Clay Siegall: A Legend whose Passion for Finding Solutions to Cancer Has Hugely Impacted on the Lives of Many

Clay Siegall is a legend in his right for his unwavering commitment to finding solutions to the cancer menace. The founder of Seattle Genetics has spent close to 20 years of his life researching and developing therapies for the treatment and mitigation of cancer. INSPIRERY recently had a chance to interview the legend about his past career and future plans.


How the Idea of Starting Seattle Genetics Was Born


Clay told INSPIRERY that understanding how technology and medicine would be married to obtain solutions to diseases had been his childhood dream. When he was a student, a relative of his was diagnosed with cancer. The relative had to undergo a series of chemotherapies whose side effect was a severe anemia that became an even bigger threat than cancer. Clay saw the process as brutal and vowed to find alternative cancer treatment procedures. From that experience, the dream of starting Seattle Genetics was born. It was, however, to take several years to materialize.


Money and Profitability


Making money is always a motivation for anyone starting a venture and Clay is no exemption. He, however, explained that money was not his main motivation in establishing Seattle Genetics: finding solutions for cancer was. He acknowledged that the company earns him handsome revenue through, among other avenues, selling proprietary drugs and production partnerships. That notwithstanding, it took Seattle Genetics a whole decade before realizing its first significant profits. At one point during its first years, the company was faced with a stiff capital challenge that nearly brought it to its knees. Clay was, however, able to steer it past the crisis.



About Clay Siegall


Clay Siegall is a Zoologist by training, with a degree in the field from The University of Maryland. His foundation as a researcher was developed at George Washington University from where he did his doctoral research and graduated with a Ph.D. in Genetics.


Clay initiated Seattle Genetics in 1998, and he has since then been serving as CEO and lead researcher. In his position, he has led the company in developing several FDA-approved drugs and therapies. Brentuximab vedotin is among the therapies developed by Seattle Genetics




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Do You Want to Improve Your Online Presence? Contact White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2010. It is based in Miami, Florida. The company offers marketing services for all kinds of businesses. They focus mainly on SMEs. White Shark was started by three entrepreneurs from Denmark who wanted to grow their agency to be one of the top marketing agencies in the West. The firm provides quality customer service and uses cost-effective methods to give its clients the best experience.


White Shark’s expertise in the business means that it provides the best services to its customers. The company ensures that it tracks every detail of their client’s campaign apart from the collective experience of its founders in marketing. The agency utilizes a combination of Google Analytics, keyword tracking, and reporting software to identify which efforts yield the best results for that particular customer. This also ensures that there is transparency between the two parties because the client can see the results and gets feedback on the effectiveness of the agency.


White Shark Media’s clients have been satisfied with the work of the firm. Many of them have written testimonials on the site. Its customers include companies and business in different sectors, from medical practices and real estate agencies to law firms and e-commerce stores. Some of the major clients of the firm include iMarine Inc. and Platinum Pro Painters Canada. White Shark maintains a blog on its site where they publish posts with information and advice. These posts contain information on how one can create better AdWords campaigns and how beginners can get started on AdWords. It also puts out short videos that contain useful info on digital marketing.


The company has some certifications including Premier Google Partners and Elite SMB Partners of Bing Ads. The company is among only a few companies that are Google AdWords SMB partners in North America today. This certification is given only to businesses that meet the highest criteria that the company has set and adhere to all the rules that Google has set to ensure quality. White Shark’s great relationship with Google started only a year after the company was founded. They were assigned a support team to help them with any issues that they might experience. The company is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and was no. 527 this year. This means that they are among the fastest growing agencies in the US.

Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is currently an assistant basketball coach at the University of Nevada. He grew up in New York loving the sport of basketball. He played for Scarsdale High School’s basketball team but was unfortunately cut from the varsity team. He went on to Pennsylvania State University a single year and then transferred to Cornell University. He graduated there with a bachelor’s degree studying Industrial and Labor Relations. Yanni interned briefly with the professional basketball team of New Jersey Net. Then he went to the University of Oklahoma and became the assistant coach for the men’s basketball team. At Oklahoma, he received a master’s degree studying Higher Education and Athletics Administration. In June 2009, Hufnagel became the assistant coach at the prestigious program of Harvard. In May 2013, Hufnagel joined the Vanderbilt coaching staff and became the assistant coach for one season. In 2014, Hufnagel joined the men’s basketball program at California Berkeley. He helped the Golden Bears team to an NCAA Tournament entry. Hufnagel’s latest destination was at the University of Nevada Wolf Pack under head coach Eric Musselman. They certainly noticed the impressive years of experience and knowledge that Yanni has accumulated. They are very excited about the future of this basketball program. Yanni brings a ton of energy to the team and he is an excellent recruiter of young talents. He spent the past decade recognizing basketball skills and helping future NBA stars like Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. The University of Nevada is in good hands with Yanni Hufnagel.


