Serge Belamant- the founder of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant was born in the year 1953 in France. His father, a skilled tiler, migrated to South Africa together with his family at the age of 14 years. It was at this time when Serge Belamant learned reading and writing in English. He later joined Highlands North High school in South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg. He displayed brilliance throughout his school time and took part in various activities like rugby and athletics.

Later, Serge Belamant graduated and joined Witwatersrand University in order to pursue engineering. Although he changed his course to computer science with applied mathematics during his second year of study. He later moved to the University of South Africa to pursue information systems. He made a decision to join workforce at the age of 22. He was employed at a civil engineering company called Matrix. As he was working on software analysis on IBM computers and Cyber computers, he developed applications that analyzed levels of water in dams in South Africa.

Serge Belamant became the best analyst of the year in 1980. He was then appointed to fix performance problems in banks and he invented a new national ATM switch, which operated on fault resistant hardware and parallel processing system. He applied innovative techniques in developing a new switch for SASWITCH which enabled connection of all South African banks.

Serge Belamant founded the technology of blockchain. He is an innovative software and applications developer. His invention have fostered the financial sector. He got credited when he, for the first time, invented the blockchain technologies which formed the basis of creating massive cryptocurrencies. His achievements were spanned by the use of smart cards with a microcontroller that was able to create a distributed and independent transactional ledger. His technology enabled financial institutions, governments and people to securely and quickly process activities such as investments, deposits, withdrawals and payments.

Blockchain can be defined as a ledger of records linked with cryptography. Originally, blockchain technology was used to increase transparency, data accuracy and security of institutions and customers in financial services. He developed blockchain applications via the use of smart cards. The microprocessors in the smart cards functioned both online and offline.

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Dick and Betsy DeVos: The Faces of Change in Aviation and Education

Have you seen the news in Washington? Dick DeVos has been working with the Federal Aviation Administration. He joins his wife Betsy DeVos, the 11th US Education Secretary on Capitol Hill. His new position in the Management Advisory Council brings him closer to transportation authorities and airline executives, who have all heard of his legendary business acumen when it comes to airports.


You can’t help but notice how much Grand Rapids has grown under the wing of Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos in the past few decades. The town used to be in an economic spiral, and many businesses were pulling out of downtown. However, DeVos saw that he could change the course of the economy by working with business leaders and creating a strategy to keep people coming back to the city.


Since then, Betsy DeVos has contributed greatly to the community and education opportunities in West Michigan. With her work in educational choice, she has given a lot of students more choices for their education. Now as the US Education Secretary, she has faced a lot of criticism for her policies, despite her contention that she only wants to put students first.


Educational choice isn’t a new idea, but it is something that many educators have fought over. That’s because it takes students out of the public school system potentially. While magnet programs and virtual schools are still apart of the public school system, private and charter schools are separate. They have different courses and a unique curriculum depending on the school.


DeVos says that philanthropy has helped see through many of these programs. She has been an advocate of educational choice since the 1990s and has continued to grow her campaign. It will be interesting to see new states develop educational choice opportunities, like in Florida and Louisiana. These states now have the most choices for students who don’t want to attend the school where they are zoned.


Together, the DeVoses worked to bring in new business travelers and open the city up as a convention destination. There were plenty of other cities that did this such as St. Louis, Denver, Orlando, and Vegas. He knew that in order to get on the map though, he would have to work with the local airport.


It is said that Dick DeVos put the Grand Rapids airport on the map. Truly, he did, just by working with the CEO and the CEOs of airlines at the airport. He started with AirTran Airways and asked if the airline would add on new flights. DeVos knew the CEO and convinced him that it would help the airport increase sales. DeVos was right. As soon as the new destinations were added to the airport’s flights, ticket sales started booming.


In fact, the airport grew every single year after that, reaching 2 million passengers in 2014 and surpassing its 2020 goal of 3 million in 2018. The airport even surprised their 3 millionth passenger with an award and prizes. It’s clear that the airport has had considerable success as well because of its award-winning transformation. It’s now been named the number one airport in North America.


However, it’s still only the second busiest airport in Michigan. DeVos plans to continue working with the airport and the FAA, making suggestions to the agency on how to change other airports across the country. The Management Advisory Council is just a civilian board, but it does help to have former transportation authorities and airline executives point you to what works and what would be best for the industry. DeVos has a bit more experience as he has had to pull a city and airport out of the mud, and he has done such a great job that it has earned him the highest praise from those in the aviation business.


