Ted Bauman On His Friend Paul Mampilly

Ted Bauman recently wrote an article in which he discussed the new idea of getting chipped. He decided to write an article about this topic because a friend of his wrote an article saying that you should get chipped. Ted Bauman writes The Bauman Letter for Banyan Hill Publishing. His friend is Paul Mampilly, who also writes a newsletter for Banyan Hill PUblishing. Although Ted Bauman says that he agrees with Paul Mampilly on many issues, he does not agree with him on this one. He thinks that Paul Mampilly is wrong. Learn more about Ted Bauman  for more info.

Why? Well, Paul Mampilly does make a good argument for getting a microchip implanted in your body. It will help everyone who has it, and it will make life a lot easier for them. They will be able to use it to pay for stuff and get around, without having to worry about leaving their wallet behind. They may be able to use for getting on an airplane without having to worry about leaving their passport behind (though using it to get on an airplane is not yet a viable option, there is no saying whether or not it may be approved by the government in the future if more and more people start using microchips.

Paul Mampilly says that there has always been skepticism about new technological advances. He points to Facebook, email, and even printing, which were also opposed at the outset. He says that the same applies to microchips.

However, says Ted Bauman, there is no way you can say with any degree of certainty that these things have not done harm as well as good. Facebook has certainly changed the way we communicate. But is it all for the good? People spend less time talking with other people in person. People who use social media a lot tend to be more likely to be lonely and depressed. Facebook has given a voice to many people who have racist or divisive views, as we have seen during the course of the last election. Nobody is arguing that email was not a great advancement, but it has reduced the quality of conversations and communication between people.

The problem with microchips, in Ted Bauman’s opinion, is that they have the capacity to be abused. Through surveillance techniques, people can be watched and tracked through their chip. Hackers can also exploit it. Follow: https://twitter.com/TedBaumanGuru

Jeff Yastine: A Reliable Pillar at Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine is among the pillars at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is currently an editor in the company. Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as an editorial director. Jeff brought a twenty years’ experience in financial and stock market investment journalism. He makes use of his wealth of expertise to help interested investors in investing techniques among other tips. Jeff writes vastly on financial markets. This enables investors to know what is happening in the world on various trends in the economy, business, and monetary. Apart from offering advice, Jeff Yastine points out the most profit making business and investment opportunities that any investor would be interested in. Between 1994 and 2010, Jeff worked with PBS Nightly Business Report through which Emmy nominated him. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

In his career life, Jeff has conducted various interviews on the most prominent investment gurus and entrepreneurs in the entire world. This has granted him an opportunity to learn more about investment and unlock some of the hidden tips and tricks in those industries. In his reporting work, he has worked earnestly to identify the investment opportunities. Through his work, many companies have changed their story to becoming big sectors in investment. Jeff Yastine was Emmy-nominated in 2007. He has also been awarded many other awards while serving as a journalist. Jeff works on the Banyan Hill Publishing publication called “Total Wealth Insider.” It contains deep things on identifying the small opportunities that are known in helping an investor to become richer, prosperous, and freer in life. This is the most performing publications that leads in the financial newsletters. Through this publication, Jeff Yastine uses his wide expertise in matters finance and investing to help the subscribers guard and multiply their wealth through the investments. The investments ought to be safe, and done through stable companies so that any investor will get great value in the end. Jeff always addresses deep stuff on the market today. He ensures that his readers stay updated on any and every single trend that comes up in the line of his interest and that of customers. Jeff values financial freedom, and that is what pushes him to serve people to achieve. He has done the necessary research, and his publications are not based on unreliable information but tested and true matters. This is what builds the confidence of the subscribers and keeps checking for his publications. Jeff is a reliable editor at Banyan Hill Publishing among which many people have become inspired in business and investing at large. Read more: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/jeff-yastine-recommends-three-amazon-competitors-investors/


AvaTrade Review: The Global Platform For Forex Trading

AvaTrade has repeatedly stood out as a company that offers its customers a wide range of forex trading solutions that can assist them The company first opened its doors for business in 2006 and since then has repeatedly stood out for the work that it does. The company has a range of offices that are situated throughout the world to be able to provide customers with easy access to all that they have to deliver. Some of the places where AvaTrade is operational it is in the city of New York, Dublin, Sydney, Tokyo, and Milan. There are several other locations as well where AvaTrade is operational, and these tend to be the branches of their central offices.