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Professional Career of Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Executive recruiters have played critical role of helping professionals in different industries to find well paying jobs depending on their experience. Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruitment expert at German based investment bank; Deustche Bank. Currently, Julie serves as the vice president and executive hiring director at the bank. She began her professional career in the financial industry in 2002 working as the hiring executive at Hudson. She worked at this company for five years, and was responsible for recruiting lawyers, managers, paralegals and other positions. Julie was committed to her work, and she would engage with her clients and employees on various work related matters that need to be addressed by both parties.


Still while working at Hudson, Julie acted as a mediator between employers and employees, especially during the recruitment of new candidates or when there are work related problems. Towards the end of 2007, Julie Zuckerberg left the firm and found a job at the New York based Citi Global Consumer Bank as an executive Recruiter. As a result of her skills and experience, she was able to provide recruitment services for the position of MD at Citi Global. Additionally, she guided top business executives on recruitment strategies, new salary trends, and above all ways of retaining talents in their companies.


Julie’s Current Role


Julie Zuckerberg was employed by Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruiter responsible for Talent Acquisition, in April 2014. Later she was promoted to serve as the Vice president of the financial institution. Due to her dedication, commitment and efforts, the bank noted her achievement and more responsibilities were added. Her additional responsibility entailed engaging with investors in Global Technology, Operations and Commercial Clients. In fact, Julie did not turn into an executive recruiter overnight, but she learned how associate with employees who joined the workforce. After engaging with employees, she understood their talents and desires, and that allowed her to consider them first when there is an open position.


Julie studied at City University of New York and graduated with a degree in philosophy. Her philosophy and psychological skills has enabled her to be an excellent executive recruiter for banks and other financial institutions. Sometimes, she uses the social media sites to locate potential employees from individuals performing recruitment in the banking industry. Her leadership and management skills has enabled her find the best talents in the financial sector. In fact, it is obvious Julie has been very successful in almost all positions she has held so far, and that has led to her career development.



Julie’s Hobbies and Leisure Time Activities


When Julie Zuckerberg is not in her office, she likes to engage in physical exercises. She is a resident of Manhattan, NY, and at times the weather may be extremely cold, hence jogging is a crucial exercise that can keep a person warm. Other hobbies include cooking, photography, visiting art and culture galleries and discovering new inventions. Julie participates in volunteering programs related to conservation of environment, social and economic empowerment and other things related to human rights.

Alexandre Gama: Getting Top Quality Advertising Service

Alexandre Gama is a renowned advertising professional. Business advertising and promotion can be overwhelming for many business owners and entrepreneurs, and is why a reliable advertising professional like Alexandre Gama plays a crucial role. Alexandre Gama offers a vast range of marketing, advertising and promotional services and can handle every aspect of researching, planning and implementing a profitable advertising project, leaving businesses an organizations to focus on other priorities. If you want to get the highest quality advertising and marketing help while concentrating on growing your company, Alexandre Gama is your clear choice.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Pushed OSI Group, LLC To Its Position As A Leading Meat Processor

Sheldon Lavin is a man who’s has had a successful career in the food industry. So what exactly has been the reason behind Sheldon Lavin’s immeasurable success? The obvious would be hard work and passion for business. But the entrepreneur is constantly looking for a new challenge, and this trait has enabled him to propel his business empire to the ultimate success. Learn More .

Lavin started his career in 1970 when he was a financial consultant for a company called Otto & Sons. During his stint at Otto, the company once gave him the task of arranging for financing. Otto wanted funds to enable it to develop an ambitious project of a meat-processing plant and be one of the suppliers of fast food chain McDonald’s. Lavin successfully acquired funding for Otto and continued to serve in his capacity as the firm’s financial consultant. When the father to the sons at Otto retired, Lavin was enjoined full time into the company as a partner. McDonald’s had advised Sheldon to join the business full for it to continue growing with the first food giant.

Through development strategies and management practices employed by Sheldon, Otto & Sons grew by leaps and bounds and later became OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group embarked on serious expansion plans to the South America, Europe, and Asia markets. In the year 1980, Lavin acquired half of the controlling shares in the company after his partners decided to sell.

The OSI Group is home to over 20,000 employees, and Sheldon Lavin treasures the human capital that is available at the company. He notes that a development focused business culture at OSI has enabled the company to maintain its position as one of the meat processors and distributors in the world. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award.

OSI Group today has a retail presence in over 17 countries in the world and sells its meat products to over 85 nations. Some of the meat products OSI focuses on include: sausages, bacon, hot dogs, ready –to-eat beef and pork, chicken, pizza, and breadsticks.

At his age of 81, Sheldon still focuses on the further growth of the company with particular interests in the European and Asian markets. Through business diversification, the company has remained stable and continued to achieve more growth. Contact with Sheldon .

Lavin is a family man with three children who are grown and have their families. He believes that the OSI Group employees are part of his larger family. for more.

Creating The Sexy Or Cute Look By Wengie


Many girls want to look cute at times, but they also want to have a sexy look if they are going on a date or if they are going out with their friends. Wengie has a few tips to easily go from one look to another whether you’re at school or going to a special event, such as the prom or a homecoming dance.


For cute skin, you want a light and natural makeup. A matte foundation should be used for the sexy look. Use a concealer under the eyes that is slightly lighter than the shade of your skin. You can also apply the concealer to the nose and chin. This will add a bit of dimension to the face. Straight brows often work best with an innocent look. With the sexy look, you want more of a curved shape. Create soft lines as well for the cute look.