In fact the CEO of Southwest said that the nomination of DeVos to the Management Advisory Council was common sense and an excellent choice given that DeVos had already been doing some of the things that the council was to address, such as bringing new budgets to airports in order to renovate and add new technology.


Gerald R. Ford International Airport just finished a $45 million remodel that would add a new business traveler center and food court upgrade. Now the airport has moved into the second phase of the Gateway Transformation Project, which will add new ticketing counters and faster curbside services.


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Nitin Khanna’s Success Story

Only a small percentage of people can think beyond the push and shove of life and come up with a solution that will not only make life better but one that will ultimately change the world. These people challenge the status quo and come up with their standards that other people end up following. People who cause such an impact in society are determined to acquire success, and this is the case of Nitin Khanna. He is a well-known entrepreneur from Portland. He is a successful banker who works in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment sector.

Apart from being a successful banker, Nitin Khanna is also an expert when it comes to all things technology. He has established a technology company, and his success offers inspirations to youths in the United States because his story is similar to that of plenty of young immigrants in the country. Nitin was born in Ambala, India. During his childhood, Nitin Khanna was brought as a disciplined child and student, and this gave him the drive and purpose he required to achieve greater heights in life. Despite having a background in Industrial Engineering, Nitin Khanna decided to take a risk and start Merger Tech.

Merger Tech not only became a success but it also helped establish Nitin Khanna as a successful entrepreneur. This tech company mergers his expertise in the banking world and the tech sector to create a comprehensive advice system for people who require advice on mergers & acquisitions. What makes Merger Tech stand out from its competition is that it offers personalized and detailed information to all its consumers and this helps to meet their clients’ needs at all times. The advice that Nitin Khanna provides to his customers comes from his experience in the merger & acquisition sector.

One of the things that inspired the businessman to start Merger tech is his belief in his potential and dreams. This belief made it possible for him to grow Saber Corp. his first company into a leading standalone provider to state governments in the United States and this only marks the beginning of his success story.

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The Modern Era Job of Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is an individual out of California with the instinct to thrive in the 21st century. As a present partner with Managed Benefits, he is directly responsible for researching and cultivating modern day advertising campaigns. His education background includes time at Grossmont College and San Diego State University, where he earned a degree from the later institution. To this day, he remains an active figure in the community on his downtime, in addition to the work he performs through his job. He elaborates on his career approach in a recent ideamensch article.

Managed Benefits is a modern day organization designed to bridge the gap between firms and their audience. They help to create relevant marketing solutions for companies to remain competitive in the modern age. Krishen Iyer has access to a lot of data due to advancements in technology. He knows the best method to a good marketing campaign is communication. Having a discussion with the client, and bouncing ideas off his team, often leads to solution neither party would have originally considered. Krishen Iyer’s natural curiosity for the world around him gives him in the edge to challenge ideas he encounters.

A typical day for Krishen Iyer can vary slightly, but there several tasks he plans for each day. Client interfacing and technical development are critical parts to each day to remain competitive, and remain relevant to the client’s specific needs. During the slower hours, he can be found researching recent marketing trends to figure out how to use new ideas. Krishen Lyer’s work ethic encourages him to make his daily schedule as productive as possible.

Krishen Iyer works in a position that is only possible in this era. He saw a need to help companies thrive and compete in a time period where audience engagement is vital.

Invite Market America To Your Wedding

Wedding season is just around the corner, making it more important than ever to check on your health, your weight, your stress levels and work hard towards getting all those ducks in a row.


Market America has geared up to help young brides and grooms make their wedding day as glorious as possible by contributing to the wellness factor of weddings. Yes, beyond the frills, the bows, the lace, the flowers, the fancy cuisine, the liquid refreshments, the fancy invitations, someone out there (that would be TLS joining forces with Market America) is concerned that you also get your weight to a healthy number and actually walk up the aisle with a healthy smile, not just a giddy one.


