Jeff Yastine Is An Emmy Nominated Financial Writer

Jeff Yastine is a financial writer, editor, investor, and media figure who has worked in the financial sector for over three decades. He began his career as a financial media figure by working for PBS Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2004. During this time he talked to some of the most well-known financial figures including Warren Buffett and Richard Branson. He then went onto work for Business Insider and NBR Guide to Buying Bonds. Learn more at

Jeff Yastine has a long history of providing accurate and insightful financial reporting. He was able to identify the dot-com bubble and the 2008 housing market bubble. This prescient reporting helped his readers to avoid major losses during these two financial catastrophes. He was also contributed major reports on the DeepWater Horizon Spill. His reporting focused on how long the spill would go on, how it would effectthe market, and how the spill would impact the environment and government regulations. He was nominated in 2007 for a Business Emmy Award for his reporting on Americas collapsing infrastructure. He has earned an financial reporting award for reporting on the bond market.

Jeff Yastine’s investment philosophy is to look for overall trends that are not currently being utilized by the rest of the market. This includes identifying businesses that will soon become large, and by identifying markets that are currently experiencing a bubble. One of his major successes was noticing America’s trend towards big box stores in the mid 90’s. This allowed his readers to invest in the industry while avoiding stocks in the smaller stores that big box stores put out of business. He also identified the rise of more expensive agriculture products. He was even able to identify that the rise of the pharmaceutical industry was not a bubble. This allowed his investors to treat this industry as a safe place for longterm investments.

Jeff Yastine started working for Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He is the editor of Total Wealth Insider. This is an investment newsletter that is designed to provide investors with alternative means of investment. This is a valuable asset as it helps investors avoid market norms that usually result in them investing in bubbles. Total Wealth Insider has over twenty-five thousands subscribers. Yastine is also contributes to Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. These two publications are daily newsletters designed to keep investors updated on current market trends and financial news.

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Brian Torchin Is The Aegis of Healthcare Staffing

Brian Torchin is the President of a Pennsylvania based healthcare staffing company called the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC). HRCR operates throughout the United States, like Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia and including Europe, Australia, and Asia. Health Care Recruitment Counselors is an experienced and expert staffing platform for the chiropractic industry. HCRC provides staffing to hospitals, medical institutions, physical therapy facilities, and much more.

HCRC doesn’t just staff chiropractic experts like assistants and therapists for their clients. Other staffing professionals supplied by HCRC for the medical industry, includes consulting, training, hiring, and performs background checks. Whenever a medical facility needs help with their hiring, establishing a good relationship with an exemplary recruiter is vital.

A medical recruiting firm like HCRC is the workforce that is the engine which keeps any healthcare organization running. Collaborating with a recruiting company like HCRC saves a medical facility time and stress, while also building a secure medical team that will grow into a flourishing future.

Mr. Torchin said that when a medical facility uses a solid professional recruiting firm, they can simply concentrate on their patients and practice rather than spending time and energy on finding the right applicants. The healthcare industry is a specific industry, one which only an experienced medical recruiting firm can help. A general recruiting company would be unable to understand how to place applicants in an environment that is unique.

Torchin noted that HCRC Staffing has an extensive database of active healthcare workers. HCRC devotes its time to finding new professionals every day while also assessing the medical industry so that when a facility is looking for the right fit, HCRC is ready to provide whatever professional their clients need. The Health Care Recruitment Counselors can provide professionals in a variety of medical posts and specialties.

When medical facilities use professional recruiters, they receive the skills needed to supervise the whole integrated employment progression by helping to interview the applicant’s, identify the skills needed, create an organized strategy, and they will choose the right staff to match the qualifications needed. Recruiting consultants not only take the drudge out of the hiring process, but like HCRC, they are proficient in negotiating contracts.

Brian Torchin stated that HCRC keeps their client’s information confidential. In other words, if a hospital or medical facilities is looking to hire a staff person, for instance for an upper level position, yet they don’t want to broadcast it. Then professional recruitment firms can find the right candidate without revealing anything to anyone.

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Ian King Joins The Ranks Of Banyan Hill Publishing Contributors As The Company’s Cryptocurrency Expert

Ian King is a cryptocurrency expert and a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing who has been trading in the financial markets arena for more than two decades. He recently pointed out that there is a relatively new sort of startup in the cryptocurrency sector that he is dubbing the “cryptocorn.” The reason for the name is related to the fact that venture capitalists have been calling startups that achieve a $1 billion valuation, unicorns. The problem with a lot of these “unicorn” companies is that the everyday investor can’t profit from them, and they are mainly companies that profit venture capitalists or investors with a high net worth. Investors are now anxious to get in on the next greatest thing, and this is where “cryptocorns” come in.