Dust an eyeshadow that is slightly lighter than the skin color for both looks. A transition shade should also be used on the eyelid. Use the color on the outer area of the crease. Light pink shadow should be used for the cute look while darker colors, such as blue, can be used for the sexy appearance. Curl your lashes for a cute rounded look. You can use a bit more mascara when it comes to creating the sexy look because you want the eyes to stand out compared to making them appear soft and innocent with the cute look.

Equities First – Stock Lending Counteracting the Financial and Economic Crisis

The world monetary crisis has raised vital questions on how global policy frameworks regulate, monitor, and manage global liquidity. In public and international financial structure, liquidity is negatively impacted by excessive volatility. In that line, G20 has been working hard to bring about the best solutions. Before they have been focusing on essential array of financial and banking reforms but have stopped to address the vital challenge of calibrating world liquidity in order to cater for the global economy necessities. To date, acquiring a conventional loan is really a challenge, but small business and individual investors have sought other better means of acquiring affordable working capital. The number of stock loan borrowers has been on the rise and Equities First takes pride in providing innovative solutions at a time when the world is fighting a lot of monetary issues.

The urgency of changes is reinforced by various factors and most well among them is; in the next decade, developing economies will probably account for at least 50% of the world financial assets, with a number of systematically vital financial institutions emerging, especially in Asia. Another factor is the timing and prospect of the US Federal Reserve as the interest rates are on the rise. The rise coupled with the new concern regarding retrenchment in world capital flows, has added weight on the significance of liquidity management as a world public necessity. Equities at LinkedIn .

Central banks have worked to do this amid crises by highly increasing the amount of swap agreements. But they have also stopped due to establishing of institutionalized world swap network, which is understandable as they are basically driven by domestic mandates. The trend of borrowing stock loans has increased with various investors reaping the benefits of alternative lending solutions offered by Equities First. The loans come with various benefits which include small interest rates, higher loan to value (LTV) rates, non-purpose and non-recourse features among other gains.

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Inside Eric Pulier’s Seed Funding Operation At vAtomic Systems

Eric Pulier is responsible for the planning and implementation of several technology exhibits and events including the 1998 Starbright World healthcare simulation. He’s been an advisor to several major computer developers and also worked with former President Bill Clinton’s staff. Pulier is now working on seed ventures and starting up a new company named vAtomic Systems. Pulier is interested in disruptive technology and using mobile technology to change the workplace as it’s currently known. He mentioned in an interview with Ideamensch that he’s seen apps like Uber take over industries and he’s excited about the potential that blockchain and Bitcoin technology will have on economics. Pulier is also on the Board of Innovation at XPrize where young people form teams to design solutions for various technological challenges and are awarded xprizes.


Eric Pulier was originally a computer programmer, something he learned how to do back when he was still in elementary school. He put his programming to work at night classes he took at MIT while studying literature during his regular day classes at Harvard. Pulier also wrote and edited for the Harvard Crimson during his college days. Pulier moved to Los Angeles several years after graduating and in 1994 he formed the leadership board of Digital Evolution. Pulier sold Digital Evolution to US Interactive, LLC in 1998 and started working on several enterprise SOA companies in the following years. Pulier worked with virtual machines and desktops when he founded Desktone which is now owned by VMware, and he started a cloud computing system in ServiceMesh.


During his time as a technology advisor to the Clinton Administration he joined Vice President Al Gore’s forum on national healthcare. He also helped setup exhibits for the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition including a futuristic Bridge to the 21st Century display, and also a live camera feed to the space shuttle that had launched not long before. Pulier also worked with the Clinton Global Initiative technology team. During his spare time Pulier serves as an advisor to the Painted Turtle summer camp, or you might find him spending time with his wife and four children.

Tammy Mazzocco Professional Real Estate Executive

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate entrepreneur in Central Ohio where she sells residential properties. Her work ethic is what sets her apart from the crowd, and it is working smart that she claims brought her success. She gives credit to many of her associates and mentors for any progress she has made. Tammy Mazzocco at Facebook .

She has discovered over the years that is only a few things that she has done well that have propelled her to new heights. One thing that she knows has worked is being with clients and looking at several houses before a client comes to the conclusion that a certain house is for them.

Tammy Mazzocco makes certain that she treats every client as she would like to be treated herself. She gives great respect to their time and the investment that they are about to make. When people see that you are making every effort to take on their cause, they respect you in return, and they want to do business with you if that is at all possible. Click Here for more .

Tammy says that she learned not to take herself too seriously, but to always put failure behind her because little failures will lead to big successes. She is a goal setter and knows that many of the goals she sets seem too big at first until she breaks them down into smaller action steps. Tammy has seen too many people set big goals, and then abandon them because the goal was too big at the start.

Tammy started in the real estate business as a secretary for a commercial real estate group and worked in other supportive roles until she saw the opportunities in real estate sales. Once she became licensed and began selling, she never had any regrets. Her greatest satisfaction if real estate is helping families find the home of their dreams. for more .