Sightsavers-A Cure for Preventable Blindness

Sightsavers has taken part in many causes throughout many remote and isolated areas of the world to help prevent blindness. The National Disability Dialogue announced its commitments towards disability inclusion at the Global Disability Summit and Sightsavers has many disability partners that are helping to put an end to preventable blindness. The commitments set forth to follow the themes of the global disability summit which are the inclusion of education, economic empowerment, harnessing innovation and technology, and tackling stigma and discrimination.


Another meeting was held in Pakistan and was organized by the Department for International Development. Representatives, government, media, and donors, and representatives of DPOs attended the event in order to discuss solutions to make the lives of people living with a disability better and more humane.


A group of friends from the London area held a charity pub run in order to raise £2,500 for the cause after hearing about a mother whose sight was restored due to the work of Sightsavers. They started in Finchley Central and ended in Camden and visited five pubs along the route. They also collected donations from friends and family, held a World Cup football sweepstake, and even organized a charity auction to get additional friends to join them.

Sightsavers has helped over 200 million to retain their sight over the past 60 years and have performed over 7 million operations. There are 39 million people who are currently blind in the world simply because they’re poor and 80 percent of those cases are preventable with lost-cost treatments.


The mission of Sightsavers is to eliminate preventable blindness and to help those who are permanently blind to be able to love independently. They are an organization that is helping the poorest people who live in remote areas to get the help and services that they need. Sightsavers regularly sends out health teams to remote villages to hold eye camps. These camps make it possible to reach a large number of people in order to diagnose and treat many problems such as reduced vision, cataracts, and trachoma. If someone is found to be in need of treatment or surgery they are taken to a nearby medical facility so that they can receive care that they need immediately and before their condition has the chance to progress. Through Sightsavers, volunteers are trained on the administration of the proper medicine which is used to treat river blindness.

Robert Ivy Receives the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy was recently recognized and awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MAL). Mr. Ivy is the current Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects (AIA). This award was special because it is the first time an architect has been awarded the Noel Polk Award. This award is a major achievement for Robert Ivy in his career. The award is often given to professionals including artists, authors as well as art patrons with extraordinary works in the Mississippi area. Robert Ivy and Andrew Cary Young were presented with the award on June 2.Andrew Cary is an artist specializing in stained glass artistry. Mr. Ivy has been the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2012. He is an author, practicing architecture, and editor.

Before joining AIA, he worked as the editor-in-chief for Architectural Record. As the editor-in-chief of the magazine, he has received many awards including the National Magazine Award. During his tenure at AIA, he transformed it into one of the leading professional organizations in the world. AIA currently has the highest number of members since its establishment 160 years ago. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity named Ivy the “Master Chief“. This honorary award is given to the best architects in the world and some of the architects who have been given this honorary award include Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Buckminster Fuller among other professionals.

In 2017, he was given the Dean’s Medal by the School of Architecture of the University of Arkansas Fay Jones. After receiving the award, Robert Ivy joins the ranks of other Noel Polk award winners including Shelby Foote (2004) and Eudora Welty (2001) who are both writers, Morgan Freeman (2007) and Leontyne Price (2000), a singer. He is an important figure in the architecture community in the world who deserved the Noel Polk Award. Robert Ivy was congratulated by many people after receiving the award including Carl Elefante, the president of AIA among other people. He is interested in developing the architectural profession and supporting architectures in Mississippi and America as a whole.

Felipe Montoro Jens On the State of Development in Latin America

The Inter-American Development Bank governors recently held a meeting to discuss the development agenda of Latin America. Mendoza, Argentina played host to the summit. Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Projects expert, was on site and filed a report on the special meeting.

Brazil infrastructure projects had received substantial funding from the private sector. DyogoOliviera defended this position and insisted that more still needed to be done in terms of financial guarantees for the private investors. Spain, represented by Garrido, were looking to be part of these investors. The dynamic nature of the market had caught their eye and they were looking to capitalise on it.

The Minister of Planning urged IDB to put their weight behind better risk management solutions. He also rooted for studies that would help them make the most of private investments. Luis Caputo who chairs the board and doubles up as the minister of finance for Argentina could not agree more. Oliviera was looking forward to the Industrial 4.0 revolution. Modern infrastructure would see them achieve this goal according to Felipe Montoro Jens report.