Weddings are all about planning: You spend a year planning; you may even hire someone to help you plan for the big day. You plan how many guests and which ones – remembering which distant uncle deserves an invitation, even though he doesn’t show up to anything (then allowing for the possibility that he might show up anyway). You plan a glorious meal with all the fancy mints and the garnishes that nobody eats – except a few people eat them, anyway, so you have to plan for that, too). You have to remember to invite someone to officiate – the captain of a cruise ship will do, but they are probably all booked up, so you’ll have to go with the default invitation to your local clergyman or woman.

All that and more: Hire a band, find a suit, a tux or a gown that will have the crowd gasping. All the above.


So, who, besides your doctor (who doesn’t get invited) is concerned that you will actually come through this event in good shape?


Weddings, it turns out, are very, very stressful. So much so that there is actually a fair chance that either the bride or groom will actually get sick because of the heavy level of stress involved.


The research was done back in 1967 by two researchers, Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe, who decided to figure out what are the most stressful events in the average lifetime. They looked through 5,000 medical records and began to see patterns, from which they formulated the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.


They started by assigning the death of a spouse or a child the score of 100 and see where that got them. Divorce came in second on the list with 73 points. Marital separation earned 65 points, imprisonment 63. Death of a close family member also earned 63 points, personal injury 53 points and marriage 50.


There you have it. Marriage is supposed to be a good thing, but even happy events can be stressful. Marriage is No. 7 on the list of most stressful events in the course of a lifetime.


Now, here’s where the problem really lies: For stressful events with scores above 300, according to the Pain Doctor website, you have an 80 percent chance of coming down with some kind of illness following the event. (Unusual events, such as natural disaster, war, violent incidents can ratchet up the stress score, but they’re not on the list of events that occur in the average person’s lifetime.)


Jumping to the heart of the matter, with scores under 150, like marriage, you have a 30 percent chance of becoming ill after the event, simply due to the stress involved.


Here comes Market America and TLS to the rescue with a stunning package for brides, grooms, parents of the bride or groom, those maids of honor and gentlemen comrades of the groom, which TLS (the folks who bring you “find your fit”) call the TSL Bridal Boot Camp.

TLS simply says “Say ‘I Do!” with a healthier you!”


Does this mean you have to go to boot camp – really? Right before your big day, you have to ship out to some isolated army base and learn to run the survival course? No, not quite.


The TLS Bridal Bootcamp Package is sold in three convenient programs, a 4-week, 8-week or 12-week kit that is designed to get you in shape fast, faster or even faster in a manner that will hopefully counter all the stress that comes with planning and pulling off that big wedding day.

Frankly, you want to be slim, trim and healthy for your big day. Yes, it’s a day where just looking good will pull you through – and slim and trim is where you want to be. But what’s the point of looking great if you are putting yourself into an unhealthy situation in order to do so?


The Bridal Bootcamp program starts with a 4-week, 8-week or 12-week supply of TLS CORE, which you will find comes in very handy, given it is a supplement designed to work as a fat and carbohydrate inhibitor.


Online reviews of this product shout out the benefits. Not only has it been attributed to helping people lose weight, but it is viewed by customers as a way to combat cravings head on. One customer wrote, the cravings did not always go away, “but rather than give in to them, I just observed their presence, but took no action to satisfy the craving.”


Certainly, you don’t have to be walking up an aisle to say “I do” in the near future to see the benefits of that.


Depending on the package you chose, the Bridal Bootcamp program also comes with a TLS Nutrition Shake – in Creamy Vanilla or Chocolate Delight. And, given you are trying to eat less and put your body through the stress of weight loss, potentially putting some critical nutritional needs on the back burner, the program includes a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements, including the Isotonix Multivitamin product (without iron), Isotonix OPC-3, a so-called “super-antioxidant” product, and a NutriClean 7-Day Cleansing and Detox System, which is designed to promote immune health and promote healthy nutrition absorption as well as detoxify the liver and maintain digestive health.


Excuse me, are we still talking about weddings here?


Yes, indeed. But someone is thinking outside of the box here, actually thinking about the health of the bride and groom, not just the superficial stuff like flowers and a good rumba band. Maybe you need to lose weight anyway, wedding photos or no wedding photos. Maybe you just need to have a product that helps make up for the powerful factor of stress that can result in a post-wedding collapse because you took care of everything else, but forgot to take care of yourself.



