some of the costly and regrettable mistakes. A company doesn’t need to first consider the economic situation to make profits, as long as, its employees have the right expertise. Felipe Montoro Jens is among the highly experienced people the corporate world has today. He is an influential and esteemed corporate leader a company can’t ignore.

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His achievements have earned him respect from every corner of the country. Most investors look for him since he is an ideal leader with numerous talents. Felipe Montoro Jens is among the top business leaders you would find in Brazil. He is a reputable business leader who has transformed the corporate world in this country. However, people need to know that Felipe’s greatness has its roots in his passion and commitment. He has worked as a junior employee in some companies for many years. Honest and hard work are the two main attributes that have brought him this far.

His seniors always noticed his potential and realized he was capable of introducing some positive changes the organization needed. Felipe Montoro Jens kept climbing the ladder until he became a top business leader. He always looked forward to doing something that could help his country grow and make the living standards of other people better. The studies he got at the university helped him to sharpen his career in a big way. Looking at his education background, you understand why he has become the best fit for his current position in the corporate world. Felipe has become a role model for many young business people in Brazil.