One of the reasons why AvaTrade has become such a well-known name is because of the accreditations and licenses that they are in possession of. One of the licenses that the company is in possession of is one from the Central Bank of Ireland and one by the MiFID. Often, companies that are involved in this form of trading don’t always have the right licenses. This means that they don’t have to be regulated, and they can easily manipulate their customers. Because of the license that AvaTrade possesses, customers can be sure that while they are trading with AvaTrade, they can be safe and secure. There is no scope for the customers to get cheated in any way, thereby instilling faith in the minds of the customers towards the company.



Being an international company, it is essential for a forex trader to abide by the trading regulations within the country of operation, which is why AvaTrade tries its best to ensure that their work is being regulated by agencies within the countries that they are operational in. In Australia, for example, AvaTrade is regulated by the ASIC, In Japan by the FSC and the BVI in the EU.



Customers who have made use of the services provided by AvaTrade have been nothing less than happy with what they have received. Because of the flexible plans that AvaTrade offers, forex trading has never been easier.


Get the full AvaTrade review: http://mejorbroker.org/en/avatrade-review/

Flavio Maluf Announces New Deal Between Eucatex And Duratex

Eucatex and Duratex, two big names within the corporate sector recently decided to enter into a partnership with each other, bringing together their forces to create a company that stands as one of the leading of its kind. According to the deal in place, the two companies would be able to pool together their resources to be able to improve the efficiency of the products that are being made within their units. The total cost of production of the products within these units spans over $60 million and is said to only go up as the companies involved experience development in their processes.

The new collaboration that is being undertaken will not only allow the company to expand their services but also make use of some of the underused manufacturing units that were previously in their possession. The plant that Eucatex possesses located in Botucatu is one of the examples of this. Before the acquisition, the plant was not being used for many of the company’s processes, but after this acquisition is now going to be used for a production that can go up to 200 thousand m³ per year. Another plant which will also come into use is the Duratex factory in Itapetinga, which will undergo an inauguration ceremony in April this year. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

The announcement regarding the changes to the company and the acquisition that was taking place was made by Flavio Maluf, who currently stands as the President of Eucatex. Maluf decided to issue a statement regarding the course of action that the company is looking to take, which outlined all that the employees needed to know about the deal that was taking place.

The statement started out my Flavio Maluf explaining his reasoning about the company undertaking this route towards better development. He stated that the main reason for this acquisition was so that the resources that both companies use can be shared, and their productions could thereon become co-dependent on each other. This would help the company increase their overall production capacity by 70%, with their paper printing up by 40% and that of paints by 30%. Even though the company is already looking to work as one united front, the companies must still wait for the approval, which is said to happen soon. Learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar



Paul Mampilly Says The Shoe Company Markets May Be Strong In 2018

Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill has looked at several stocks he thinks might perform outstanding in 2018, and some of those are in the shoe retailer markets. The way he described it was a bull market that is seeing high returns on brands like Air Jordans and various sneakers that have come to the attention of shoe collectors. Yes, famous shoe models are starting to become collected just like retro cars and rare coins, and certain company stocks like Puma, Adidas and Nike have seen solid growth rates lately. Mampilly said this trend has been a reflection of what millennials are interested in. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Paul Mampilly has been a writer at Banyan Hill for about two years, but prior to that he was bank advisor to some of Wall Street’s top investors. His family is from India, and his father worked on oil rigs to provide him the opportunity to attend college in the US. Mampilly completed his bachelor’s degree in finance and later received an MBA. He joined Deutsche Bank first and then worked for ING and Banker’s Trust. In 2006 he started making a large paycheck as managing director of Kinetics International Fund. Mampilly became part of a story in Barron’s about how Kinetics International Fund made investment returns around 26%, and the firm’s client assets grew from $6 billion to $25 billion within one year.

Paul Mampilly started becoming serious about buying his own portfolio around 2006 when he bought stocks in Facebook, and a couple years later he purchased Netflix stocks right before they took off. He became a contestant in a competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation in 2008 in which he bought $50 million worth of stocks that all went up at a time that the stock market was struggling during the recession, and he made a 76% gain in just one year. Mampilly also was a guest several times on CNBC, Bloomberg and the Fox Business channel. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Paul Mampilly moved away from Wall Street very quietly in 2012, so much so that for a few years nobody really knew where he had gone to. He later mentioned in a video post that he had decided to retire so he could be with his family more, and he wanted to offer investment advice to people who wouldn’t get it on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly writes three newsletters at Banyan Hill known as “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum.” Those newsletters provide information that has been tested and even gives viewers a direct look at Mampilly’s portfolio. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/paul-mampilly


Milstein’s Time of Israel on the Importance of the Future Generation of Jewish People

Adam Milstein, who is a very successful property investor born in Israel in 1952, joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 to serve under Ariel Sharon prior to his becoming the prime minister of Israel in the Yom Kippur War. In 1974, he married his wife and eventually moved to the United States later in 1981. In California where they moved, Adam got his MBA from USC and continued the tradition of property development and culture that he had developed from his parents in his home country.