Felipe Montoro Jens: The International Business Man of Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an established business man, who also works with infrastructure construction buildings. He has served the international community for twenty-five years. His experience has led him to work across the world, including the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Portugal. Felipe has gained a superior education and holds an undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation, a prestigious business school located in Brazil. There, he studied business and then proceeded to another University. He enrolled in Arizona State University, Thunderbird School of Global Management. This facility is the top institution for global business training. After his education, he begin to move quickly through the business world. Felipe has earned many promotions and board affiliations, while working for many global companies. His hard word, dedication, and innovative ideas led to many decisions on major infrastructure projects. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

One of the infrastructure building projects that Felipe is part of, is called The Metropolitan Housing Company of Sao Paulo. The construction of this development will provide 34,000 new housing units in Sao Paulo. It will take six years to complete, starting in the year of 2018, and ending in the year of 2023. Felipe’s role in this project, is the Infrastructure Project specialists, which he is hoping to generate over 100,000 jobs. Joao Doria, is the mayor of Sao Paulo. He is very positive and excited about the project, since Brazil is in a period of economic recovery.

In addition to the Housing Company project, Felipe Montoro Jens has partnered with many different agencies to help with environmentally safe water removal from towns in Brazil. Because of his experience in infrastructure and development, Felipe has helped provide safe and clean water, along with removing waste. This removal will aide to improvement of life in many Brazilian regions. Felipe has also provided time working with government departments to find cost saving measures to benefit towns, cities, and companies that he has been affiliated with.

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Fortress Investment Group: A Competent Leadership Journey of CEO Randal Nardone

In the sector of Asset Management, Fortress Investment Group is considered as one of the most successful in growth, and the best to go for in matters about alternative assets in liquid hedge funds, credit funds, and or private equity. The remarkable performance of the firm since it was established in 1998 has won it the title of the world’s largest, and the leading alternative asset managers.

In essence to the firm’s blooming, Randal Nardone, also referred to as Randy, is one intellectual leader who has facilitated it, backing from his competent skills and decades of experience. He was one of the firm’s founders and is currently serving it as the CEO, Principal, and Director. Mr. Randy has been able to serve as the Principal of the Fortress’ management committee since its establishment; from which he then joined the board. Read the article at to know more about Randal.

Following his commitment and outstanding leadership, Randal Nardone was welcomed to the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group in 2006, a post he has been able to retain of up to today. After about five years, 2011, his responsibilities for the firm were extended, and he was offered a position as interim CEO for up to July 2013; after which, later in the year, he was aggrandized to a full CEO- a title he is still holding as of now.

Before he had joined the Fortress Group, CEO Randal Nardone used to serve several other firms, of whom truly enjoyed his impressive management capabilities. For one year, May 1997 – May 1998, he was able to serve UBS Group, where he served as the Managing Director. Before joining UBS, Mr. Randy served BlackRock Financial Management as Committee Principle.

Additionally, following his higher studies, where he had studied B.A. in Biology and English at the University of Connecticut, and Juris Doctor Degree at Boston University School of Law; Randal Nardone was an associate and executive committee member at Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law firm.

While he’s ensuring everything is in order and on a smooth running at Fortress, Randal Nardone has been able to serve on a few other boards, including of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, and also that of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC.

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Stream Energy Shows That Texas Cares

Stream Energy, of Dallas, Texas, has been known to get involved in charitable causes for over a decade. Donations in resources and time to organizations in the state and across the country has been part of their identity. Having realized this, the company announced that it is taking the next step and formalize their philanthropic activity with the creation of their own foundation, Stream Cares.

While Stream Energy has worked with bigger charities in the past, notable foundations like the Red Cross and Habitat for humanity, they’re looking to use their new charity office to work with grassroots organizations to do good works at home in Texas.

Companies across the US are known for being quite charitable. An overview of American businesses found that they gave away nearly $19 billion to charities and specific functions in various parts of the world. While this sum is sizable it doesn’t account for the amount given towards sponsorships, in the promotion of organizations or causes, or donations that come directly from employees. Additionally, most companies do not have their own in-house charity to formalize this philanthropic activity.

Stream Caress looks to continue this tradition of a giving business but will do so with a formal strategy in mind, deciding when to give, when to hold events and where, and which organizations to work with as an extension of the company. Stream Energy sees this new office as an extension of their direct-selling energy business, and expects the activity there to reflect on the company’s reputation.