Ian King has talked about the fact that while bitoin may be the most well-known cryptocurrency, it is just the beginning of the use of blockchain technology. He pointed out the fact that even though bitcoin made amazing gains over the last year that Ethereum made even larger gains. He expects more uses to come about from blockchain technology, and with new uses comes new investment opportunities. King says that demand for these types of companies is high but supply is low, and this is the formula for something big. Just one year ago, bitcoin was the only cryptocorn, but now there are 41 other blockchain projects that are worth more than $1 billion.

Ian King has illustrated that there are now many new altcoins coming into the market and that these are possibly going to become some of the best investments in the market. The entire market of altcoins was worth just over $2 billion a year ago and is now valued at more than $500 billion. Before today, investors really had no access to investing in early-stage companies, but they now can do so through up and coming altcoin opportunities that keep arising. Early-stage investing is where a lot of growth happens, so this is good news for investors. King recognizes that while many altoins will become flops and not worth much, there will also be a few of them that become the next big thing, and this is where investors have the best chance to make a lot of money.

Ian King is the new cryptocurrency expert who has been accepted among the ranks of other writers for Banyan Hill Publishing. It is his desire to guide investors towards profitable investments in the world of cryptocurrency.

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Igor Cornelsen: An Example Of How Investors Never Really Retire

As a retired investment banker since 2010, Igor Cornelsen enjoys his native Brazil and golfing while at his home in Boca Raton, Florida, however, he’s never really stopped working. Cornelsen keeps a blog, where he offers investment advice in plain English for the novice investor who dreams of being financially secure. He gives readers sound advice, warning them of the risks inherent in investing, however, Cornelsen stresses diversification to minimize potential losses. See more of Igor Cornelsen at wikidot

Also the proprietor of the Bahamas-based Bainbridge Investments Inc., Igor Cornelsen was one of Brazil’s top bank managers, however, at age 68, he prefers an easier life of occasionally giving investment advice through his blog or in articles that he writes. Although he advises Bainbridge Investments on the stock market and foreign exchange investments, his real love is perfecting his golf game in sunny Florida.

Cornelsen’s claim to fame is his uncanny ability to suggest investments in affordable damaged stocks, steering individuals away from damaged companies. Only an experienced investor is able to differentiate between the two, which Cornelsen does in order to help individuals select sage long-term investment vehicles as the damaged stocks will rebound.

Also an invaluable resource to anyone considering investing in Brazil, Cornelsen frequently discusses how the major banks in Brazil, which control most of the money, are not inclined to lend money to anyone who might be a poor credit risk. This policy helps to make the banks financially secure after the recent economic troubles the country experienced, nevertheless, Igor Cornelsen suggests that market-oriented reforms are also needed, in addition to fiscal austerity.



Ted Bauman Questions the Shelf-life of Bitcoin

Ted Bauman, in a recent edition of his newsletter, The Bauman Letter, discussed the prospects of one of the most talked about products in recent times, Bitcoin. While many believe Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are here to stay, there are a number of issues that have recently popped up that could potentially hinder, or fully decimate its growth. According to Ted Bauman, in its current state, Bitcoin cannot process a large number of transactions, making it a far cry from traditional institutions that can process thousands of transactions per second. This problem may become of considerable worry the more Bitcoin grows, as people will want to use it for services, such as paying a toll, that require immediate processing. While the people at Bitcoin are currently looking for viable solutions, even implementing Bitcoin Cash, experts such as Ted Bauman remain skeptical on the longterm pliability of Bitcoin given its current list of barriers and setbacks.

Ted Bauman, who joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, is currently the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Having grown up in the Washington metropolitan area, Mr. Bauman relocated to South Africa in his early years, attending The University of Cape Town, where he received degrees in economics and history. After graduating, he would begin a career in the nonprofit sector, helping to secure monies for low-income housing. While working in this sector, he helped to found Slum Dwellers International, which, to date, has helped millions of people across the world. During the early 2000’s, Mr. Bauaman spent much of his time as a researcher and consultant in the area of finance and he worked directly with a number of reputable institutions, including the United Nations, and the World Bank. In 2008, after a career that spanned 25 years, Ted Bauman returned to the United States, immediately taking a position with Habitat for Humanity. In 2013, he decided to pursue a career in research and writing on a full-time basis and joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team. Mr. Bauman also contributes to a number of international journals, including The Journal of Microfinance, the Cape Times, the New Internationalist, Small Enterprise Development, and Cape Argus. He recently collaborated with his father, former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman, on a book entitled, “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” He currently resides in Atlanta, GA View:


Jeff Yastine Discovers Hot New Sector of Tech

There’s a brand new sector of the high tech industry, and many businesses need its services very badly. The demand for these services is huge, growing and critical. It could not only save its customers a lot of money, it could keep them in business or out of jail. And Jeff Yastine is letting the readers of his Total Wealth Insider financial newsletter from Banyan Hill know about this new tech sector so they can buy the publicly traded leaders while the sector is still undervalued because it’s not widely covered.

It’s not widely covered by the mainstream business media because there’s nothing thrilling or exciting about it at all. But it’s vital to the companies that need it, especially those in such highly regulated industries as healthcare, energy and finance. Of course, these days, every type of industry is highly regulated by the government. It’s just that some are even more tightly controlled by government agencies than others.

Jeff Yastine has done his research on this sector. The global management research firm Bain & Co tracked the regtech industry down last year. It identified 80 companies operating in that space. Most of them are still new, practically startups, and still privately owned. That includes such firms as Flexeye, OnRule and Taxometry. However, the regtech leaders that are publicly traded are a great way to take advantage of this trend.

It is in big demand. President Trump has eliminated some government regulation, but it is still a large and growing burden. It’s no longer cost-efficient for small and medium-sized companies to try to keep up with every new law, regulation and court ruling in their field. The regtech companies do that for them, using blockchain technology and advanced software, including Artificial Intelligence. By selling the same information and services to relevant companies, they can make a profit over the cost of keeping up with the regulations. Follow Jeff Yastine at

And the cost is high. According to the financial technology website, Let’s Talk Payments, international banks currently spend $70 billion to make sure they are in compliance with every law and rule in every jurisdiction they operate in. They must cope with not only the United States and its regulatory agencies, but almost every government and financial regulator on the planet. And experts predict this figure will grow to $120 billion within three years. Meeting know-your-customer law requirements and other rules designed to prevent money laundering and fraud cost banks around $10 million. But, by using a qualified regtech firm, they can reduce that to $300,000.

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Dealers Find Products From Siteline Cabinetry Worth The Purchase

Siteline Cabinetry has been a part of the Corsi Group since 2015. Founded by Pat Corsi, the company is located in Keysville, Virginia. Corsi put together a team of experienced workers, managers and representatives to work with dealers across the country.

Dealers can order cabinets in a variety of shades and styles, from bright and traditional to dark and modern. The cabinets are customized to fit the need of each dealer. Dealers can choose from materials such as cherry, maple, alder and thermofoil. The finishes include a range of paints, laminates, stains and glazes. The dealers can also have the doors and drawers customized to fit their needs. One dealer may order a cabinet made of cherry wood with a painted finish and three drawers. The cabinets are designed to organize and store items in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and laundry rooms.

The team does not build cabinets to sit in the manufacturing plant for several months. Once they receive an order, they start building and customizing the cabinets for that dealer. This method allows them to focus on handcrafting each cabinet to perfection. They use state-of-the-art equipment to create beautiful, durable cabinets. The team builds and delivers the cabinets within 28 to 35 days.

Siteline Cabinetry sells their cabinets to authorized dealers rather than the public. The dealers may be remodelers, freelance designers or construction companies. Luxcraft Cabinets, Forte Design Studios and Royal Kitchens and Baths are just several dealers who do business with Siteline Cabinetry. The dealers order the cabinets for their home improvement projects.

The company works hard to build high-quality cabinets for dealers, and they back their claims of durability up with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty is designed to benefit the original owner of the piece, and it guarantees that Siteline will repair or replace any damaged merchandise. Customers usually contact the authorized dealer regarding the warranty. If the dealer discontinues the product or goes out of business, Siteline Cabinetry will step in and take care of the warranty claim.

Siteline Cabinetry works hard to deliver customized cabinets to their dealers in a timely manner.