Alberto Moreno, IDB’s president, noted with a lot of concern the lack of proper connectivity between the countries. This problem was derailing their development agenda. He, however, applauded the steps that the bank had taken in the recent years. They were more mindful of the environment as they worked on different projects. Gender equality was also adhered to in response to the changing times. Visit to know more.

The report also mentioned the Public-Private Partnerships that Brazil had adopted. OlivieraDyogo insisted that the partnerships adhered to the stipulated guidelines in the region. Their relationship with multilateral agencies including IDB would not be hampered in any way.

$360 billion had been raised in the last ten years thanks to the PPPs. This had in turn financed about 1000 infrastructure projects. More Caribbean nations were jumping on this bandwagon that was proving to yield remarkable results.

The IDB had also increased the loans it offered Brazil. They received close to $30 billion from the bank. The Ministry of Planning lauded this 20% rise in loans from the previous year. Private capital was still not sufficient in spite of these gains. The report indicated that a good number of projects required more funds to remain afloat.

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The Works of Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark McKenna was educated in medicine at Tulane Medical. While he attained his degree, during his years there he decided not to go into medicine after his education but the much more lucrative real estate business instead. He made his decision after witnessing the decidedly falling income of his doctor father and many of his father’s colleagues. So after he graduated in 1999, he started a real estate business in New Orleans. He had raised the money during his schooling by doing physicals at a prison for $50 an hour.


In addition, immediately after graduation, Dr. Mark McKenna worked in his father’s New Orleans practice. When he had saved up enough, he started his real estate business. The business did well for a time but went under when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and he lost millions of dollars. He started it again later on but decided the real estate life just wasn’t for him. He closed it down and decided it was the medical life for him. McKenna moved to Atlanta where he opened ShapeMed, a line of medical offices that offered various kinds of cosmetic treatments.


Dr. Mark McKenna sold this company in 2015 to Lifetime Fitness, remaining under their employ. He soon left to start a new line of cosmetic offices with its own app called OVME. This project is still in the development stage with it to open its doors later this year. Sources say it is scheduled to open up for business this March. The app will in effect make the business almost Uber-like and enable them to make on-demand house calls. The physical headquarters of OVME will feature four private luxury treatment rooms and an office for private individual consultations.


It will help his practice that McKenna that during his years operating ShapeMed Dr. Mark McKenna had already gained a reputation in Atlanta as a medical doctor who tirelessly advocates for his patients. McKenna has given his assurance that OVME will be the result of all he has learned in the industry since graduating from medical school. OVME will offer a wide number of skin, body, and general health treatments.

Ted Bauman: From Fund Manager to Investment Guru

Since graduating from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Ted Bauman has been making himself indispensable for every company that he is worked for. His degrees in both history and economics have served him well in many of his positions that he is worked in the past. Currently, Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing but before that, he worked a myriad of different jobs in the nonprofit sector. This gave him the opportunity to really get to know people on the individual level and give back to the community, something he is very passionate about. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

As a fund manager, he worked with a variety of different organizations to help provide a stable environment for people of lower socioeconomic statuses. His primary work was with housing development for low-income families. Such work was difficult but very rewarding. It allowed Ted Bauman to learn exactly what was important to him when it came to his vocation. He worked in this position for more than 25 years at varying levels. After leaving he went on to secure employment was other foundations until he started working for the leading foundation Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity wanted Ted Bauman as an international director for their housing programs. He took this position very seriously and worked hard to be effective in his role. Looking for a change in scenery, he accepted a position with Banyan Hill to take on a different part of the financial market, investment.

“Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street” is one such article that discusses why Banyan Hill has become so popular with potential investors. Their advice is dispensed in such a way that new investors are able to grasp the concepts and still feel as though they are receiving a superior level of advisement. Ted Bauman is one of the main writers for this publication, assisting new investors with exceptionally low-risk investment strategies. He is also very dedicated to helping his readers learn about ways that they can preserve their own wealth. He uses much of the information that he learned while traveling abroad to give these investors information they might need about storage or buying and selling in other countries. His work is exceptional, and he has several publications that disperse, making his information very obtainable for those who are fans of his particular type of work within the investment world. Visit:


The counsel of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is a biking enthusiast who makes matters on biking with the seriousness they deserve but tries to remove the illusion that people have of it is dangerous and risky. According to him, biking is just like golf. It is as easy as just letting things flow. It is very easy to enjoy biking. The first few rides would go a long way toward helping someone gain mental and physical orientation. For professionalism purposes, that’s when classes would be required. Visit at to learn more

Apart from his enthusiasm for biking, Michael Hagele has a great passion for entrepreneurship. That is why he is a very reputable investor and founder of firms in the hospitality and the restaurant industry. For start-ups, it is very risky. However, the fact that he assesses his potential investments carefully, there is a greatly reduced risk of failure for him.