In today’s world, Adam Milstein has created an astounding real estate portfolio worth 2 billion dollars, under the name of “Hager Pacific Properties”. This work has allowed him to focus on his true love and legacy, which is helping the Israeli people and unifying relations between Israel and America. Donating an excess of 1 million dollars per year which strengthen Israeli-American relations, Adam Milstein asserts in his Times of Israel article that although Jews have always faced prosecution and should be remembered for the greats who have led the way like Col. Mickey Marcus, the ways in which anti-Semitism occurs is ever-changing and so it is always important to grow relations with the up-and-coming generation. One of the people who led the way, states Milstein, was the famous Colonel Mickey Marcus from Brooklyn, New York. Mickey built up a reputation as a great leader in World War II for America, but he left for Israel in 1948 to further commit to his roots. Becoming a respected General in Israel, it is people like Mickey who have helped stop the wedge between Israel and the world.

One main tactic of dividing the Israeli people is commonly called “BDS” around the world; BDS is short for “boycott, divestment, and sanctions”. A lot of the interaction with the younger up-and-coming generation of American Jews is at the Israeli American Council meetings, of which Adam Milstein is the founder. More information on his Times of Israel article can be found here.


Felipe Montoro Jens reports PPPs

Since the passing of the federal law that was passed by the federal government of Brazil in December 2004, there has been an increase in public private partnerships. The country of Brazil has been exploring innovative economic ways of help the economy. Recently reported growth in GDP, Brazil is looking for ways to continue economic improvement, without adding to the already huge deficit. Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist, with over 25 years of experience, and he has detailed information on the various projects currently being implemented in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the public private partnerships in Rio de Janeiro. In Rio de Janeiro, there are public private partnerships being used to drastically expand the child educational network. There has been an R $ 2.3 million investment to bring in the International Finance Corporation (IFC) (World BanK) to help with the public private partnership projects to build 20,000 new day care centers, and 40,000 new early childhood education centers by the year 2020. The expansion of the education network, was a campaign promise made the current mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella. Learn more on consorciocorretora.com for more info.

There are also plans to auction some government owned and managed business to the private sector scheduled for the end of 2018. Felipe Montoro Jens listed Brazil’s Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espirito Santo. The Mint is the government enterprise who prints currency, passports and additional government issued documents. By selling the Mint to the private sector, will give the company access to better technology.

Infraero is planning to sell off part of its huge stake in Brazil’s major airport network. Infaero is the airport managing company, which is owned and managed by the federal government of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens reported Infraero is planning to auction off 13 of the major airports they are currently managing. Infraero currently manages all the major airports in the country and they own large parts of the stocks of each of the airports under the jurisdiction of Infraero. This move of alleviating the financial responsibility of Infraero will help with the deficit of the government.

Read more: https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/china-disponibiliza-aos-empreendimentos-brasileiros-fundo-de-us-3-bilhoes-reporta-felipe-montoro-jens/

Ian King, Looking Ahead To The Future Of Cryptocurrency

For his role as Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ian King brings with him over 20 years experience in financial markets. At the beginning of his career, Ian explored nearly every aspect of financial investment learning. His first job was as a desk clerk at a prominent mortgage bond trading company. From there, his pursuits eventually landed him as the head trader for a New York based hedge fund. Then in 2017, he joined Banyan. Ian King also maintains a blog at Medium.com and he’s the editor of an investment advisory service, Crypto Profit Trader. His featured posts at Medium discuss various aspects of cryptocurrency. Ian offers unique insights about the ongoing benefits of buying and selling virtual currency. In one post in particular, he lays out the implications of “cryptocorn.”

Cryptocorn isn’t a widely known term yet, however it’s a well developed investment option for startups. There are startups that come out the gate fully poised to take the financial markets by storm, the term, “unicorn,” is used to describe them. Identifying these rare startups allows investors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Well, these aren’t just regular startups, they’re blockchain cryptocurrency projects. Blockchain projects are supercharged startups with an estimated worth of $1 billion dollars or more. Ian King believes that rivals such as Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum can challenge Bitcoin’s dominance. View ideamensch.com for more info.