With nearly one and a half million people, Dallas is one of Texas’ more populated cities. Dallas is also suffering from a developing problem of homelessness, something that has increased by 24%. Workers at Stream Energy are engaged on this issue and have sought ways to address this. Stream Cares finally found an effective partner in the Hope Supply Co., a foundation that helps the homeless across Northern Texas.

These foundations joined together to host A Splash of Hope, a day at the water park for 1,000 homeless children to play with volunteers, get fed, and receive financial assistance and resources.

This is an important step for Texas. Though Stream Energy has been involved in charities before, Texas is one of the least charitable states in the country, ranking near the bottom of the list of generosity. Stream Energy sees this foundation as a first step in getting the corporate community in their state to take charity seriously and consider giving back as just good business.

Quality Contractor in the Name of Aloha Construction

Awarded the BBB Torch Award for Ethical Business Practices and Giving Back to the Community, Aloha Constructors has also gone ahead and received the backing of Dan Bernstein, a radio announcer in the area. Aloha Construction is a family owned home renovation and construction company. Founded in 2008 by David Farbaky, it is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company received the honor of the BBB Torch awards, which recognizes companies that have in-depth leadership, business practices and maintain as well as portray social responsibility. The company is bound to grow if what Shervin Pishevar twitted does not come to fruition.

The Torch award had six categories that a company had to fulfill to win the award. The winning company must show ethical leadership practices, ethical management practices and communication of these ethical practices organizational commitment to the community and other surrounding businesses. The company demonstrated all these characteristics and thus were able to qualify for this award.

Shervin Pishevar is convinced that there is an imminent crash of the market but Aloha company exhibits its achievements through their 9-step roofing process, their certification from the Vinyl Siding Institute and its qualified professionals. The company boasts of being licensed, insured and bonded. Applying a 10-year warranty to all of its customers. The award gave the company an A-star rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Community Outreach

With regards to its community outreach, the company impacted the Lake Zurich community by contacting a family through the Omi Youth Services and partnering with Learning Express, gave the family, a shopping spree. Another instance is when the company gave $2000 to Camp One Step for children who have cancer. Such improvements may not convince Shervin Pishevar that the economic market will remain stable for long.

This alliance gave the company an endorsement from Chicago’s 670 The Score, radio announcer, Dan Bernstein. During the community outreach to Camp One Step, the announcer was able to work with staff members from Aloha Construction. Dan also started the ‘Building Better Communities’ campaign to give back to the city. Through this, Mr. Bernstein was able to partner the Illinois State University Athletics Department to Camp One Step.

Aloha Construction then pledged to donate $5 for every score made by both the men’s and women’s basketball team from the ISU, giving a total donation of $1965 to Camp One step. The good work done during this period earned Aloha Construction their endorsement deal on the Chicago 670 The Score.

In his Twitter rant, it would have been interesting to know what Shervin Pishevar would say about Aloha.

Flavio Maluf Supports the Idea of Tax incentives

Flavio Maluf has a keen interest in the topic of interest and high tax burdens that Brazilian companies face on a daily basis. Far too many businesses find it very difficult to stay afloat let alone make a profit under the burden of such heavy tax burdens. Tax incentives, on the other hand, makes it possible for companies to gain a substantial advantage

Flavio Maluf began his career at Eucatex in 1987, and he has worked there for thirty years. Maluf’s uncle, the former president of the company wanted him to join the executive branch in 1996 so Flavio Maluf graduated and obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree for the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He got the coveted presidency position in 2005, and he has been working hard to make the company successful ever since. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

He strongly supports the Fiscal Incentive Laws which effectively support the community and businesses through various funding programs such as health programs, technological advances, social programs, and scientific research. It doesn’t mean that companies will spend less on taxes, but they will be able to distribute their money in order to do the most good in order to support the development of society.

He has substantial experience in turning smaller opportunities into jumpstart companies such as Eucatex. He has already arranged an exchange with Duratex earlier this year, and the deal is estimated to bring in about $60 million that will benefit both companies involved in the transaction.

Flavio Maluf is all about seizing the right opportunity at the right moment, and he’s all for tax incentives. Such incentives like reductions, compensations, rewards, and exemptions are commonly given by public administrations and can stimulate communities. He’s an entrepreneur at heart and market leader and is always on the lookout for a bright investment in the future.

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