His scrutiny and analysis of businesses is probably his greatest virtue as an investor. However, Michael Hagele is also a very good negotiator in business. This comes in handy for him especially in the businesses that he has founded. Being the entrepreneur, it is a very great virtue of being able to settle on the best deals for his business. This helps him to improve the performance of his businesses, as well as competitive level and profitability.

Hotel and hospitality industry is not the only industry that he has gained interest in. he is also greatly involved in the world of technology. In the past, he has been able to make many commercial agreements in relation to the same. Marketing and promotions are also an addition to his wide portfolio.

Michael Hagele is generally an enthusiast in the business world. He has over the years gained so much knowledge and experience that he has become a reputable businessman and lawyer(counsel). This is also a candid explanation of why different businesses so much value the counsel that he gives them. Mostly, being a believer in start-up businesses, he is so focused on ensuring that the small businesses are not undermined in the market. He ensures that there is awareness created on the fact that size, especially small size, does not necessarily translate to the inability to deliver.

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How Clay Hutson Has Distinguished Himself AS The Top Music Producer Of Our Time

Clay Hutson is a household name in the music industry organizing and managing tours for high-profile musicians like Keri Hilson and Pink. The renowned music producer is currently working with Kid Rock on his shows, and every day he must be on the ground before anyone else, checking the day’s activities, creating a storage plan and completing a walk through. He admits that the reason he makes sure everything is done to perfection before the show is to increase their productivity.


The Nashville native has been zealous about the music industry from a young age Clayton has a degree in theatre design from the Central University of Michigan and holds an MBA from Stephen M. Ross.Following his graduation, he was contracted to work various jobs in the music business gaining a lot of expertise in the field. He toured with Bill Graham’s squad for a while before giving the music industry business a shot. With all the knowledge he had acquired he ventured into working on artist management, live performances, and sound systems. He has traveled with a band called Garbage to Australia, North America and some countries in Europe. His most compelling achievement was overseeing One Republics rigging system during one of their most massive concerts. Learn more:


The Music industry pioneer decided to put all his years of experience in tour concepts and live entertainment when he started off his business after the company he was working with almost hit recession.Clay Hutson uses his past experiences to know what is supposed to be done and what isn’t. He always aims to be three steps ahead of everyone to ensure total productivity. Clay is so thankful for technology and in a recent interview mentioned that music is a revolutionary business and with the advancing technology if an artist isn’t likely to go the extra mile, they will fail.


Clay Hutson says that he has risen to this immeasurable height of success in the industry because he checks on his work severally to ensure perfection. His aim is always to be prepared, organized and confident to deliver. Through the years he has built a solid reputation in the industry, and he argues that he would do anything to protect it. He adds that being in the musical realms can be overwhelming but” Don’t sweat the small staff, and it’s all small stuff”, a book an associate gave him helps him keep sane.


Ted Bauman Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

Currently, Mr. Ted Bauman is an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishers. This is one of the most rapidly growing investment publishers offering investment advice to more than 400000 potential clients. This firm was established in 1998 as a self-governing society. After a few years of operations, this firm became to be known as a leader in investment organization and a global asset shelter. This is attributed to its sovereignty and self-reliance. The primary focus of this website is to provide excellent advice related to dollar diversification, investment strategies, offshore banking, private foundations, international business corporation, foreign residency, second citizenship as well as maintaining personal finance and privacy. View to know more.

This site derives its name from the Banyan tree, world most massive tree according to canopy rank. The exotic ability of this tree to stand storm is closely related to what is offered by the Ted Bauman’s work in the Banyan hill publishing site. As such, for the potential investors willing to stand any financial storm collaborating with the Banyan hill publishing will be fundamental. Similarly, this site this site offer diversified alternatives to investment as well as protecting your venture. Through this website, any prospective investor will get practical advice from a group of experts, which entails the measure that they have put in place to grow and protect their ventures.