Ian King attended Lafayette College, where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. After a college internship at Merrill Lynch, he dabbled in other areas, working in varied positions helped him discover his passion. Eventually, it lead to him becoming an expert cryptocurrency trader. As a trader he obtained a great deal of knowledge about trading digital currency. On his website IanKingguru.com, he shares this knowledge in a blog. Ian king’s posts are filled with insight about trending topics such as Bitcoin, Wall Street, and Cryptocurrency.

So how did Ian King become a regarded expert in virtual money? Well, a friend mentioned Bitcoin trading to him in 2013. From there, his interest grew and he decided to ditch his full-time gig as a hedge fund manager and start his own entrepreneurial venture. This was the beginning of his website teaching others how to profit from cryptocurrencies. He developed a remarkable strategy for trading virtual cash and has since filed for a United States patent to protect the methodology. Read more: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Ian-King/


Enhanced Athlete Successful Lawsuit

Enhanced Athlete is a leading fitness organization out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They have two sister companies, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, who are very important in the companies success.

Enhanced Athlete looks to ensure that each and every one of their products will satisfy customers highest standards of compliance, efficacy, and quality. That is why when Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against them in July 2017, many were surprised.

Nutrition Distribution claimed that false advertisements were being promoted for increased sales. Also, they believe they hold a high rank in fitness enhancements and feel they should be compensated for the their competitors, so called “false advertising of products”. Not to mention, this lawsuit is one of seventy lawsuits filed against multiple other Nutrition Distribution competitors for false advertisement and cease and desist letters.

Enhanced Athlete believes Nutrition Distribution is only trying to coerce companies to back down by backing them into a corner of financial burden from legal fees. Most companies that cant afford to fight these accusations will give up, leading to a Nutrition Distribution win.

Enhanced Athlete wants customers to know that they have messed with the wrong company and they will be the last to back down from such false claims.

Not only has Nutrition Distribution never successfully been able to prove that any of these companies have actually committed fraud but there has been no correlation proven to have had affected their sales in the first place.

As we know Nutrition Distribution was unsuccessful in their claims and the court denied their request and agreed with Enhanced Athlete. They could not prove any single connection between the loss of sales and advertising for Nutrition Distribution.

They court announced that these claims were no more than speculation and the plaintiff could not prove them to be true.

As Enhanced Athlete moves forward, CEO Scott Cavell says his company would not be the next victim of Nutrition Distributions shakedown scheme.

For more information on Enhanced Athletes products, visit www.enhancedathlete.com.

If you are looking for a personal training coach to get you to the place you want to be with your health, you can visit www.enhancedcoaching.com. And for gear and other awesome Enhanced Athlete merch, visit www.enhancedgear.com !

The Background And Ideas Behind The Success Of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali began his career with an excellent education. He has Master of Science in geology and a B.S. in earth sciences. He was introduced to the world of finance in 2004. His investment advice incorporated his knowledge regarding geology and science and this element was crucial. His goal was to use his investment advice to benefit the average American. His father always struggled with making successful investments and is often the inspiration for Matt Badiali’s advice. He provides the necessary help so investors can succeed with the best possible investments in natural resources, energy and metals. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

Matt Badiali has been responsible for his readers reaching double and triple digit gains. In 2017 he launched his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter with Banyan Hill. Loyal readers quickly followed for his recommendations on natural resource stocks. His expertise comes from his world travels and he often speaks with experts. He believes finances, science and the markets must be understood for successful investments in natural resources. Matt Badiali possesses the right combination of experience, education and expertise for these types of investments.

Matt Badiali begins his days early so he can get his children to school. He skims the headlines and watches the Weather Channel and Bloomberg. He spends his mornings writing in his office and often completes numerous pages. Matt Badiali reads the current news, looks through the portfolio for Real Wealth Strategist and responds to his emails to wrap up his morning. The afternoon is for reading, meetings and phone calls but he is not as productive a writer during the afternoon. He generally finishes his afternoons with a visit to the gym and a good workout. Visit streetwisereports.com to know more.

Matt Badiali has traveled for decades as a geologist and this is the experience he shares with his readers. His stories are real and very compelling. He believes a municipal scale battery is required to combat the changes in energy consumption. He feels this battery must have enough force to power a little city. He says this technology will be forthcoming. His ideas and focus have led to his success. He gives an idea all his focus until his goal has been accomplished. This enables Matt Badiali to be successful while reaching his deadlines.

Matt Badiali does not believe it is possible to read enough. Some of his favorites include the Wall Street Journal, The Mining Journal and Bloomberg. He remains current on what is happening all over the world. He believes reading is critical to his success. View: https://medium.com/@MattBadiali