Matt Badiali Passion For Natural Resources

Matt Badiali is among the few people who love science. The businessman realized his passion for the subject when he was very young. Fortunately for him, his parents allowed him to specialize in the subject while in school. According to his portfolio, the businessman got a position at the Penn State University where he acquired his BS in earth science. After graduating, the businessman felt that he still wanted more knowledge in science, and this forced him to enroll for a second degree. By the year 2004, the businessman graduated with a master’s degree in geology from the prestigious Florida Atlantic University. His thirst for knowledge led him to enroll for a PhD in the same area. However, before he could proceed any further, Matt Badiali met with a friend who changed his life for the better. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

Matt Badiali had a great friend who was pursuing a career in the finance world. During their conversations, this friend would motivate Matt to venture into the finance world because of the numerous benefits he would get to enjoy. Matt also developed an interest in helping the middle-class investors to make more money in the tough markets. Matt was quick to agree to this idea because he watched how his father struggled many years ago while trying to invest his money wisely. Matt did not want more people in the society to deal with similar problems like his father, and he joined his friend in the finance department. His greatest missions were to help people so that they could avoid losing money. Through his numerous articles, Matt Badiali has introduced a huge change in the lives of people in the society. Very many people have managed to double and even triple their investments because they used the advice offered by Matt Badiali. Due to the nature of his work, the businessman is forced to travel to many parts of the world talking to people and sharing his great investment ideas.

His background in science has been influential in his profitable venture. His greatest mission is to help the ordinary people to invest in natural resources and make good money at the end of the month. The businessman has a lot of knowledge in precious metals and mining, and he has been doing so well in this department. Not long ago, the businessman realized that copper was becoming profitable, and he urged investors to quickly grab the opportunity so that they could enjoy the profits. Visit:


The Good Advice of Jeff Yastine

Everyone knows or should have an idea that government is big business. And as such, staying compliant with government regulations is also big business. This is especially true when it comes to industry, trade and commerce. Nearly everyday, businesses file paperwork and fax even more paperwork to government agencies, in the name of propriety and good tidings. They also do this to avoid paying hefty fines or, in worse case scenarios, being shut down for particular amounts of time if not permanently and all together. More info about Jeff Yastine at

Sometimes, these fines can be a lot of money. To this end, businesses often spend money to save money and hire a service provider to handle these obligations for them. As time marches on and the way to conduct transactions becomes more sophisticated along with the products available on the market, staying government compliant evolves. There are more rules and regulations than ever before, when it comes to doing business. This is especially true where certain markets are concerned.

To keep up with progress, supply and demand, technology becomes more advanced and a new industry arises. This industry is known as Regtech. So far, this is all good news. But the best is yet to come. As a matter of fact, there are a certain number of companies that provide services throughout this Regtech field. This success is strongly based on software. But, things still get better from there. Because of the newness in this field, some of these enterprising organizations are available on the open market. Since government is a given and compliance plays as part of the deal, any chance to invest in a company that does business in this arena is a good deal.

Jeff Yastine recommends looking into to these companies, because they are in prime positions to be granted bank status. But even if that does not happen, they still have enormous potential. Knowing about these types of investment situations in the market is what he dies for a living, as editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit Jeff Yastine at medium .com for more updates.

Good pieces of advice like this are abundant in his investment newsletter. It goes by the name of Total Wealth Insider. Jeff Yastine’s previous experience as a writer, journalist and reporter make him perfect for showing others the way to good investment. He’s the right professional and prime candidate for guiding others, due to his 20 years of service in these fields.

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How White Shark Media Reviews With Its Clients

White Shark Media is a marketing company that helps increase the sales and online presence of their customers. The work with small and medium-sized companies exclusively. This company opened its doors in 2011 and was co-founded by a trio of three Danish businessmen who all had experience in marketing. They now have clients throughout both North America and Latin America. They are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner which requires passing demanding eligibility requirements.

Many of White Shark Media’s clients have written about their experiences with the company and the vast majority are very positive. For example, the owner of an education services company in Ohio said that the communication between him and his representative at White Shark Media was fantastic. He says that he had to explain his industry since it’s such a niche market but the team at White Shark Media quickly grasped what made this market tick. Over the past year he said that he’s seen very positive results for his business including now spending less on marketing than he had been before.

Max W. owns a Minnesota software company. He said any business owner that uses Google AdWords should work with White Shark Media. He had been using Google AdWords for 13 years but now the results have been maximized, he said. Ronald G. of a snorkel tour business in Hawaii said that White Shark Media was the second online marketing company he had worked with. He said that White Shark Media did a far better job than the former one had. His strategist, Marcela, explained to him how and why he should completely rework his website for better results. He thought she was very proactive in her approach and it has led to his company getting a lot more booking for tours.