Additionally, this site offers the most enticing investment accomplishments that beat most of the traditional one-size-fits-all advice that will be of no use in your darkest financial hour. As such, any investor should consider this site as one of the most reliable options to help them overcome any investment and economic challenge, just like the banyan tree.

Meet the Editor: Ted Bauman

Notably, Mr. Ted Bauman as an economist understands the investment market from a broader perspective. He has a unique ability to explain various trends and developments in the investment course to the potential clients. He helps them distinguish ventures that can bring significant returns as well as investments that can be threatening. Mr. Ted Bauman became part of banyan hill in 2013. He trained as an activist in the United States. In the 1980s, he moved to South Africa where he helped to bring to life the post-apartheid urbanization and economic policy. He also served as a consultant to various entities. This entailed the European and African governments as well as the United Nations. He is also a publisher of the most respected journals like the small enterprise development, the journal of microfinance and environment and urbanization.  Read more:



The roles that Felipe Montoro Jens has played as an infrastructure oracle in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the most prominent people when it comes to contributing to the economic growth and development of Brazil. She has a rich educational background. She studied business administration, and this is one of the factors that have enabled him to be the man he is today. His career lies in such areas as infrastructure development, structured finance, consultancy, and auditing and project development among others.

The Brazilian government announced recently about the partnerships of the public sector with the private sector as a way of improving the economic development of the country. Felipe Montoro Jens was one of the infrastructure specialists who took a chance to emphasize the government’s idea. He said that the partnership between the public sector and the private sector would help business people to deal with such challenges in business such as high competition, market uncertainties which are brought about by the changes in consumer demand due to change in tastes and preferences and change in technology. He also said that sharing of such variable as skills, resources, and the experience between the two sectors would promote strength in business to be able to cope up with the baby challenges that exist in the market. View to learn more.

Also, he was one of the participants of the meeting that was held just some days ago with governors of Inter- American Development Bank concerning the efforts that are being made by the bank to increase the development of Brazil’s economy. Felipe Montoro Jens reports that the bank the government is on the move to expand the capabilities of the infrastructure projects by the private investments. The bank is also concerned in the provision of adequate education to help the private sector have the risk management skills because this is one of the main factors that act as a block to their success.

Felipe Montoro Jens also reports that the president of Inter-American Development Bank emphasizes on the increase in the connectivity between different countries. According to him, this will help in increasing the country’s strengths to cope up with the challenges in the business world. Increase in connectivity between nations will bring about sharing of ideas between experts in different countries as well as increase the market share of the country in the world. Follow:


Editors Jeff Yastine& Ted Bauman

Jeff Yastine always had an interest in journalism. Little did he know he would be nominated for an Emmy and interview some of the wealthiest people to ever live when he got his start at the University of Florida. But it was this burning passion that lead to his long-lived career in journalism. After college, he embarked on his journalist career in North Carolina. He worked for local news markets as a reporter.

Jeff Yastine has over two decades of experience in journalism and finance. Being a stock market investor and being passionate about journalism, caused him to fuse the two interests together and begin creating content about the stock market and various investments. He has worked as a financial journalist for many years. He has also worked as an anchor for PBS. Working on the Nightly News caused him to receive the prominent Emmy nomination. Read this article at

His love for his profession has been used to help so many people in regards to their investments. With his knowledge of finances, he was able to warn people of the real estate crash that happened in the mid 2000s. He reported on the financial influences of foreign automakers building manufacturing facilities in the southeastern portion of the United States. He has reported on major world news matters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, the historic Panama Canal handover in the late 1990s and Hurricane Katrina. He visited Cuba twice in the 1990s and the 2000s to report on foreign policy.

Jeff Yastinejoined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. Bringing decades of stock market investment experience and have reported on money matters made him an excellent candidate for working as an editor. He writes about financial matters for the publication. He writes to help investors to understand more about investments. His written content aids investors on the economy, latest business matters, financial markets, monetary trends and income making opportunities for investors.

Jeff Yastine has worked tirelessly to build Banyan Hill Publishing into what the company it is today. The company is quickly growing. Jeff has aided this process with content he provides to hundreds of thousands of daily readers. His content is extremely focused on helping investors prosper and grow their income. He does this by writing on commodities, options plays, U.S. companies to buy stock in, trends in the market and small cap and mid cap stocks. To learn more about Jeff Yastine, visit: